Sunday, May 25, 2014

#BecauseofHim and COLORADO Tri-Issues!

Tri-Issues = tripanionship issues...

Ok, sorry for my super quick email last week, so I will try to combine two weeks into one email... hopefully it fits :)

Monday: Had FHE with our a family, LOVED reading Green Eggs and Ham to them! Their kids are too cute, love them! I sat on the floor and they helped me turn the pages! We got to play a game with them, because what is FHE without a game and of course a treat? :) It was such a busy day I loved it! Rushing from appointment to appointment! We had four appointments in the evening! Wow, miracle! Even though we only were able to share three lessons, still so great!!

Tuesday: Had a lesson with one of the members of the bishopric that was one of our investigator’s PRINCIPAL back in high school!! Ok, it was great! It was a MIRACLE day! Service, referral for a former investigator, lesson with less-actives I haven't met with for months!

Wednesday: Zone meeting and got to learn a SWEET magic trick that can be used for a lesson, REPENTANCE!! Repentance is the best, can't wait to show you all this visual aid when I get home! We watched #BecauseofHim for the first time, SO LEGIT!!! Thus began our quest for someone to burn us a copy of it!

Thursday: #BecauseofHim video lessons for days! haha Lesson with S and J was AWESOME because of this video and of course the Spirit! We watched it once, and S started tearing up, then I asked them to think of something they could like give the Savior while we watch it again. So we watched it again and guess what? S really started crying; the Spirit was totally there and she said that she just wants to be good for her family, her son. And I was asking general questions, but looking for a specific answer! Finally we got there and she talked about how badly she wants to get baptized! J is going to write a list of reasons why he wants to be worthy of the priesthood, and S is going to re-write why she wants to get baptized! It will be great!! We had another super busy night and it felt like I was a real missionary again, LOVE, LOVE LOVE IT!! Also had a lesson with B again, but this time at the bishopric member's house. He wasn't there but his wife was and she bore testimony and it was just perfect, THIS is what missionary work is!!!

Crazy tip of a sword that Celtics might have used!!
Friday: ok, CRAZY lesson. We brought AA with us, a girl who is about to put her mission papers in! Our lesson didn't answer the door, so then we were like “Hey you can come contact people with us!” So we contacted a potential investigator, hence craziest lesson ever! She started pulling out these artifacts from 400 B.C. OK it was pretty cool, and she is a new investigator, but also super different, especially if it was AA's first time going to a lesson, which it probably was. But might as well get your crazy experiences in now!

Saturday: We got to do service in the back of the post office--that was cool! Ward party that night, SO FUN! And people brought non-members :)

Sunday: CHURCH!! Ok, but also MOTHER'S DAY!!! I loved talking to my family, and since there were three of us, it was a super chill day! Because each of our families live in different time zones so we all talked to our families at different times! It was cool to just hang out with members while my comps were chatting! Families are forever and I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!

Monday: A friend came down to visit me from my first area, LOVE HER!!!

Tuesday: I found out Hna. S, a sister I was over last transfer, was going home, THAT DAY! I was so sad :( and even more sad because at that point I knew that our tripanionship was going to be broken up. Well about 30 minutes later or less we get a call from one of the assistants... NOOOOOO "Hi it's Sister Smith" “Hi Sister Smith, can I talk to Sister N?” Yeah... I knew I would be staying in Longmont and that Sister N was getting transferred at that point. Trissues are hard!! I wanted to stay in a tripan longer, it was like a party!!! And we did WORK!! It was legit!!! Well, that was a sad day… she got to go to Wyoming!
The SWEET truck we got to follow through the construction on our way back from flood cleanup :) It is like us, the missionaries! FOLLOW ME and we will lead you to life eternal (wait, I think that's a hymn)!!!! Ok, really the Savior does that, but we are guides to lead you to the Savior, so come, follow us!!

Wednesday: did a little bit of flood service, ok SO LEGIT! I can't wait to do more of it! And we were in the mountains! My companion, Sister C also fell a few feet through some floor boards... yeah not good and hit her head. We found out the next day that she had a mild concussion!! Drove up to President's house to drop Sister N off, that was a fun adventure!

Thursday: We did some service, and then rested... we rested a lot this week. But while I was studying that morning I was so inspired that  we needed to invite A to be baptized! So I texted our investigator, A,  and was like “Hey let's meet!” So we set up a meeting THAT DAY!! She told us some big news though! She is pregnant, WHAT?! OK, but in that moment I guess I smiled and I KNEW that I needed to be here for her! So I'm glad I'm in this area for her, totally worth it! She found out a few days ago, and she wants to put the baby up for adoption, Yay!!!!! Oh, I hit my year mark that day, that was pretty sweet!!!

Friday: We rested and went to district meeting. I saw a family from another ward at the building and they were setting up a wedding reception, and Sister R was introducing me to her other kids as their favorite Sister Missionary! Ok, I LOVED THAT!! Especially since I rarely see them, and I'm not even in their ward... that's the Stake President's wife. haha It was awesome!

Saturday:  Rested, but got out for a couple hours and taught or less-active P, LOVE THAT LADY!!

Sunday: We were able to go to church, rested. S and J came to part of church, so that's progress!!!

Great week, love you all!!! Have a fun time! Remember the church is true! Read the last sentence in PMG of The Creation (it's in lesson 2, chapter 3). "We are HELPLESS without the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ." - That was from memory, so it's probably not completely correct, but you get the gist of it :) READ IT, LOVE IT, APPLY IT!!!!

Sister Kelly Smith

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