Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Book of Smith, an account of her proceedings in the land of COLORADO

An account of the proceedings of Sister Smith while she travels through Colorado in March of 2014 to preach the gospel to those who are ready and willing to hear.

Chapter 1
Sister Smith realizes that working is the best medicine.
1. And it came to pass that Sister Smith and her companion traveled to the land of Ute Creek where they spent time talking to another set of Sisters.
2. After many hours of talking, they got the courage to leave this beloved land and return to their own land to share the message of Christ and His Atonement.
3. While testifying of Christ, I, Sister Smith felt the Spirit of the Lord and knew that testifying makes you feel better.
4. As I, Sister Smith, and my companion taught a recent convert, G, and less actives, T’s, the Spirit was strong and able to testify to them that what we taught is true.

Chapter 2
Sister Smith sits in the land of her inheritance and rests before leaving her home.
1. And it came to pass, that my companion fell ill.
2. I, Sister Smith, sat writing to other missionaries and friends.
3. As I waited for my companion to feel better, she got up and was able to teach a less-active family with me.
4. We taught this new family we have never met about the Book of Mormon.
5. The Book that has changed my life was the topic of our discussion, and the children were involved in the lesson.

Chapter 3
1. As my companion and I ventured to the land of our zone headquarters, I gave a training.
2. To help my fellow missionaries, I gave a training on becoming a “Preach My Gospel” missionary, and missionary work and the atonement.
3. And lo, I worried much beforehand what I should say. As I let the Spirit work through me, everything went well.
4. Behold a miracle occurred! My companion and I became friends.

Chapter 4
1. And it came to pass, that I headed to the land of Ute Creek again.

Ok, this format is getting way too hard!!!
So this week was ridiculous! My companion was sick ALL week!!!! So I went on exchanges with Hna. J a couple times and Sister D for a little bit too. I know that working is the BEST THING EVER!!! I loved being able to WORK hard on Saturday, March 22nd.  March 22nd is a hard and great day for many people I know. A beloved girl in my stake passed away last year on that date. Heidi, I know you are with all of us and love us dearly! I was grateful for the chance I had to work harder, especially on your day! It is also the day I went to the temple last year for the first time! EVERYONE SHOULD GO TO THE TEMPLE!! That is my ultimate goal as a missionary, to help people get to the temple!!!

I love you all! Sorry I don't have much to report. Oh, I freaked out yesterday when I found out that my investigator who moved to another state IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON APRIL 6th!!!! He is going to get baptized in Georgia :) I’m STOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Kelly Smith

Sunday, March 23, 2014

COLORADO hash tags: #superhero #dorkybishopswife

Obedience is the Price, Faith is the Power, Love is the Motive, Spirit is the Key, and Christ is the Reason. Just remember this, always!

OK, about my title, my bishop’s wife actually used those hashtags to describe herself!  See Tuesday for more details.

Monday: P-day. Talked to a less-active who served a mission. She is going to get us a copy of the Plan of Salvation template thing she used on her mission, sweet!

Tuesday: Service at one of our Just Serve projects was super fun! I always like Tuesday mornings when we do service there!! We pretty much work hard and get to hang out with a bunch of other missionaries, best of both worlds!! We had dinner with the Bishop and his wife and daughter. We somehow got to the topic of my birthday, so obviously I had to tell them that I got a SUPER cool present (a matching costumes from a my mom) and Sister J was SO EXCITED!!! She wanted me to wear it and go out and visit people with her, like members in the ward. Well, as we were leaving she was like, "Hey let me know when you are free so we can wear those outfits and visit people." At that moment I was like "wait, YOU and I will wear them?" "Yeah!" OK now she is one of the COOLEST PEOPLE IN MY WARD!!!

I got to talk to one of my Sisters that night and it was just so good to be there for her. She has been struggling a bit and just needed someone to talk to. If you ever need anything, just come talk to Sister Smith and I will be there for you, and will probably even give you a hug! Oh, did I mention that two lessons canceled and then our backup couldn't meet because her daughter got MONO!!! WHAT?! Thus began the attack of Satan on our people this week... MONO, like for reals! We can't meet with one of our investigators for like a month now, NNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday: Cut meat for 2 hours! Ok, I probably cut more meat in those two hours than I have in MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! Sister D and I just got to talk and cut meat, yeah for service!!! We found this cool statistic while eating lunch at Sister D and Sister C's house: There are 13,100 hours in a Sister's mission. once you take out MTC time, sleep, P-days, meals, study and travel hours, we only have 4,600 hours to proselyte. OK, add on the fact that I am in a Just Serve mission, ok that's even LESS time to proselyte! I have about 1,800 hours left to proselyte on my mission... ARE YOU FOR REALS?!!! That's not enough time!! Especially with cancelled appointments happening all the time this week!!! Went to Mutual and what happened?! Sister J and I wore the Mighty Missionary outfits! Young Women brought out their iPads and what not to take pictures -- it was awesome!!

Thursday: ZONE CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!! Totally spiritually uplifting and inspiring! I love being edified and getting pumped for missionary work!! Goal: in every lesson let the people I am with understand that this is Christ's work. Let them understand that I don't matter, that what I say is not me, it is Jesus Christ! Let everyone feel as if Jesus Christ is in the room talking to them and wanting them to change to become more like Him! Had a lesson with S and J and it was chill lesson. I was so excited to hear that J got a new job so he doesn't have to work nights and he asked for every Sunday off, SWEET!!!!! At his new job he reads the Book of Mormon while waiting for people to come into the warehouse, ok SWEETNESS!!!! Before we had a lesson with S and J (well we were just going to drop by) I purposely parked near where a man and his son where playing with a remote control car in the parking lot. So what do we do after parking and getting out? Oh you know, just give him a Book of Mormon!!! I loved it! All you have to do is start a conversation and Heavenly Father does the rest.Ddo we have an appointment with him?  No. Do we know where he lives?  No. Did we do our part? YES!!! Loved it!!! Got to have a lesson with G,it was fun because it turned into G and President C roll playing home teaching to us -- awesome!! I got to talk about my testimony of the Book of Mormon when G asked me questions, it was nice to have a change of routine!

Friday: Making a vision board for next transfer!! It was SO AWESOME!! I was getting pumped and hopefully my companion is too... but our main goal and the other ones are there to support it... One FAMILY BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went street contacting and guess what? We met a couple who had been to Temple Square and they aren't interested, but they love Temple Square! I hope that someday they will accept the gospel!!

Saturday: Got to help paint a lady’s house. not only a random lady but a potential investigator!!! She currently lives in a different ward, but will be moving to ours soon!! And guess what, THIS COULD BE OUR FAMILY THAT WE SET A GOAL FOR THE DAY BEFORE!!!!!!   MIRACLE, I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!! Oh transfer calls came in that night... I'm staying with Sister L here in the same ward.

Sunday: I LOVE GOING TO CHURCH, BEST THING of MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! Miracle number #1 of the day happened right before church. I walked in to the chapel and Bro. Rl was there EARLY and helping set up chairs, WHAT? Mind BLOWN that he was there EARLY and eager to be there. It has been a HUGE miracle watching him progress!!! He stayed for all three hours too, WHAT?! CRAZY!!!! Then we had a lesson with S and J after church at the stake president’s, and what do they tell us right before we say an opening prayer?! J:" So, we are getting married on April 6th" AAAAAAAAHHHHH, did I just hear that correctly?! YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED IN THREE WEEKS?!!!  Yes, I heard that correctly, MIRACLE #2 for the day!! S could get baptized this transfer, then, because she will be living the law of chastity in three weeks!!!! STOKED!!!

Got to have a lesson with D.   D is awesome and has a testimony of the Book of Mormon, we just need to use that and help her understand that she needs to get baptized!! We are going to talk about the temple next week with her.

I noticed something in myself this week... my determination to do missionary work like SKYROCKETED!!! I can't tell you why, because I have no idea, Well I do. Heavenly Father. Heavenly Father blessed me with an increased motivation to WORK HARD!!! I can't wait to see what this week brings and man even if I have to drag my companion around, whatever, because this is going to be legit and MIRACLES are just waiting to happen, like they are so close!  I am SO GRATEFUL Heavenly Father let me stay another transfer so I can SEE these MIRACLES!!!! The Celestial Kingdom is going to be a PARTY so INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!!! If you don't invite them here on earth, well I will just go out and find them. Even if that means tracting and street contacting EVERY SINGLE DAY to find the family that is just WAITING to hear the gospel and get BAPTIZED this transfer!!! Yeah, we set a goal to have a FAMILY BAPTISM this transfer!! Let's hope it happens, faith brings miracles!!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a missionary. It really is the hardest thing I have ever done, but to be a part of miracles is the BEST THING EVER!!!

This is not my work, but the Lord's. I just get to be an instrument in His hands!

Love you all,
Sister Kelly Smith

Sunday, March 16, 2014

You only turn 21 in COLORADO once!!!!

Obedience is the Price, Faith is the Power, Love is the Motive, Spirit is the Key, and Christ is the Reason. Just remember this, always!

Monday: ONLY THE COOLEST P-DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my favorite people from Laramie, WYOMING came down to see me for my birthday!! I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED seeing her and being able to just relax!! Started an exchange with Hermana S (my old companion)!!!

Tuesday: Well we went to go visit a less-active since they speak English as well as Spanish (Hna. S did that for my sake). We got to their house and they let us in. Then they began telling us about their day. Two different sets of Jehovah Witnesses had come to their house that day, and a Christian! So we made the 4th religious visit they received that day! The husband made a comment about how they only needed a Muslim come by... a few minutes later two women knocked on the door. Nope not a Muslim, but a saleswoman! This experience made me so grateful that we go door to door with something true, free, and will bless EVERY SINGLE PERSON'S LIFE!!! So there we sat for an hour watching someone on their first day demonstrate a VACCUUM!!! For reals, a vacuum.  It was so nice to recognize that when a new missionary comes out they have a trainer! This girl was all on her own and using the cheat sheet.  I felt bad for her but Hna S and I were just like “is this really happening?”  I was so determined to talk to this saleswoman about the gospel before we left. So we did! I gave her a Restoration pamphlet, too, as we were leaving! I don't know if anything will ever come from it, but if it does, it will be sweet!! Later that night we had a lesson with one of Hna S’s investigators. Ok, something you have to know about when I go on exchanges with Hna S is that she usually makes me say the closing prayer in Spanish with her people!  Ever since that time in Laramie together she makes me pray in Spanish! So we were in this lesson and she was talking about the Plan of Salvation, and baptism was definitely part of the conversation. Ok, I understand some Spanish, but I don't really know how to communicate back... so then what happens?  The Holy Ghost starts working on me and prepares me to know when to jump in and bear my testimony. I knew I had to bear my testimony to these children of God, but not in English! They don't know Enlgish.  My heart starts pounding and I quickly say "I don't really know how to speak in Spanish but... Yo se que la Plan de Salvaicion ed verdadero, y yo se que Jesu Christo es mi Salvador."  Yup, that's all I said (and that Spanish grammar is probably wrong). It was terrifying! Then I ended that lesson with a prayer in Spanish! Well, if Hna S and I were companions to help me learn Spanish only for that reason – done.  It was awesome!!! I love testifying to people but in another language when you have to solely rely on the Spirit is really powerful, and really hard!! Props to ANYONE who has to learn a new language on their mission!! I LOVE BEING STATESIDE ENGLISH SPEAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday: MY BIRTHDAY!!! It was such a fun day!!! I loved it!! Thanks for everyone who made it so special :) We dropped by one of our investigator’s homes really quickly to give her the poster I made... I LOVE her!! I cannot express to ANYONE how much love I felt for her in those 10 minutes or so we talked to her! I shared Alma 31:35 with her and the reason that I am here! I am here to help save her soul and it was awesome!! I love being able to get just a glimpse of how much love Heavenly Father has for His children. How much love Jesus Christ has for each of us!

Funniest thing that happened that day... that was totally unexpected and FANTASTIC!!! (Oh, I made chocolate cake waffles after district meeting which was fun, and got to wear a tiara (and yeah I wore it to one of our lessons, and at dinner)! Everyone is a prince or princess!!! I just happened to have a tiara to show it!) Anyway crazy thing that made my day: So here we are at dinner just eating chocolate cake after the members sang Happy Birthday to me, and I blew out candles, S (14 year old boy) just got up, looked at the home phone and said, "California" in a weird, quizzical tone! I automatically fist pumped and was like "yeah California!" Then he said the area code and my face just was in complete shock and I said,not talk to my mom! The members talked to her while on speaker phone so I got to hear her tell me happy birthday and talk to the members for a bit.  BEST THING EVER!!! Totally unexpected and I LOVED IT!!! After dinner we went to another member’s house and watched The Testaments with our recent convert. It was really powerful for him and so great!
"Oh my goodness, that's my mom!" So then what happens? They call my mom back! BEST THING EVER!! Now, let's make this clear... I did

Thursday: Taught seminary -- so fun!  The lesson was COMPLETELY guided by the Spirit and it was AWESOME!!! I loved waking up early (ok not really) but teaching the youth that I love was INCREDIBLE!!!!! We talked about a lot of things and got to role play with them about missionary work and I realized that one of my favorite experiences that I ever had in high school was talking to one of my friends about Joseph Smith and then giving him a Book of Mormon. One of the most awkward and scariest things I have ever done, but seriously the most INCREDIBLE!!! Prepped me for life and for my mission!!! We got a new investigator this week and I am STOKED!!! She just moved here, and is looking for a new church! PERFECT, we can definitely help her with that :) She is just so cool! We got to sit on the ground in her house surrounded by packing boxes, loved it.

Friday: Mission Leadership Council. I loved being edified by the Spirit and testify to other leaders in the mission! It was so great!! I love meetings :) It lasted pretty much all day. I got to see the temple lot again and loved it! THE FORT COLLINS TEMPLE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!!!! There are tractors and holes being dug, and WORK! Aaaaahhhh, greatest thing!  I love  to continue seeing it progress!!!

Saturday: While in a lesson, one of the sisters I am over called me twice and sent me a text that said "Please call me as soon as possible. Bacon." Ok, ‘bacon’ is a huge code word for “I NEED HELP!!” Hna S would not send that word unless it was SERIOUS!! So I excused myself form the lesson and called her. She was getting emergency transferred that night!!!! I was in complete shock! But wherever Heavenly Father needs us to go at any point, we go! I believe this was the first sister emergency transfer too... I was so sad! But we kept going and then that night I helped her get ready and I said my goodbye to her (again). But it was just a “see ya later!” So far I have followed her wherever she gets transferred... so maybe that means I am headed to Greely next transfer :) Next week?!

My friend from Laramie brought me this! COOL!
Sunday: Really relaxing day... except not one of our investigators came to church.  People, get to church! You feel the Spirit and can learn of the importance of taking the Sacrament!! Ok, yeah, but it was really a good day anyway!

Well, have an amazing and fabulous week!! Love you all!!

Love, Sister Kelly Smith

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Angels, Cards, and a Slide

Moral of the week: Look for how the Lord loves you in your life!! He is ALWAYS there for you and LOVES YOU SO MUCH!!! Help a friend out! You never know when someone needs to talk and just needs someone to listen to them!

Monday: Started an exchange with Hermana J and it was AWESOME!! I love that sister! We had dinner at one of the coolest houses I have ever been to!!!! We got to slide down a curly Q tunnel slide, IN THEIR HOUSE!!! Then we signed a wall for those who have ridden the slide! It was SO COOL! Then we got to climb into this library... yes CLIMB from the stairs, it was LEGIT!!!! We shared a message about missionary work and it turned into talking about the temple. The 9 year old boy was able to go the temple and witness his dad get sealed to another woman and his favorite part was the two mirrors! It was really cool because when I went to the temple for the first time as a kid, that was the part I remembered, and loved it!! Families truly are FOREVER!!!!

Tuesday: Exchange ended!! But then... Miracle for the week!!!! My companion and I were sitting in the car (we had just finished praying before going to visit someone) and all of a sudden Sister L looks out the back driver window and said, "That is really close!" A semi-truck was INCHES away from hitting our car. I thought we could jump out really quickly, but we stayed in the car. I leaned toward the passenger side because the semi was on my side. Then it started to turn and was moving inches and inches away from our car! MIRACLE that we were not hit at all! Angels are real and are around us constantly!! I KNOW that Heavenly Father is watching out for us! Sister L and I definitely have a work to do here in our ward!! Funny story for the week... actually it was funny and then NOT!! We were driving home and we usually just drive up to the mailbox, roll down the window and Sister L leans out the window and grabs the mail... well we drive up to it and NO MAILBOX!!! Like not just no mail (cause that's common) but our mailbox was GONE!!!! We found it later behind our trash can... so yeah, interesting week!!!

Wednesday: Lesson with our newly baptized friend, and used the apostasy cups! One of my favorite visuals!!

Thursday: Exchange with Sister C.  They don't have a car right now so we got to walk.  I loved being able to street contact using cards! It was AWESOME!! To think back over 9 months ago to when I was on foot, passing out cards! I loved it! I really felt like a Sister TRAINING Leader! Not just someone to vent to or fix drama but to TRAIN!!! It was INCREDIBLE!!! To see how much more comfortable I was when passing out the cards, was AWESOEME!!

Friday: Sisters’ Conference, enough said! Almost all 64 of us Sisters in the mission, was INCREIDBLE!! The Spirit was so strong!!!

Saturday: Shoveled snow for people, loved it!! Visited an elder in the hospital because his lung collapsed. It was a great day even though a lesson canceled and we only taught one lesson. Oh I found out that a video Sister P and I did (rapping a missionary rap) was going around the high school. Well a less-active Young Woman (whom I have never met) was showing in to someone else, SO FUNNY!! So maybe the work will pick up because people will see that we are normal people?!  I hope so!!

Sunday: THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG!!! I TESTIFY TO YOU THAT JESUS CHRIST IS REAL AND LOVES YOU!!! Yes, YOU!!!! It is truly incredible!! Our young investigator brought a friend to church!! SWEETNESS!!! I love this work!

Have a great week!

Sister Kelly Smith

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Did you know that cats run on the cupboards?! I guess they only do in COLORADO!!

Elk in the background!
Ok, so my companion told me that yesterday and I was like... you mean the countertop?! haha she just started laughing, didn't realize what she had said.

Monday: BEST P-DAY IN COLORADO YET!!!! We went up to Estes Park, and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I love being in the mountains!!!
Re-enactment of our jumping mountain picture from the summer!

Tuesday: We met with a referral. The Spanish sisters talked to her while she was walking her dog, so that's how she first met the missionaries. We gave her a Restoration pamphlet and talked about how the Spirit is the real teacher! I also got to go out to dinner with my former roommate’s aunt and cousins! We went out for Thai food and it was so fun! They are super nice!!!

Wednesday: Felt bad, had a cold, I felt like a bum... but taught a lesson anyway. She needs help getting a ride, so we are going to help her with that.  She needs to come to church so she can get baptized.  She is such a great person!  My companion led the lesson and it went well. We taught the Plan of Salvation again -- I love the Plan of Salvation! It was awesome!!!

Thursday: Exchange with Sister DF!! We went tracting for awhile.. yeah not my favorite thing to do, especially in the cold, and wind... but I love my sisters!! We had a fun experience where a lady just let us into her home... come to find out that she is a less-active that told Hermana S and Hermana J that morning that she would be returning to church! That was cool!!! We taught an investigator for the first time, which was also pretty much my first time teaching with Sister DF! I loved talking about the Atonement, and testifying to her. Sister DF invited her to be baptized, SWEETNESS!!!! I am excited to hear how the rest goes for the sisters!

Friday: slept, and rested, yeah I had NO ENERGY!!!!

Saturday: Met with another Young Woman investigator, and her faith in increasing!!! She finished four Faith value experiences in Personal Progress this week, by herself!! It was a huge improvement and so cool to see.! Oh, we had a Relief Society conference in the morning and I love how I can be edified and feel the Spirit! Don't forget to spend some time for yourself so you can be prepared to help others!! For the Strength of You is AWESOME!! Yes, For the Strength of YOU, not youth! But it's the same pamphlet :) Strengthen yourself so you can strengthen others :)

Sunday: One of our investigators came to church! You have to understand that this was a MIRACLE!!! I have NEVER seen him in church and I don't think he had been to church in a LONG TIME!!!!!!! I didn't even talk about our lesson with him last week. For the first time I saw him participate in the lesson, and he told me that he had read the Book of Mormon and was in 2 Nephi 26... the same chapter I was on!!! WOW!!! It was just a HUGE MIRACLE!!! and then at the end of the lesson he was like “I think we might have someone for you to teach,” SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a great day! I loved our last lesson, and then to see him at church was GREAT!!

Have a fabulous week!! Oh, future missionaries... learn how to budget money. You do not have enough money to eat out all the time. Learn to live on your own a little... even if it is at home. Learn some life skills, it will help you on the mission!!

Sister Kelly Smith