Sunday, May 11, 2014

COLORADO CompanionS?!

Yes, you read that correctly... there is an S (in a capital letter at the end of that word)!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!!!!! haha yeah, cool right?! PARTAY!!! Just kidding.

Monday: Just letting my companions pack, and trying to figure out plans for Tuesday. Craziness of transfers. Well, so originally I wasn't even supposed to go up to the place we all usually meet for transfers since my companion was just ward hopping. Well I devised a way to go since I wanted to see friends, why not, right? So yeah I figured out a way to get there. Got to the place and figured out the plan didn't even work because the sisters who were going to need a ride just drove their own car, and it was pretty confusing!!! So I was there for no reason.  Well, I guess I was there for a reason because while I was chatting with my friends and President Brown came over. Now this was a few minutes after he peeked his head out and was just kind of watching all of us missionaries... so this is what happened a few minutes later.
Literally President said, "Sister Smith, will you come talk to me please." "Yeah, sure." FREAKING OUT INSIDE since I wasn't even supposed to be there... there was confusion and it was crazy. I was getting ready to explain why I was there. So I walk over with President and he said, "Meet your new companion, Sister N." I was pumped at this point! Sister N was in the MTC with me, but left after three transfers because she tore her ACL. So after knee surgery and several months she is back!  So we have been in a tripanionship since then! It has been a fun time! We laugh a lot, and it's fun to be with another person. Definitely an adjustment, but it's been great!

Meet my new companions! Sister N and Sister C.  I feel pretty tall with them! It's kind of awesome! This was our first Sunday together... and we all matched. Wore different shades of blue :) on ACCIDENT!!!

Wednesday: I wasn't feeling great at all, since my companion was sick the week before I probably got what she had... no fun! So I took a nap, but that's it! Haven't really rested since then. I get to work, and it's the best!!! It is rough going from not working that much to going almost all out!! LOVE IT!!! It’s been interesting leading two new people in an area that I love though! We had district meeting, and we were able to contact one of our investigators that we haven't been able to for like a MONTH! HUGE MIRACLE!!! Sleeping on the floor was awesome :)

Thursday: We were able to have a lesson with a less-active we have NEVER been able to meet with and I was like “So, Sisters, we are just going to contact this house for the third time (part member family) just so we can count it as contacted but they haven't' seemed interested the past two times”... We go up and she says hi and invited us in, WHAT?! SO SWEET!!!! That night we stopped by one of our other less-actives, who had dropped us previously and we invited him to a stop smoking class. He said YES!! WHAT?! ANOTHER MIRACLE! Wow, I'm blessed. I love working with these Sisters. Since they don't really know anyone I can just be like “Come on, let's go visit this person,” and they don't know them so they don’t have any hesitation and it's great!

Friday: Had a lesson with L, one of our investigators and she is AWESOME!! She is hesitant about church, but I love how we were able to meet with her after a few months! She was the one who believes that the Indians knew about Christ's birth and so the Book of Mormon isn't really a problem for her! We taught the Plan of Salvation--she is just so great! We brought S with us who is a YW who has her mission call. She is great! I am bummed that I didn't' invite L to be baptized... next week! We got to MOVE!!! That was a MIRACLE!!!!!! I’m not sleeping on the floor any m ore! I am good with the floor, but being in a top bunk is great!!

Saturday: In my personal study that morning I read Alma 12! Ok, so good! I love versus 34 and 37, how it talks about "rest." It is also mentioned in Alma 16:17 and Alma 37:34. SO AMAZING!!! As we do what we can here on earth we can enter into the rest of God. Now that could mean a few things, right? Like rest as in the rest of what God has to offer us... the Celestial Kingdom, or rest, as in relaxation. Maybe both, we will find out! Either way I love that term REST!! We met with D. She is amazing!! She is going to pray about the Book of Mormon, to know if it is true, which it is! And she is praying to know if she should get baptized!!!!!!! We also made contact with B, after like a month, so that was another relief and MIRACLE!!! I loved just going around and inviting people to church! We were trying to contact another less-active who we had never met and his records were in another ward, but his address was in ours so we went over and found that he moved, but I asked the guy there if he would be interested in learning about how families can be together forever, even after we die. He said YES!! He said to come back on Sunday at the same time. SWEETNESS!!! Tracting, but not, with a purpose is the BEST!! We also went to P’s. Doesn't she look like the sweetest old lady! I love reading the Gospel Principles Manual with her.

Oh, shout out to my awesome Grandma who is in the hospital right now for making me these awesome scarves, I just combined them :) They helped tie my outfit together. Thanks Grandma!

Sunday: It was an awesome, but exhausting day!! An 11 year old girl showed up to our ward yesterday on her own!! I invited her to sit with us, and from there we were able to figure out a little bit more. She is a recent convert, and the only member in her family! Her parents dropped her off at church, and it was INCREDIBLE to see her faithfulness and determination to come to church! She even said the opening prayer in Primary! I was bummed when I found out her family just moved, and are in a different ward, but that's ok! They can still come closer to Christ! I also got to teach sharing time in Primary, LOVED IT!!!!!!! It was so fun to be around kids and teach them, it’s the best!!! We also planned that day, like my cool mustache pencil?!

We got to visit our new WARD MISSION LEADER!!! He is LEGIT! And we met with R, YES!! R is one of my favorites!! He is working so hard on creating the habit of coming to church and it's the BEST!!! I was almost in tears in that lesson, that's not something I normally do. He is truly changing and it's awesome!!! His heart is in the right place. He comes to church even though it is really hard for him to see all these families sitting together when he is alone.

Well, if you get a chance read Lesson 1, principle: The Restoration of the Gosepl of Jesus Christ through Joseph Smith. There is a quote from Our Search for Happiness that goes along with this point. "for the family of Joseph and Lucy Mack Smith, such religious excitement was especially intriguing. The family's roots ran deep in America's spiritual history. In 1638 Robert Smith left England for the promised religious freedom of colonial America. More than a century later his grandson, Samuel Smith Jr., fought to preserve that and other cherished freedoms as a captain in George Washington's revolutionary army. One of Captain Smith's soldiers was his son, Asael,, who once recorded that, "it has been born in upon my soul that one of my descendants will promulgate a work to revolutionize the world of religious thought.'" HOW COOL IS THAT?! Joseph Smith truly was the one that was needed to restore the Church of Jesus Christ back to the earth! I love this church with all my heart! Jesus Christ truly is at the head, and guides us today through a living prophet! I love you all!! I can't believe it--my YEAR mark soon, WHAT?! Happy Mother's day!

Sister Kelly Smith

Sister Jensen, only my favorite office missionary! She gets released this month :(

I love my old companion, Sister Grammer! It was so good to see her :) We love being dorks!!!!

So this is one of my companions, Sister Carbno! She helped me transport my bike about a block... by holding on to my bike out the window while I drove... I drove REALLY REALLY SLOWLY!!! I didn't take the picture either... just so you know!

P.S. I can study by a fireplace now, in our new house! It's LEGIT!!! The weather has been pretty nice though :)

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