Sunday, March 9, 2014

Angels, Cards, and a Slide

Moral of the week: Look for how the Lord loves you in your life!! He is ALWAYS there for you and LOVES YOU SO MUCH!!! Help a friend out! You never know when someone needs to talk and just needs someone to listen to them!

Monday: Started an exchange with Hermana J and it was AWESOME!! I love that sister! We had dinner at one of the coolest houses I have ever been to!!!! We got to slide down a curly Q tunnel slide, IN THEIR HOUSE!!! Then we signed a wall for those who have ridden the slide! It was SO COOL! Then we got to climb into this library... yes CLIMB from the stairs, it was LEGIT!!!! We shared a message about missionary work and it turned into talking about the temple. The 9 year old boy was able to go the temple and witness his dad get sealed to another woman and his favorite part was the two mirrors! It was really cool because when I went to the temple for the first time as a kid, that was the part I remembered, and loved it!! Families truly are FOREVER!!!!

Tuesday: Exchange ended!! But then... Miracle for the week!!!! My companion and I were sitting in the car (we had just finished praying before going to visit someone) and all of a sudden Sister L looks out the back driver window and said, "That is really close!" A semi-truck was INCHES away from hitting our car. I thought we could jump out really quickly, but we stayed in the car. I leaned toward the passenger side because the semi was on my side. Then it started to turn and was moving inches and inches away from our car! MIRACLE that we were not hit at all! Angels are real and are around us constantly!! I KNOW that Heavenly Father is watching out for us! Sister L and I definitely have a work to do here in our ward!! Funny story for the week... actually it was funny and then NOT!! We were driving home and we usually just drive up to the mailbox, roll down the window and Sister L leans out the window and grabs the mail... well we drive up to it and NO MAILBOX!!! Like not just no mail (cause that's common) but our mailbox was GONE!!!! We found it later behind our trash can... so yeah, interesting week!!!

Wednesday: Lesson with our newly baptized friend, and used the apostasy cups! One of my favorite visuals!!

Thursday: Exchange with Sister C.  They don't have a car right now so we got to walk.  I loved being able to street contact using cards! It was AWESOME!! To think back over 9 months ago to when I was on foot, passing out cards! I loved it! I really felt like a Sister TRAINING Leader! Not just someone to vent to or fix drama but to TRAIN!!! It was INCREDIBLE!!! To see how much more comfortable I was when passing out the cards, was AWESOEME!!

Friday: Sisters’ Conference, enough said! Almost all 64 of us Sisters in the mission, was INCREIDBLE!! The Spirit was so strong!!!

Saturday: Shoveled snow for people, loved it!! Visited an elder in the hospital because his lung collapsed. It was a great day even though a lesson canceled and we only taught one lesson. Oh I found out that a video Sister P and I did (rapping a missionary rap) was going around the high school. Well a less-active Young Woman (whom I have never met) was showing in to someone else, SO FUNNY!! So maybe the work will pick up because people will see that we are normal people?!  I hope so!!

Sunday: THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG!!! I TESTIFY TO YOU THAT JESUS CHRIST IS REAL AND LOVES YOU!!! Yes, YOU!!!! It is truly incredible!! Our young investigator brought a friend to church!! SWEETNESS!!! I love this work!

Have a great week!

Sister Kelly Smith

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