Sunday, March 2, 2014

Did you know that cats run on the cupboards?! I guess they only do in COLORADO!!

Elk in the background!
Ok, so my companion told me that yesterday and I was like... you mean the countertop?! haha she just started laughing, didn't realize what she had said.

Monday: BEST P-DAY IN COLORADO YET!!!! We went up to Estes Park, and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I love being in the mountains!!!
Re-enactment of our jumping mountain picture from the summer!

Tuesday: We met with a referral. The Spanish sisters talked to her while she was walking her dog, so that's how she first met the missionaries. We gave her a Restoration pamphlet and talked about how the Spirit is the real teacher! I also got to go out to dinner with my former roommate’s aunt and cousins! We went out for Thai food and it was so fun! They are super nice!!!

Wednesday: Felt bad, had a cold, I felt like a bum... but taught a lesson anyway. She needs help getting a ride, so we are going to help her with that.  She needs to come to church so she can get baptized.  She is such a great person!  My companion led the lesson and it went well. We taught the Plan of Salvation again -- I love the Plan of Salvation! It was awesome!!!

Thursday: Exchange with Sister DF!! We went tracting for awhile.. yeah not my favorite thing to do, especially in the cold, and wind... but I love my sisters!! We had a fun experience where a lady just let us into her home... come to find out that she is a less-active that told Hermana S and Hermana J that morning that she would be returning to church! That was cool!!! We taught an investigator for the first time, which was also pretty much my first time teaching with Sister DF! I loved talking about the Atonement, and testifying to her. Sister DF invited her to be baptized, SWEETNESS!!!! I am excited to hear how the rest goes for the sisters!

Friday: slept, and rested, yeah I had NO ENERGY!!!!

Saturday: Met with another Young Woman investigator, and her faith in increasing!!! She finished four Faith value experiences in Personal Progress this week, by herself!! It was a huge improvement and so cool to see.! Oh, we had a Relief Society conference in the morning and I love how I can be edified and feel the Spirit! Don't forget to spend some time for yourself so you can be prepared to help others!! For the Strength of You is AWESOME!! Yes, For the Strength of YOU, not youth! But it's the same pamphlet :) Strengthen yourself so you can strengthen others :)

Sunday: One of our investigators came to church! You have to understand that this was a MIRACLE!!! I have NEVER seen him in church and I don't think he had been to church in a LONG TIME!!!!!!! I didn't even talk about our lesson with him last week. For the first time I saw him participate in the lesson, and he told me that he had read the Book of Mormon and was in 2 Nephi 26... the same chapter I was on!!! WOW!!! It was just a HUGE MIRACLE!!! and then at the end of the lesson he was like “I think we might have someone for you to teach,” SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a great day! I loved our last lesson, and then to see him at church was GREAT!!

Have a fabulous week!! Oh, future missionaries... learn how to budget money. You do not have enough money to eat out all the time. Learn to live on your own a little... even if it is at home. Learn some life skills, it will help you on the mission!!

Sister Kelly Smith

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