Monday, May 26, 2014

#HeavenlyFatherlovesme #Blessesmewithmiracles #COLORADOtallpeople

Why not use hash tags, that's been a big thing right?! haha Break up the norm of my usual titles!! So this week was LEGIT!!!! I am stoked and I'll try to explain this to my best abilities!!

A family gave me a GIANT coloring book!!! I am excited!!!!
Monday: P-day, and what not, then we had a lesson with A! Ok, A is AWESOME!! We met with her to tell her a little about what we know for LDS Family Services and gave her someone's number. Well we also asked her if she read the chapters in the Book of Mormon we left with her. She said that she had read part of Moroni chapter 7! SWEET!! Glad you read part of it! So instead of just reading the rest of it with her, we decided to just read verses 32-35 (go read them, they are awesome!) It talks about faith, covenants, baptism… pure awesomeness). It was SO POWERFUL! You could see the Spirit working in her! She just kept saying how happy she was, and we described what the Spirit can feel like and read Galatians 5:22 (which is one of my favorite scriptures). Ok, at this point I was like, “YES this is my chance!!!” So guess what? We invited her to be baptized (my companion in her head when I started inviting A to be baptized was like, “oh she's going for it”)! haha Too funny! Anyway, I was like focusing on the Holy Ghost and how we can receive the GIFT of the Holy Ghost after we are baptized and she was like” I want that, I want to have the peace I feel!!” YES!!! Seriously, I love A, and I was so happy that she said yes!!!!!!!!!!! We don't have her date yet, but this week, hopefully :) Then we had FHE with some ward missionaries, then dinner, all around, MIRACLE of a night!! And it was super fun too!!

Tuesday: We got to do service, which I love!!! That night, was awesome! We didn't have anything at 8pm, (that's like the WORST time if you don't have anything scheduled). So we drove by a former investigator’s house and guess what? She was OUTSIDE with her kids!!! It was perfect (I love summer... that helps)! So we got to talk to her and see how things were going; she has had some crazy things happen in her life recently and hasn't had time to read the Book of Mormon, but she wants to, YES!!! She mentioned that she didn't really have time to meet with us, but I offered to help her clean her house... "Really, you would do that?" “Yes, of course we would!”  So she was totally game for that! It was great! Sometimes people can't meet, they have busy lives, but we are here to serve (and we were thinking that we could just talk to her about the gospel while cleaning, what could be better, and we got a member to go with us)!!!! T, is awesome, love her! Her 11 yr. old son was wearing cowboy boots... yeah he is as tall as me. I am 10 years older than him!! Tall people... haha it was funny! I love that family, and want to teach them so badly!

District Meeting OUTSIDE!!! I just love being outdoors, and can't wait to bike this week with my companion!!!
Remember when I was on a bike and wanted a car... well now I can have both, life is SWEET!!!
Wednesday: T had to cancel because she was later than she thought getting back to town... so we didn't get to clean her house :( Sad day, but we can meet with her next week! STOKED!!!! We had district meeting outside which was SO FUN!! We went to contact a referral (who also happened to be a former) and her roommate answered but said she would probably want to talk to us, but couldn't at the moment. You know, that always sounds so nice that people want to talk to us! Ended up raining that night (ok this whole week pretty much has been thunder storms in the evening)! I was kind of down that day, but guess what? WORKING is the cure! Working truly does make me feel SO MUCH BETTER!!!

Thursday: We did service in the morning, and then we went to contact that referral again (the one that said would probably want to talk to us) well we knocked on her door (M) and she told us to come in! OK, so M was like “I know who you are...” uh ok! She knew what we are from, and that we are missionaries! Always a positive thing and she was excited to see us. SWEET!!! Now M is an interesting one, I don't really know what to think of her. I do understand why she was dropped... she had no intention of being converted. So we would be wasting the Lord's time! But since she was dropped she has had cancer, had chemotherapy and is currently in radiation. Well, that can help inspire people to change right?! She was telling us about herself and was very excited that we would be able to meet with her, and visit with her... she started smoking in front of us (just imagine how we smelled after that lesson...Ii'll fill you in, HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!). She told us that we wouldn't be able to convert her, and she is EXACTLY RIGHT!! I, Sister Smith, cannot convert ANYONE, nor do I want to! The Spirit is the one that converts! So we will be talking to her about that, and seeing if she does have a desire to change, but that was definitely an interesting lesson!! Then we rushed off to another service project! Ok, that was a BLAST!!! I loved using my past Excel knowledge (and had to brush up on it since it has been like a year+) but it was fun to be in an office type-setting and being with another set of Sisters! This is probably my new favorite JustServe project :) We met with K, that day and watched #BecauseofHim with her, so great! Then we had a lesson with G that night (RC), HILARIOUS!!! Instead of just teaching the new member lesson, we made it more fun! G and I were the investigators, and my companion (Sister C) and the member that came with us (a girl who received her mission call, and is waiting to enter the MTC) were the missionaries, it was a blast!!!

A family let me go to their house this week... and well burn leggings (I didn't want to burn a skirt, cuz I wear most of them, so I burned leggings instead)! haha ONE YEAR BABY!!!!!!
Friday: Met some of the coolest members in our ward!! I had never had dinner with them, but dang I was missing out!! haha I wish I had met them sooner, SO COOL! They live in the oldest building in this town, and their house is a historical place or something for the town, so cool!!! Then we stopped by R's! He is a less active that we work with, so funny! He is so great! Guess what? He told us that he didn't buy any cigarettes for the weekend!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!! MIRACLES!!!!! We gave him an awesome homework assignment and I am excited to see how it went!

You know me and fire!!!  DONE! ONE YEAR DOWN!!! I only have one burning left... NNNNOOOOOOOO
Saturday: Weird day, but great day! We started off by doing service like way earlier than we usually do... ok, not way earlier, as in like an hour earlier but that meant not having comp study in the morning! But they totally needed our help; it was fun! I love being needed, and serving!!!! We got to go to a party that the entire ward was invited to, so that was fun! We asked A if she wanted a ride to church and she said YES!!! So we got some of the most legit ward missionaries, who are also pretty much the same age as her to pick her up, SWEETNESS!!!! P (our standing less-active appointment) didn't want to meet that day because she was really tired. That ended up being a miracle because we stopped by our investigator, B, and she was HOME and ANSWERED THE DOOR!!! MIRACLE!!! We try to visit her so often! She is just so great, and I think we will be having a lesson with her this week, IN a member's home!! STOKED!!! Literally stopped by, didn't even have a lesson with K to remind her about church. Usually we would just text our people about church, but we didn't have her number, so we went by and were like “Hey we wanted to remind you about church tomorrow, and we would have just called or texted you but we don't have your number.”  She told us that she had been reminding herself all day to go to church the next morning! FOR REALS?! SWEET!!! Then she gave us her number!! That night ended with a great fireside... not in the normal ones that we think of, but literally a FIRE SIDE, sitting by the side of a fire talking about the Atonement of Jesus Christ!! It was one of my favorite things so far, to talk about the Atonement of Jesus Christ with this family, and some other youth around a fire. A true FIRESIDE!!!! It was so powerful, and a great fun thing to do. Once we settled down and truly talked and thought about something we could change, that Christ could help us with (turn weak things into strengths) the Spirit set in and it was wonderful!

Sunday: OH MY BEST DAY I HAVE HAD IN A LONG, LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MIRACLES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heavenly Father TOTALLY loves me! I felt the Spirit in church and it was great! What was even greater, seeing the Spirit work in our investigators!! So our morning started out by going to PEC. We left early so we could go meet A at her house and to introduce her to the awesome ward missionaries giving her a ride! A was totally ready to go, and even curled her hair. WHAT?! MIRACLE!!!!! I was worried that she might back out... there is always that chance. So I was already on like cloud 9 because she was here, and we haven't had an investigator at church in a LONG time, so it was great! Then in the parking lot of the church who is there? P! He was one of the first investigators I met when I got to this area... and that was the last time we met with him, about 5 months ago! So he was at church! Here I am FLOATING!!! We are sitting down, it's like 8:59, and what happens?! K SITS DOWN NEXT TO US!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU FOR REAL?! K, Sister C, Me, A, Ward Missionaries, then in walked R!!!! Yeah, that was our bench line up, pretty great!! Ok, K is a MIRACLE!!! Do you remember like oh 4 weeks ago when we street contacted her? Well I have never really seen progress from tracting (I am NOT a pro tractor) but street contacting I can do! Guess what? TALKING TO EVERYONE WORKS!!! I don't think I ever pictured K sitting with us in church, but you know what would have happened if I didn't talk to her while she was working on her garden? She wouldn't have felt the Spirit in church! She said it was overwhelming and she loved the musical number that was sung! It was AMAZING!!! The relief society president was sitting behind me in Sacrament meeting and I kept like silently freaking out, but still you could see it, each time a person we worked with would come in (oh, and another LA but also RC walked in) I would be SO EXCITED!!! She thought I was going to float off my pew :) She told the relief society that later in the day! haha I love it!! Oh I felt totally applies to this scripture (one of the gems I found this week during studies). Alma 27:16-17... I will just quote 17 though. "Now the joy of Ammon was so great even that he was full; yea he was swallowed up in the joy of his God, even to the exhausting of his strength; and he fell again to the earth." I WAS SO FILLED WITH JOY IT WAS INDESCRIBEABLE!!! Let's just say, after church, I took a nap! haha I really did, I was so exhausted my head hurt from so much excitement and it can be kind of crazy trying to help people understand for the first time what church is like! AAAAHHHH BEST THING EVER!!!!!!! I love when people come to church! It was a fabulous day!!! We stopped by a PI I had also street contacted (who actually lives right across the sidewalk from K) right after church and gave him a Restoration pamphlet, hopefully something will happen!!!

It was a great week!!! Alma 27 is AWESOME!!! Actually just Alma in general which is great!!! I love vs.16-18! Seek happiness, and seek to share the gospel with friends! Heavenly Father truly loves us and is excited to bless us with miracles, that are also helping his other children at the same time!!! I know He loves each and every one of you, and is concerned with what is going on in your life! Seek His comfort and help!! PRAY!! CPR - Church. Pray. Read. It saves your soul :)

Love you all,
Sister Kelly Smith

Sunday, May 25, 2014

#BecauseofHim and COLORADO Tri-Issues!

Tri-Issues = tripanionship issues...

Ok, sorry for my super quick email last week, so I will try to combine two weeks into one email... hopefully it fits :)

Monday: Had FHE with our a family, LOVED reading Green Eggs and Ham to them! Their kids are too cute, love them! I sat on the floor and they helped me turn the pages! We got to play a game with them, because what is FHE without a game and of course a treat? :) It was such a busy day I loved it! Rushing from appointment to appointment! We had four appointments in the evening! Wow, miracle! Even though we only were able to share three lessons, still so great!!

Tuesday: Had a lesson with one of the members of the bishopric that was one of our investigator’s PRINCIPAL back in high school!! Ok, it was great! It was a MIRACLE day! Service, referral for a former investigator, lesson with less-actives I haven't met with for months!

Wednesday: Zone meeting and got to learn a SWEET magic trick that can be used for a lesson, REPENTANCE!! Repentance is the best, can't wait to show you all this visual aid when I get home! We watched #BecauseofHim for the first time, SO LEGIT!!! Thus began our quest for someone to burn us a copy of it!

Thursday: #BecauseofHim video lessons for days! haha Lesson with S and J was AWESOME because of this video and of course the Spirit! We watched it once, and S started tearing up, then I asked them to think of something they could like give the Savior while we watch it again. So we watched it again and guess what? S really started crying; the Spirit was totally there and she said that she just wants to be good for her family, her son. And I was asking general questions, but looking for a specific answer! Finally we got there and she talked about how badly she wants to get baptized! J is going to write a list of reasons why he wants to be worthy of the priesthood, and S is going to re-write why she wants to get baptized! It will be great!! We had another super busy night and it felt like I was a real missionary again, LOVE, LOVE LOVE IT!! Also had a lesson with B again, but this time at the bishopric member's house. He wasn't there but his wife was and she bore testimony and it was just perfect, THIS is what missionary work is!!!

Crazy tip of a sword that Celtics might have used!!
Friday: ok, CRAZY lesson. We brought AA with us, a girl who is about to put her mission papers in! Our lesson didn't answer the door, so then we were like “Hey you can come contact people with us!” So we contacted a potential investigator, hence craziest lesson ever! She started pulling out these artifacts from 400 B.C. OK it was pretty cool, and she is a new investigator, but also super different, especially if it was AA's first time going to a lesson, which it probably was. But might as well get your crazy experiences in now!

Saturday: We got to do service in the back of the post office--that was cool! Ward party that night, SO FUN! And people brought non-members :)

Sunday: CHURCH!! Ok, but also MOTHER'S DAY!!! I loved talking to my family, and since there were three of us, it was a super chill day! Because each of our families live in different time zones so we all talked to our families at different times! It was cool to just hang out with members while my comps were chatting! Families are forever and I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!

Monday: A friend came down to visit me from my first area, LOVE HER!!!

Tuesday: I found out Hna. S, a sister I was over last transfer, was going home, THAT DAY! I was so sad :( and even more sad because at that point I knew that our tripanionship was going to be broken up. Well about 30 minutes later or less we get a call from one of the assistants... NOOOOOO "Hi it's Sister Smith" “Hi Sister Smith, can I talk to Sister N?” Yeah... I knew I would be staying in Longmont and that Sister N was getting transferred at that point. Trissues are hard!! I wanted to stay in a tripan longer, it was like a party!!! And we did WORK!! It was legit!!! Well, that was a sad day… she got to go to Wyoming!
The SWEET truck we got to follow through the construction on our way back from flood cleanup :) It is like us, the missionaries! FOLLOW ME and we will lead you to life eternal (wait, I think that's a hymn)!!!! Ok, really the Savior does that, but we are guides to lead you to the Savior, so come, follow us!!

Wednesday: did a little bit of flood service, ok SO LEGIT! I can't wait to do more of it! And we were in the mountains! My companion, Sister C also fell a few feet through some floor boards... yeah not good and hit her head. We found out the next day that she had a mild concussion!! Drove up to President's house to drop Sister N off, that was a fun adventure!

Thursday: We did some service, and then rested... we rested a lot this week. But while I was studying that morning I was so inspired that  we needed to invite A to be baptized! So I texted our investigator, A,  and was like “Hey let's meet!” So we set up a meeting THAT DAY!! She told us some big news though! She is pregnant, WHAT?! OK, but in that moment I guess I smiled and I KNEW that I needed to be here for her! So I'm glad I'm in this area for her, totally worth it! She found out a few days ago, and she wants to put the baby up for adoption, Yay!!!!! Oh, I hit my year mark that day, that was pretty sweet!!!

Friday: We rested and went to district meeting. I saw a family from another ward at the building and they were setting up a wedding reception, and Sister R was introducing me to her other kids as their favorite Sister Missionary! Ok, I LOVED THAT!! Especially since I rarely see them, and I'm not even in their ward... that's the Stake President's wife. haha It was awesome!

Saturday:  Rested, but got out for a couple hours and taught or less-active P, LOVE THAT LADY!!

Sunday: We were able to go to church, rested. S and J came to part of church, so that's progress!!!

Great week, love you all!!! Have a fun time! Remember the church is true! Read the last sentence in PMG of The Creation (it's in lesson 2, chapter 3). "We are HELPLESS without the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ." - That was from memory, so it's probably not completely correct, but you get the gist of it :) READ IT, LOVE IT, APPLY IT!!!!

Sister Kelly Smith

Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Colorado Mother’s Day

So this week was crazy awesome!!! We taught an investigator in a member's home and it felt SO GOOD, like THIS is missionary work, this is how it is supposed to happen!! It was awesome! I also had a lesson where we got to hold 400 B.C. metal objects like swords and arrow heads, so cool!!! Then we got to do service in the back of the post office, ok sweet experience and the week ended on a high note by talking to my family! I LOVE MY FAMILY and it seriously is the best thing ever! Forever Families are the reason I am here!! Sorry it's so short, got to run, catch you up on stuff next week, but I'm alive and loving my missionary service! Can't believe I hit 1 year this week... today actually is my one year mark for being set-apart as a full-time missionary!!!

Love you all,
Sister Kelly Smith

P.S. Read Alma 17:12-18. SO GOOD!!! It talks about the harvest of missionary work. Thirteen is my favorite :)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

COLORADO CompanionS?!

Yes, you read that correctly... there is an S (in a capital letter at the end of that word)!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!!!!! haha yeah, cool right?! PARTAY!!! Just kidding.

Monday: Just letting my companions pack, and trying to figure out plans for Tuesday. Craziness of transfers. Well, so originally I wasn't even supposed to go up to the place we all usually meet for transfers since my companion was just ward hopping. Well I devised a way to go since I wanted to see friends, why not, right? So yeah I figured out a way to get there. Got to the place and figured out the plan didn't even work because the sisters who were going to need a ride just drove their own car, and it was pretty confusing!!! So I was there for no reason.  Well, I guess I was there for a reason because while I was chatting with my friends and President Brown came over. Now this was a few minutes after he peeked his head out and was just kind of watching all of us missionaries... so this is what happened a few minutes later.
Literally President said, "Sister Smith, will you come talk to me please." "Yeah, sure." FREAKING OUT INSIDE since I wasn't even supposed to be there... there was confusion and it was crazy. I was getting ready to explain why I was there. So I walk over with President and he said, "Meet your new companion, Sister N." I was pumped at this point! Sister N was in the MTC with me, but left after three transfers because she tore her ACL. So after knee surgery and several months she is back!  So we have been in a tripanionship since then! It has been a fun time! We laugh a lot, and it's fun to be with another person. Definitely an adjustment, but it's been great!

Meet my new companions! Sister N and Sister C.  I feel pretty tall with them! It's kind of awesome! This was our first Sunday together... and we all matched. Wore different shades of blue :) on ACCIDENT!!!

Wednesday: I wasn't feeling great at all, since my companion was sick the week before I probably got what she had... no fun! So I took a nap, but that's it! Haven't really rested since then. I get to work, and it's the best!!! It is rough going from not working that much to going almost all out!! LOVE IT!!! It’s been interesting leading two new people in an area that I love though! We had district meeting, and we were able to contact one of our investigators that we haven't been able to for like a MONTH! HUGE MIRACLE!!! Sleeping on the floor was awesome :)

Thursday: We were able to have a lesson with a less-active we have NEVER been able to meet with and I was like “So, Sisters, we are just going to contact this house for the third time (part member family) just so we can count it as contacted but they haven't' seemed interested the past two times”... We go up and she says hi and invited us in, WHAT?! SO SWEET!!!! That night we stopped by one of our other less-actives, who had dropped us previously and we invited him to a stop smoking class. He said YES!! WHAT?! ANOTHER MIRACLE! Wow, I'm blessed. I love working with these Sisters. Since they don't really know anyone I can just be like “Come on, let's go visit this person,” and they don't know them so they don’t have any hesitation and it's great!

Friday: Had a lesson with L, one of our investigators and she is AWESOME!! She is hesitant about church, but I love how we were able to meet with her after a few months! She was the one who believes that the Indians knew about Christ's birth and so the Book of Mormon isn't really a problem for her! We taught the Plan of Salvation--she is just so great! We brought S with us who is a YW who has her mission call. She is great! I am bummed that I didn't' invite L to be baptized... next week! We got to MOVE!!! That was a MIRACLE!!!!!! I’m not sleeping on the floor any m ore! I am good with the floor, but being in a top bunk is great!!

Saturday: In my personal study that morning I read Alma 12! Ok, so good! I love versus 34 and 37, how it talks about "rest." It is also mentioned in Alma 16:17 and Alma 37:34. SO AMAZING!!! As we do what we can here on earth we can enter into the rest of God. Now that could mean a few things, right? Like rest as in the rest of what God has to offer us... the Celestial Kingdom, or rest, as in relaxation. Maybe both, we will find out! Either way I love that term REST!! We met with D. She is amazing!! She is going to pray about the Book of Mormon, to know if it is true, which it is! And she is praying to know if she should get baptized!!!!!!! We also made contact with B, after like a month, so that was another relief and MIRACLE!!! I loved just going around and inviting people to church! We were trying to contact another less-active who we had never met and his records were in another ward, but his address was in ours so we went over and found that he moved, but I asked the guy there if he would be interested in learning about how families can be together forever, even after we die. He said YES!! He said to come back on Sunday at the same time. SWEETNESS!!! Tracting, but not, with a purpose is the BEST!! We also went to P’s. Doesn't she look like the sweetest old lady! I love reading the Gospel Principles Manual with her.

Oh, shout out to my awesome Grandma who is in the hospital right now for making me these awesome scarves, I just combined them :) They helped tie my outfit together. Thanks Grandma!

Sunday: It was an awesome, but exhausting day!! An 11 year old girl showed up to our ward yesterday on her own!! I invited her to sit with us, and from there we were able to figure out a little bit more. She is a recent convert, and the only member in her family! Her parents dropped her off at church, and it was INCREDIBLE to see her faithfulness and determination to come to church! She even said the opening prayer in Primary! I was bummed when I found out her family just moved, and are in a different ward, but that's ok! They can still come closer to Christ! I also got to teach sharing time in Primary, LOVED IT!!!!!!! It was so fun to be around kids and teach them, it’s the best!!! We also planned that day, like my cool mustache pencil?!

We got to visit our new WARD MISSION LEADER!!! He is LEGIT! And we met with R, YES!! R is one of my favorites!! He is working so hard on creating the habit of coming to church and it's the BEST!!! I was almost in tears in that lesson, that's not something I normally do. He is truly changing and it's awesome!!! His heart is in the right place. He comes to church even though it is really hard for him to see all these families sitting together when he is alone.

Well, if you get a chance read Lesson 1, principle: The Restoration of the Gosepl of Jesus Christ through Joseph Smith. There is a quote from Our Search for Happiness that goes along with this point. "for the family of Joseph and Lucy Mack Smith, such religious excitement was especially intriguing. The family's roots ran deep in America's spiritual history. In 1638 Robert Smith left England for the promised religious freedom of colonial America. More than a century later his grandson, Samuel Smith Jr., fought to preserve that and other cherished freedoms as a captain in George Washington's revolutionary army. One of Captain Smith's soldiers was his son, Asael,, who once recorded that, "it has been born in upon my soul that one of my descendants will promulgate a work to revolutionize the world of religious thought.'" HOW COOL IS THAT?! Joseph Smith truly was the one that was needed to restore the Church of Jesus Christ back to the earth! I love this church with all my heart! Jesus Christ truly is at the head, and guides us today through a living prophet! I love you all!! I can't believe it--my YEAR mark soon, WHAT?! Happy Mother's day!

Sister Kelly Smith

Sister Jensen, only my favorite office missionary! She gets released this month :(

I love my old companion, Sister Grammer! It was so good to see her :) We love being dorks!!!!

So this is one of my companions, Sister Carbno! She helped me transport my bike about a block... by holding on to my bike out the window while I drove... I drove REALLY REALLY SLOWLY!!! I didn't take the picture either... just so you know!

P.S. I can study by a fireplace now, in our new house! It's LEGIT!!! The weather has been pretty nice though :)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

My heart was ripped out

Monday: ESTES PARK!!! It was really fun! That night we had a lesson with one of our less-active couples.

Tuesday: we went to service, love it! I was super proud of my companion because she got us a potential investigator at our service project!! Then afterward they put on a BBQ for all of us missionaries that help every week because they knew transfers were this week and wanted to do something nice for us!

Wednesday: we went to district meeting, came home, my companion slept. But we did get to go to dinner, and the S's are super cool! They had all six of us Sisters over, and then the zone leaders as well! It was a super fun dinner! We had a lesson with our members who are less-active. They came to church this Sunday and stayed for all three hours, BOOM SHAKA LAKA!!!!
My friend and I bought the skirts at different times, but got the shirts together.

Thursday: Stayed in like ALL day! My companion was sick this entire week!!! I took her to the doctors. I sat for two hours waiting... luckily I had my journal to write in and catch up on.

Friday: we stayed inside again. but luckily I got permission to go on another split!!! I went with S, who just got her mission call to Chicago. So that was fun, I'm like her pre-trainer. We only had about an hour and a half, and since we had only two lessons so far in the week I was going to do work! MIRACLES we had two lessons in that amount of time--that's pretty good! And the investigators we saw were home! We taught part of the Restoration to L, and she said she would come to church, but ended up not :( Then we stopped by A's house and she was home, met her younger sister R and gave her a Book of Mormon, it was so cool!!! A said she would also come to church; she didn't either :( We have a  rough time getting people to come to church!!

Saturday: Got a text form the Spanish sisters that morning, who were like “Hey do you play the piano?”  “Uh... yeah only some hymns...”  “Can you play for our baptism today?”  “Sure, will do.” So that day I practiced hymns, and ok, playing hymns while people are singing in Spanish is MUCH harder, cause I don't know the words so I have to figure out which verse they are on in the middle of the hymn. But I was blessed and the Spirit truly guided my fingers to get through those songs!

That morning I also got a call from one of the Assistants. That is either usually a good thing (you get called to leadership) but in my case, yeah it wasn't.
"Hello, it's Sister Smith."
"How are you today?"
“Good, how are you Elder?”
“Pretty good. Hey we just wanted to let you know that President has asked you to take a break from being a Sister Training Leader this transfer. There will only be four Sisters in the zone, and we would like you to help the Spanish Sister since she will be the Sister Training Leader."
I said "ok."

MY HEART GOT RIPPED OUT!!! I am so sad that I will no longer be a Sister Training Leader. This will be my first time on my mission that I will just be a normal missionary. So sad, but it will be ok! I got to see a bunch of Sisters that night at the baptism which was fun! Then we heard about transfers. I will be staying in the same area, and getting a new companion. I will be the longest Sister Missionary this ward has had, maybe in history or at least in a LONG time! My new companion is actually one of the Sisters I have served over these past three transfers, so we will see how that goes!

Sunday: Church was good, but none of our investigators came :( We need to figure out a way to get them here! I will be praying hard to gain inspiration on that!

Well, I need to go! I loved having time to study this week! I read the Power of Everyday Missionaries by Clayton M. Christensen. It is SO GOOD!!!! I also got to read through some of PMG! Ok, so chapter 2 is really good! Everyone should read it, for anything you need to study, not just for the gospel!

Love you all,
Sister Kelly Smith