Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Book of Smith, an account of her proceedings in the land of COLORADO

An account of the proceedings of Sister Smith while she travels through Colorado in March of 2014 to preach the gospel to those who are ready and willing to hear.

Chapter 1
Sister Smith realizes that working is the best medicine.
1. And it came to pass that Sister Smith and her companion traveled to the land of Ute Creek where they spent time talking to another set of Sisters.
2. After many hours of talking, they got the courage to leave this beloved land and return to their own land to share the message of Christ and His Atonement.
3. While testifying of Christ, I, Sister Smith felt the Spirit of the Lord and knew that testifying makes you feel better.
4. As I, Sister Smith, and my companion taught a recent convert, G, and less actives, T’s, the Spirit was strong and able to testify to them that what we taught is true.

Chapter 2
Sister Smith sits in the land of her inheritance and rests before leaving her home.
1. And it came to pass, that my companion fell ill.
2. I, Sister Smith, sat writing to other missionaries and friends.
3. As I waited for my companion to feel better, she got up and was able to teach a less-active family with me.
4. We taught this new family we have never met about the Book of Mormon.
5. The Book that has changed my life was the topic of our discussion, and the children were involved in the lesson.

Chapter 3
1. As my companion and I ventured to the land of our zone headquarters, I gave a training.
2. To help my fellow missionaries, I gave a training on becoming a “Preach My Gospel” missionary, and missionary work and the atonement.
3. And lo, I worried much beforehand what I should say. As I let the Spirit work through me, everything went well.
4. Behold a miracle occurred! My companion and I became friends.

Chapter 4
1. And it came to pass, that I headed to the land of Ute Creek again.

Ok, this format is getting way too hard!!!
So this week was ridiculous! My companion was sick ALL week!!!! So I went on exchanges with Hna. J a couple times and Sister D for a little bit too. I know that working is the BEST THING EVER!!! I loved being able to WORK hard on Saturday, March 22nd.  March 22nd is a hard and great day for many people I know. A beloved girl in my stake passed away last year on that date. Heidi, I know you are with all of us and love us dearly! I was grateful for the chance I had to work harder, especially on your day! It is also the day I went to the temple last year for the first time! EVERYONE SHOULD GO TO THE TEMPLE!! That is my ultimate goal as a missionary, to help people get to the temple!!!

I love you all! Sorry I don't have much to report. Oh, I freaked out yesterday when I found out that my investigator who moved to another state IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON APRIL 6th!!!! He is going to get baptized in Georgia :) I’m STOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Kelly Smith

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