Sunday, March 16, 2014

You only turn 21 in COLORADO once!!!!

Obedience is the Price, Faith is the Power, Love is the Motive, Spirit is the Key, and Christ is the Reason. Just remember this, always!

Monday: ONLY THE COOLEST P-DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my favorite people from Laramie, WYOMING came down to see me for my birthday!! I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED seeing her and being able to just relax!! Started an exchange with Hermana S (my old companion)!!!

Tuesday: Well we went to go visit a less-active since they speak English as well as Spanish (Hna. S did that for my sake). We got to their house and they let us in. Then they began telling us about their day. Two different sets of Jehovah Witnesses had come to their house that day, and a Christian! So we made the 4th religious visit they received that day! The husband made a comment about how they only needed a Muslim come by... a few minutes later two women knocked on the door. Nope not a Muslim, but a saleswoman! This experience made me so grateful that we go door to door with something true, free, and will bless EVERY SINGLE PERSON'S LIFE!!! So there we sat for an hour watching someone on their first day demonstrate a VACCUUM!!! For reals, a vacuum.  It was so nice to recognize that when a new missionary comes out they have a trainer! This girl was all on her own and using the cheat sheet.  I felt bad for her but Hna S and I were just like “is this really happening?”  I was so determined to talk to this saleswoman about the gospel before we left. So we did! I gave her a Restoration pamphlet, too, as we were leaving! I don't know if anything will ever come from it, but if it does, it will be sweet!! Later that night we had a lesson with one of Hna S’s investigators. Ok, something you have to know about when I go on exchanges with Hna S is that she usually makes me say the closing prayer in Spanish with her people!  Ever since that time in Laramie together she makes me pray in Spanish! So we were in this lesson and she was talking about the Plan of Salvation, and baptism was definitely part of the conversation. Ok, I understand some Spanish, but I don't really know how to communicate back... so then what happens?  The Holy Ghost starts working on me and prepares me to know when to jump in and bear my testimony. I knew I had to bear my testimony to these children of God, but not in English! They don't know Enlgish.  My heart starts pounding and I quickly say "I don't really know how to speak in Spanish but... Yo se que la Plan de Salvaicion ed verdadero, y yo se que Jesu Christo es mi Salvador."  Yup, that's all I said (and that Spanish grammar is probably wrong). It was terrifying! Then I ended that lesson with a prayer in Spanish! Well, if Hna S and I were companions to help me learn Spanish only for that reason – done.  It was awesome!!! I love testifying to people but in another language when you have to solely rely on the Spirit is really powerful, and really hard!! Props to ANYONE who has to learn a new language on their mission!! I LOVE BEING STATESIDE ENGLISH SPEAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday: MY BIRTHDAY!!! It was such a fun day!!! I loved it!! Thanks for everyone who made it so special :) We dropped by one of our investigator’s homes really quickly to give her the poster I made... I LOVE her!! I cannot express to ANYONE how much love I felt for her in those 10 minutes or so we talked to her! I shared Alma 31:35 with her and the reason that I am here! I am here to help save her soul and it was awesome!! I love being able to get just a glimpse of how much love Heavenly Father has for His children. How much love Jesus Christ has for each of us!

Funniest thing that happened that day... that was totally unexpected and FANTASTIC!!! (Oh, I made chocolate cake waffles after district meeting which was fun, and got to wear a tiara (and yeah I wore it to one of our lessons, and at dinner)! Everyone is a prince or princess!!! I just happened to have a tiara to show it!) Anyway crazy thing that made my day: So here we are at dinner just eating chocolate cake after the members sang Happy Birthday to me, and I blew out candles, S (14 year old boy) just got up, looked at the home phone and said, "California" in a weird, quizzical tone! I automatically fist pumped and was like "yeah California!" Then he said the area code and my face just was in complete shock and I said,not talk to my mom! The members talked to her while on speaker phone so I got to hear her tell me happy birthday and talk to the members for a bit.  BEST THING EVER!!! Totally unexpected and I LOVED IT!!! After dinner we went to another member’s house and watched The Testaments with our recent convert. It was really powerful for him and so great!
"Oh my goodness, that's my mom!" So then what happens? They call my mom back! BEST THING EVER!! Now, let's make this clear... I did

Thursday: Taught seminary -- so fun!  The lesson was COMPLETELY guided by the Spirit and it was AWESOME!!! I loved waking up early (ok not really) but teaching the youth that I love was INCREDIBLE!!!!! We talked about a lot of things and got to role play with them about missionary work and I realized that one of my favorite experiences that I ever had in high school was talking to one of my friends about Joseph Smith and then giving him a Book of Mormon. One of the most awkward and scariest things I have ever done, but seriously the most INCREDIBLE!!! Prepped me for life and for my mission!!! We got a new investigator this week and I am STOKED!!! She just moved here, and is looking for a new church! PERFECT, we can definitely help her with that :) She is just so cool! We got to sit on the ground in her house surrounded by packing boxes, loved it.

Friday: Mission Leadership Council. I loved being edified by the Spirit and testify to other leaders in the mission! It was so great!! I love meetings :) It lasted pretty much all day. I got to see the temple lot again and loved it! THE FORT COLLINS TEMPLE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!!!! There are tractors and holes being dug, and WORK! Aaaaahhhh, greatest thing!  I love  to continue seeing it progress!!!

Saturday: While in a lesson, one of the sisters I am over called me twice and sent me a text that said "Please call me as soon as possible. Bacon." Ok, ‘bacon’ is a huge code word for “I NEED HELP!!” Hna S would not send that word unless it was SERIOUS!! So I excused myself form the lesson and called her. She was getting emergency transferred that night!!!! I was in complete shock! But wherever Heavenly Father needs us to go at any point, we go! I believe this was the first sister emergency transfer too... I was so sad! But we kept going and then that night I helped her get ready and I said my goodbye to her (again). But it was just a “see ya later!” So far I have followed her wherever she gets transferred... so maybe that means I am headed to Greely next transfer :) Next week?!

My friend from Laramie brought me this! COOL!
Sunday: Really relaxing day... except not one of our investigators came to church.  People, get to church! You feel the Spirit and can learn of the importance of taking the Sacrament!! Ok, yeah, but it was really a good day anyway!

Well, have an amazing and fabulous week!! Love you all!!

Love, Sister Kelly Smith

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