Monday, June 23, 2014

Quick trips in COLORADO!!

We killed it this week! We taught 31 lessons! But throw this in... pretty much a full day in another area for zone conference and got to go back to my last area for D's baptism! So we worked hard and were able to enjoy the benefits of training's and seeing success!

We love riding our bikes!
Monday: P-DAY!! Had a lesson with a less-active in like 20 minutes, and scarfed down our food. It was crazy! But you know what, it was an awesome lesson! Challenged them to use the Atonement and realize it at least 5 times a day, on different things. It is hard, let me tell you! I failed this challenge. I definitely use it though.  I couldn't make it through without the Atonement in my life.  Stopped by C’s (an investigator). Yeah she isn't really going anywhere anytime soon... well hopefully! She doesn't really understand the priesthood, and that ordinances are needed to have eternal life, so we have some work to do!!

Tuesday: ZONE CONFERENCE!!!! It was surprising what the topic was for the morning training... marriage. FOR REALS? We are missionaries here... but you know what? It was actually really good. I am still hoping to find a family to teach by the end of my mission, hopefully it will happen; if not, that's ok! So yeah, marriage; it was  SO GOOD!!! Pres. and Sister Brown are incredible! I love them so much! I was able to see friends and talk to them for a bit which was AWESOME!!! I love zone conferences!  We taught R (a 17 yr. old investigator). We taught the law of chastity! SWEETNESS She totally loves it and understands the blessings that come from living it! Just need to pray and help her father's heart to be softened. I'm so blessed to be able to teach such awesome YW and YM!!!

Wednesday: MIRACLE!!!!! We went to contact J, (I - oh I just means investigator). not home, went to go contact a PI (potential investigator) across the street like in a little court... not home. So we decide to just knock on a door next to it, not home. All of this needed to happen because as we were getting on our bikes to leave this little area... J GOT HOME!! We saw him from across the street, called out to him, and we were able to make a return appointment! Got to do service for a member, taking off wallpaper! SO MUCH FUN!!! We had another lesson with R and just read a chapter in the Book of Mormon with her! It was awesome! I asked her if she knew the Book of Mormon was true. Said she has been praying about it and hasn't received an answer yet. We were able to talk about the Spirit and how we can receive answers, it was AWESOME!!

Got to do some service this week, removing wallpaper.  Fun!
Thursday: Got to talk to the Elder’s Quorum President about a PMF in the area. It was super helpful and needed! It was like getting a pep talk from Bishop Livingston - it was GREAT!! Oh Bishop, he reminds me a lot of you... and he served in Chile so that helps! It was exactly what I needed! Work hard, be obedient, have faith, and we are able to receive revelation for those we are working with. So cool that I get to be an instrument in the Lord's hands at this short time in my life. For reals I will be home so soon and it freaks me out!!! Lesson with the K's (PMF) it went well, and we are going to go to their FHE today! Forming a relationship with him is key at the point, since he has met with missionaries before...Oh we met with P (12 yr old investigator). NEW INVESTIGATOR!!! He is E's son - the one who got baptized like a week ago! It was a tough lesson cuz I can't really tell what a 12 year old boy is thinking/reacting to the lesson. I know that he wanted to check his phone the entire time... but it was good.. He said he would be willing to get baptized in like a year or so... we will work on that! haha He is 12, so I have to remember that!

Friday: Went to the park for our appointment with J. Yeah he didn't show up :( we had a member with us who has his mission call. So as we pass a boy in the park walking his dog, the member (who was probably really nervous because my comp just told him to talk to this kid) literally goes up to him and says that we are missionaries and would he like to learn more. WAY TO GO! Just straight to the point, super funny! Well we taught this kid, a 15 yr. old.  I hope that we are able to teach his family soon, LEGIT!!!

While out at the horse ranch we found some cool stuff in an old barn!
Saturday: Went to visit a less-active’s horse. So that's like the only way we can teach her, and we spent HOURS with her.  It was TOTALLY WORTH IT FOR THOSE 15 MINUTES WE TALKED TO HER ABOUT THE GOSPEL!!! Well  that day was eventful and a COMPLETE blessing from my Heavenly Father who loves me!! I was able to go to my last area for D's baptism!!! MIRACLE!! I wasn't planning on it the day before but things feel into place, and well I have wonderful people in my life who are willing to drop everything and come and pick me up and take me back! It was truly a blessing to be there for D! It was fun to see people from my first town too :) D got BAPTIZED!!! A woman I got to work with for MONTHS made a covenant with our Heavenly Father. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?! TRULY. AMAZING!!! I am so grateful for the priesthood in my life!

Sunday: R came to church! She's great! It was good to have a nice Sunday and go to church! I love church! We got to teach a youth Sunday school class, yeah it was a youth filled week and I LOVE IT!!!!

Have a great week! And remember Doctrine and Covenants 27:1...  “Listen to the voice of Jesus Christ, your Lord, your God, and your Redeemer, whose word is quick and powerful. “

Write down your experiences with the Holy Ghost! Revelation can be quick and powerful!!! Heavenly Father loves us, and wants us to be happy! Follow the promptings you receive! I love you all! Thanks for the continued support!

Sister Kelly Smith

Hey, if you ever want to help a missionary out... invite your friends to ACT when it comes to living a principle of the gospel! Actually... don't just do it to help us missionaries out - do it because you love the gospel and want them to feel the same joy you do! In the process you can feel of Heavenly Father's love for them which is a huge blessing!!!!!

I was able to talk to some Sisters this week, and realized many of my friends are having a hard time right now and it breaks my heart. I reaffirmed my testimony of fasting, as I had fasted  and prayed to love a certain companion. I didn't realize how much I loved her until this week, when I wanted to be with her again so she wouldn't be struggling as much. Fasting works people!!! The Savior is truly there for each of you!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Oh my life is INCREDIBLE!!!!! I LOVE my LIFE and my MISSION and my COMPANION!!!

So I was really nervous about this transfer being with Sister J since I was her Sister Training Leader and well things went down and we had to sort some drama out a few months ago... guess what? Because of that we are able to laugh about like how ridiculous it was and how much more we have changed! I love my companion and we are having SO MUCH fun! I didn't realize that we would have this much fun! I am in the Utah ward of the mission! Literally it is so small, and there are members EVERYWHERE! It was like HEAVEN biking around this town, I LOVE IT! I think I love it even more because it is summer time and just brings back so many great memories from over a year ago!
Mighty Missionaries:  My companion and I!
Monday: Had an AMAZING last lesson with S and J! It was such a great way to finish in my last town! I hope they get baptized soon! They are THE BEST! The lesson was at the C's and they are so great!!! I love being able to teach in member's homes :) I just love teaching people in general! BEST THING EVER!!!!! That was such a miracle lesson since they day before we didn't even have a lesson planned with them!

At the Fort Collins temple lot
Tuesday: Transfers!!! Super nervous, but it all worked out! That was a LEGIT day! Got to spend HOURS at transfers, and honestly it was kind of boring.... Went to the temple lot! Got to meet an investigator, E, who was getting baptized that Saturday! So yeah, we had a baptism on Saturday and it was awesome!!! We talked about the priesthood and I was able to whip out a Mormon Message on the priesthood... here you go (it's pretty awesome):

Wednesday: Meeting more members and having great lessons! We teach back to back every night - it's awesome!!! Even though it is mostly member lessons. We had a lesson with Bro. K - a non-member but his family are members! Super cute, and the lesson went better than my companion expected! I love being able to feel the spirit. Oh we used Moroni 10:3! THANK YOU SISTER C!!! It was perfect and we totally needed to use that scripture, and focus on remembering! THANK YOU SO MUCH for pointing that out to me last week :)

Thursday: More lessons, and tearing it up! Miracle happened this week; we just stopped by a less-active and they totally needed us there at that time! Their son needed a blessing, so we were able to call our ward mission leader right then and there, perfect!!!! The Hermanas found us at the trailer park riding our bikes.... (the trailer park is going to become our new best friend)!!!!

Love these Sisters!!! We had a lesson with E to go over the interview questions-- she is so prepared it's crazy! She has only been taught for like the past 4 weeks, maybe only three. So cool!!!

Friday: Service at a rehab place and played Bingo with elderly people, so fun!! Had another lesson with E and she had her baptismal interview! We were thinking about ways to help the ward since we teach members a lot and I wanted to focus more time on finding people. Lessons are great, but you know we also need to find people to teach, but through inspiration I was definitely able to understand that member lessons are great. We just need to adjust what we are teaching... so now we are going from family to family in this neighborhood talking about their 2-4-6 week mission plan! Yup they have 2 weeks to accomplish a goal, then 4 weeks for an even bigger goal, and 6 weeks for EVEN BIGGER!!! I hope that we will see success from doing this!

Saturday: Service on a farm with a bunch of missionaries - SO FUN!!! We were going to get overalls... but that didn't happen! Still fun :) I am moving forward with Fort Collins and taking what I have learned to another area! It's so great! E got baptized!!! It was so good! I totally felt the Spirit, and especially when J.R. (her cousin is Brandon Smirthwaite from Rocklin, SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) when she sang When I am Baptized! I was able to feel the Spirit reaffirm to me that baptism is essential and such an amazing gift/commandment that Heavenly Father has given us. Through baptism we are able to have the gift of the Holy Ghost, HOW AMAZING is THAT?! SO GREAT! Heavenly Father loves us so much that He has given us a portion of His Spirit. Seek a member of the Godhead in your life more! We can do so by remembering our covenants,  and especially taking the Sacrament more seriously. I am going to be working on that this week! Trying to CONTINUALLY remember Jesus Christ throughout the week... the Atonement works for everything! I am so grateful for the gift, the atonement that Jesus Christ has given me! Use that gift, and come to Him!!!

Sunday: Super fun day, plus... 13 MONTHS!!! I have been out for 13 months, is this real life?! AAAAHHHHHH the time is flying by.... I don't like it!! See you all soon, the weeks are going to go by SO FAST!!! Miracles are everywhere! Even with members! We went to the R’s that night, and I LOVE THEM! Oh, and they are related to the Smirthwaites in Rocklin, so that's AWESOME!!! Their goal to have accomplished in 6 weeks.... have someone be taught in their home!! SO EXCITED!!!!

Dang, I can't believe it's been SO LONG!! Looking back, it's crazy fast! I can't believe everything that I have been through has only been in a year... AAAHHHHH Ok, but Sunday was AWESOME!!!

Shout out to my dad: I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you for being such an amazing example to me in my life! I was reading a letter you sent me over a year ago. Thank you for being a support in my life and for helping me through those rough times! You are an amazing guy and I am glad that I have been sealed to you for ETERNITY!!! Sorry, you are stuck with this crazy hyper daughter. Thank you for teaching me the gospel of Jesus Christ and for raising me in the gospel! For that, I can never repay you :) Thank you for the support and everything you give me! Thank you for being worthy to hold the priesthood. That is an INCREDIBLE blessing! The priesthood is so important and has truly been restored to the earth! I love you more than words can describe!

Well, this week was way better than I expected! Heavenly Father loves me, and even though it is kind of like I am in Utah right now, I love this town, and yup it will be great!
Here is another fun video:

Have a fabulous week!

Sister Kelly Smith

P.S. Sister Nicole Kertamus and I are serving in the same town now! My friend from BYU!! Saw her multiple times this week, BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Most lessons taught: MY LIFE IS AWESOME!!!

Let's just say it was one of the MOST LEGIT WEEKS I HAVE HAD IN THIS AREA!!!!!!!! We taught 23 lessons by Saturday night, and not like all member lessons, they were legit investigator and less-active lessons!!! I was STOKED!!! Sister C had never taught more than 19 (the mission goal is 20 for a week). So we smoked it!! We taught more than I ever had total, too!! The last week I was in Laramie we taught 26 lessons, this past week, 27! LOVED IT!!!! They were solid too! I love exceeding goals and just seeing Heavenly Father's hand COMPLETELY guiding us! Jesus Christ is with us and knows exactly who we need to see, and still gives people agency to accept an appointment/lesson. This week it worked in our favor, and we even had exchanges thrown in and it was AWESOME!!!!

Monday: Got to do some archery, for like a few minutes! haha It was great! We had a lesson with R that night! I love just being able to sit outside under a huge tree surrounded by green grass and trees at the picnic table outside his house! It is so great, and so spiritual!! Found out B, one of our investigators has cancer. Hopefully it can be removed and its benign! So sad, but this could be a way to help her really understand the gospel!

Tuesday: Exchange with Hermana E in the Spanish area!!! It was great, and actually most of our lessons were in English! It was fun! Personal Study was LEGIT. Ok, Alma 32 is awesome! I already knew that, but I gained new insight. If we all knew and remembered the plan of salvation, and then did not follow what we needed to do to get back to Heavenly Father's presence, how much worse off would we be? WAY WORSE!!!! Alma 32:18-19, read it and love it! Some of the new Mormon messages are amazing and I got to watch a few--love it! I am going to try and incorporate one into my emails each week. So here you go for this week:
"Origin" I saw this one a while ago, but it is just SO GOOD!!!  Know what? I'm just going to throw another one in too, because we used it in a lesson, and I have never seen it before, WOW--powerful! It is so true that we just need to do what God has asked us to do, and we will be blessed, we just don't know when: "Good Things Come" - Elder Holland

HOLD THE PHONE-- I ALMOST FORGOT!!!! I got one of the BEST letters EVER that day!!! MY FRIEND, K. C. said that she has started her mission papers... yes, this picture only captures a GLIMPSE of my excitement!

Wednesday: We had district meeting and wow, I realized that I have totally changed as a missionary, and that the entire culture of our mission has changed, SO GREAT!!! I have truly become more of a missionary that Heavenly Father wants me to be, but boy do I have a long way to go still... and only 24 weeks left to fulfill that! NNNOOOOOOO. Had a lesson with K, dang she's great! She read the Book of Mormon and said that a light was just pouring out of it, and that when she prayed it was like a burden that was lifted off of her! OH MY YES!!! She said she isn't sure about baptism... ok we need to work on that! We went tracting that night... only ended up knocking on two doors, and they didn't even answer... but then as we were walking, we ran into a lady from one of our service projects! She totally let us into her house (we had no idea where she lived), showed us around and we even got to talk about how we lived with God before this life and that we really are His children! It was great! Lesson with C that night went really well :) The Murphy's came with us, so great! His expressions when we were talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the tree of life vision in 1 Nephi 8 were wonderful! It was like a whole new concept to him, yet it wasn't. He was baptized over a year ago, but hasn't been to church really since moving here last July, and he never got the new member lessons. We get to do them! MIRACLE that we had a lesson with him! I have only had three lessons with him since being here... and it's been six months!!!!

Thursday: So we had like a bunch of service things that day. But our day was also spent talking to a less-active. We went to dinner at the P’s home. Guess what?! C proposed to C!!! YES, C one of my now recent converts!!!! I AM STOKED!!!!!!!! Well, we were having dinner (C is still in Georgia) and he called while I was there, so I GOT TO TALK TO HIM for a few minutes!!! BEST!!! He is doing well, and is going to the temple to do baptisms soon, YES!!!!!!!! It was so great!

Friday: Highlights. Sister C and I spent one hour planning one lesson for one of our investigators, D! WOW so good! So we planned the lesson, like to a T! It was so sweet! So guess what?We didn't even have to ask D the questions we were going to, or bring things up... Heavenly Father truly blessed us with a miracle and she TOLD us exactly what we were going to ask, on her own! MIRACLE!!! She told us why she wants to get baptized, and her love for the Book of Mormon, so great! This is one of the crazy miracles for the week, ready? As we come out of D's lesson we got a text form L (the investigator we were about to head over to have a lesson with) telling us she couldn't do it that night. Ok. Instead of just calling the member that was waiting for us at her apartment, we decided to just meet her there and see if she could come with us to visit another investigator. She was totally willing to! SWEETNESS!!!!! I drove, and she followed us. Sister C and I were talking as we passed A's house that we should go visit her if this other investigator wasn't home or couldn't meet. GUESS WHAT?! We PASSED A WALKING HER DOGS!!!!!!! So I roll down my window, wave and then turn into a court to park! The member that came with us had already met A so it was perfect! Ended up having a lesson with her outside, on the sidewalk/court, and wow so incredible! We were able to answer some of her questions that she had while reading the Gospel Principles manual on her own. Love her! So great!!! So yeah, that was a HUGE MIRACLE!!!!

Saturday: MIRACLE OF A DAY!!!  We had like six set lessons WHAT?! SO COOL!!!! Six set lessons in ONE DAY!!! I have achieved five lessons in a WEEK before, so to have six in one day, SO COOL!! Ended up having seven total that day! LEGIT!!!!!! There is so much work here, I LOVE IT!!! Finally had a lesson with D..n, and he is still solid after months of not meeting with him. Wants to go to the temple, and get baptized next April.

Oh, that night I found out I am getting transferred..and will be ON BIKE!!! Pretty stoked actually, but it should be interesting, kind of nervous about my companion... but you know what? Heavenly Father loves us all and knows exactly what we need, the people we need in our lives! So glad that Sister C is staying here, way less stressful than both of us leaving!

Sunday: Said goodbye to people, and had a lesson with D. She was bummed that I am leaving. Her testimony of the Book of Mormon is so cool! You can tell that she loves it based on how she talks about it! It was a great day!

The gospel of Jesus Christ is TRUE!!! I am so grateful for the knowledge I have of a loving Savior and Father in Heaven. The Spirit is real, and such a blessing in my life! Have a fabulous week!! Love you all, the adventures continue but in a different area!!! SWEET!!!!!

Sister Kelly Smith

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Blesson: when you go through trials and see the blessing in that lesson (not literally like missionary lesson, but as in lessons Heavenly Father gives us -- lessons/trials) things that make us stronger! It becomes a blesson when you are able to see that lesson as a blessing!! Make sense? Someone gave me that, uh, I guess you could call it definition awhile ago, but I came to realize it even more this week... ok maybe right now when writing and trying to think of a good title!  But it is SO TRUE!

Monday: Dinner with a family that is super fun! Sister M asked me to be prepared to share a blurb on how Sister Training Leaders help the Mission President and how we work under priesthood authority and have access to the priesthood in relief society on Sunday! Glad she gave me warning! Didn't end up having to do that, but it was such a good lesson on Priesthood and women and the priesthood! Went to visit less-actives.  Not a lesson, but still good to just talk to them!

COSTCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, STOKED!!!!
Tuesday: We had dinner and a lesson with S and J at some awesome ward missionary’s house! It was SO GOOD! S has now seen pictures of what baptism looks like, and has a super strong desire to get baptized, they are just slow. We will work on that!!! Then we met with M and she was worried about her daughter. A young woman in the ward came with us and it was super good! We talked about Mutual the next day and she thought her daughter would be interested in going, since it was flood service!! Oh the ward missionaries gave me chips, I WAS THRILLED!! Not just chips, but the COSTCO sized chips!!!!!
Flood service/ youth are my favorite!!! 

Wednesday: EXCHANGE with Hna. W!!! IT WAS A BLAST!! It has been 5-6 weeks since I was on an exchange and it was so good! I was kind of leery of exchanges because we couldn't figure out a good time and I just wanted to work in my area and what not (I love my people)!!! Even though we only taught one lesson, M’s daughter came to MUTUAL and it was SO GREAT!!!!! We got to help with floor service and it was a stake activity for the youth; it was a lot of fun!

The church building we did service near is RIGHT next to the river... but it was ok during the flood!
Thursday: Personal study this morning was one of the most LEGIT personal studies I have had in a LONG time!! OH MY I LOVE THE SCRIPTURES!!!!!! So I was trying this method out that we asked R to do. Pray. Read.Write. Pray. Read. Write. Pray again. WOW! So the first time pray to Heavenly Father that you understand this chapter or section of scripture you are going to read (I did 1 Nephi 8) then read it, and write about it (you can also go with a question, like what is the importance of baptism, or how can this apply to me?). Next Pray and ask Heavenly Father what HE wants you to learn from that passage. Read it again, and write down your answers/thoughts. At the end, pray and thank Him for all that you learned. Now, I am slow so I haven't been able to have a block of time to do all of this at once, but I did this first part one day, then the second part another day - but always ending and beginning with prayer). OH MY GOODNESS!!!! The Spirit truly guided my study! Ok, so in verse 20 of chapter 8 it talks about the rod of iron. The rod of iron is the word of God. Ok, so at the end of the verse it says, "the rod of iron...led by the head of the fountain, unto a large and spacious field, as if it had been a world." A WORLD!!! The Word of God has been since the creation of the WORLD!! The rod of iron is like a historical timeline of revelation! Heavenly Father has give us His word, through prophets so we can GRAB and CLING to the iron rod (the word of God, scriptures, general conference) to help guide us to ETERNAL LIFE!!! HOW COOL IS THAT? Yeah I was PUMPED!!!! Service that day was great!

Friday: So we were trying to set lessons up with people and we texted D, one of our investigators about when we could have another lesson. About 45 minutes later she responds, "Right now." SWEET!!!! Be there in 15 minutes!! It was a really good lesson, short because we had to get to another appointment, but she was talking about Christianity and a super cool analogy from Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. We asked her to read Mosiah 18:1-16 with the Pray. Read. Write. Method. We are really trying to help her want to get baptized since she said she was praying about it. Had a  lesson with K. My companion is BOSS!!! I was sitting there like shocked, did this really just happen? So we were just talking and Sister C pulls out a Restoration pamphlet and begins teaching K the first lesson (yeah, we haven't even taught her that yet).  So here we are and my companion is ON FIRE!!! We get to the Book of Mormon (and she has one) and K tells us that she knows it is the word of God. For reals? Did she just say that? I asked her what she should do now that she knows it is the word of God. I asked her to be baptized and she said she would pray about it! BOOM SHAKA LAKA it was a MIRACLE of a lesson!!!! We totally taught as companions and it flowed so well, it was AWESOME!!!! That night my hip began hurting and well so began the next day...

Saturday: My back and hip hurt SO bad!!! It was really hard!! But here is the BLESSON!!! haha
Through faith and perseverance I was ok, and am still getting better. I am learning my limits and it is really hard. I am getting old (haha).But yeah it was REALLY bad! So bad that while brushing my teeth I couldn't stand, I had to use my left hand to put my weight on it on the counter. (Hopefully that visual makes sense). Through my pain, and my companion’s head injury (she is still recovering from her concussion) we were able to teach six lessons!!! That is really good, especially for this area, and for us! Six in one day!! Wow, it was huge!!! My hip hurt so bad it hurt to walk!!! I wanted to go to the chiropractor that day, but when we got there it was closed! A future missionary came with us for part of the day and wow MIRACLE!!! She helped keep us going! We were able to meet with a potential investigator, C (the guy I met on exchanges with Hna. S outside his apartment). We taught the restoration and told him that baptism was our goal: that we meet with him to help him get to baptism! I don't think I have ever been that bold, and it was GREAT!!!! He wants to meet with us EVERY WEEK and doesn't really want to go to church, but we will work on that!! Even though we both were in pain/couldn't function how we wanted to, it was truly a blessing! Learned so much!! I was able to receive a priesthood blessing that night; I love the gospel and especially the power of the priesthood! The restoration of the priesthood is such a blessing!! So I was given a trial (painful hip/back) but through perseverance and doing the will of the Lord, I was able to see that it was a HUGE BLESSING!!! Miracles were given to us! BLESSON = great principle that I need to continue to learn what Heavenly Father wants me to!

Sunday: WOW, SUPER GREAT MIRACLE!!! We had a lesson with D and brought a member with us! So yeah, it was super great! They were pretty much talking most of the time and the member was basically teaching, sweetness!!! We asked how the scripture reading went and she said “good.”  She talked about insight she received, which was NOT what I was expecting. Here we gave her this assignment to think about the importance of baptism. We give her another scripture to read because we needed to go, then she just tells us, "Oh I totally got baptism and covenants out of that last scripture you gave me. I'm getting baptized on June 21st." WHAT?! HOLD THE PHONE. WHAT? D told us when she is getting baptized!!! I couldn't be more excited!!! It is the best!! I am so stoked for her!!! It will totally bless her life and I just can't wait :) Hopefully I can be there!! She told me that I should be there and that I deserve this one. haha That she wouldn't have said yes to anyone or something like that! D is just incredible!! I was on CLOUD 9 after that!!!!
D is getting baptized!!!!!!!
It was a great week!!! Baptisms, Blessons, Miralces, Scriptures, Wow!!! IT WAS A MIRACLE OF A WEEK!!!!!

Love you all,
Sister Kelly Smith

Creepiest door I probably have EVER knocked on!!! Yes, that is a LIFE SIZE manniquin!!!