Sunday, February 23, 2014

Love Is An Open Door in COLORADO...

Well how to begin? This week was one of the hardest weeks I have EVER worked in my entire mission. Ok maybe it just felt like it... but we killed it!!! I love being able to show our progress record at the end of the week and have 2 pages (no one in this area has ever had that)!! SWEET!! It is all through faith in the Lord and what He wants us to do in this area that MIRACLES are happening!! Ok, so hopefully I remember everything... I forgot my journal, and my planner won't help me because, well, things didn't really go according to the plan we had set each day. I am only giving highlights, we had more lessons than I will talk about. We reached above the mission standard of excellence in total lessons, and it was the most amount of lessons my companion has had on her mission :)

Monday: Got to go out to dinner with sweet elderly ladies in our ward - it was nice!

Tuesday: Lesson with one of our investigators. She is so nice and so sweet! We invited her to the baptism this week and she totally wanted to! Had a lesson with our investigator who is getting baptized. Then we had a dinner appointment and, oh just you know, one of the less actives and one of our investigator at a members home, it was SWEET!!!

Wednesday: Finished the program for our investigator who is getting baptized.. We had a lesson with him and finalized everything :)  Oh, we had zone meeting, and I was asked to give part of the training. So it was me, and the zone leaders who gave the training.  Who drives up as we get out of our car? PRESIDENT BROWN!! Oh, great, now I had to give a training on commitments and specifically setting people with baptismal dates in front of PRESIDENT BROWN, no pressure right?! It went well, by the Spirit, and through Christ all things are possible! I was a little more stiff than usual when giving trainings, but I guess that is to be expected!

Thursday: I love doing service! It’s so great! Then we contacted a referral, who has gone to Mutual a couple of times and it was good to meet him finally! I hope that we can teach him soon :) Breakthrough with one of our less actives! She figured out on her own (through the Spirit) that Jesus Christ is Jehovah! She had been stuck on that for a couple of weeks, on how they are not the same person! SO, SO, SO GLAD that she is good with it now!  Then we had a MIRACLE LESSON, and also really strange. So we had another lesson with an investigator, and her daughter joined us this time, SWEET!!! Well we offered them both a Book of Mormon, then the other daughter (who had been sitting in the room right off of the living room) came in and I asked her if she would like one too; she said yes!! She was listening to the lesson the whole time!!! Well, I like to hope so :) they didn't participate much in the lesson, but the daughter prayed at the end, and it was simple but good!! I like hearing people pray for the first time out loud :)

Friday: Love is truly an open door (ok my companion and I can pretty much relate every song from Frozen to this week, but since it was Valentine's Day this one really applies). NO ONE WAS HOME!!! Somehow we still managed to have 4 lessons that day which was a MIRACLE!!! My favorite was with R. We had set an appointment with him, and I guess he was feeling pretty lonely earlier in the day, and was just praying and the thought came to him. "You won't be lonely tonight because the Sisters are coming and you can feel My love for you! They will bring the Spirit into your home." AAAHHH I love being an answer to someone's prayer! Well, we didn't end up getting anyone to come to the lesson with us, so we had a lesson outside at his picnic table -- it was perfect!! Also on Friday, we spent a lot of time making Valentine's and delivering them. Well, we quickly made one in front of another of our contact's home, and went up to put it in her mailbox, but then what do I see? Her TV was on! So we went up and hand delivered it to her, and had a lesson!! It was another miracle that we got into her house! I have only been 2 times since being here! We found out that she had been attending a different ward in the stake, which was awesome! Love is an open door, I love when people open their door for us :)

Saturday: Oh, you know, just HALF WAY DONE WITH MY MISSION!! Is this real life?!! AND one of our investigators got BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for him! Such a fun day!! There were 8 sisters there, and we got to meet in the chapel.  President and Sister Brown were there too :)

Sunday: The man who was baptized yesterday was confirmed.  He is just so funny, such a great guy!! President Brown came to church. I saw a lot of President this week, it was great!  We had several lessons that day; what a great way to spend the Sabbath.

Monday: Headed up to Estes Park today :) STOKED!!!!

Have a great week, and just remember to work hard, and play hard! Remember who you are and don't let it get you down!!

Sister Kelly Smith

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