Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Colorado Mother’s Day

So this week was crazy awesome!!! We taught an investigator in a member's home and it felt SO GOOD, like THIS is missionary work, this is how it is supposed to happen!! It was awesome! I also had a lesson where we got to hold 400 B.C. metal objects like swords and arrow heads, so cool!!! Then we got to do service in the back of the post office, ok sweet experience and the week ended on a high note by talking to my family! I LOVE MY FAMILY and it seriously is the best thing ever! Forever Families are the reason I am here!! Sorry it's so short, got to run, catch you up on stuff next week, but I'm alive and loving my missionary service! Can't believe I hit 1 year this week... today actually is my one year mark for being set-apart as a full-time missionary!!!

Love you all,
Sister Kelly Smith

P.S. Read Alma 17:12-18. SO GOOD!!! It talks about the harvest of missionary work. Thirteen is my favorite :)

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