Sunday, November 24, 2013

Two Wards, One Town, and a Fasting MIRACLE, can you believe it?!

This week has been a CRAZY WEEK, but I LOVED IT!! I found out about 15 minutes after emailing home last week that my companion and I would not only cover the family ward that I have been serving in for 6 months, but also another ward in town!! AAAAAHHHHH I was SO EXCITED!!! I thought my companion would like a fresh start, so this is it! We are swept in to a new ward, and we get to serve in my favorite ward! BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!!

<--What you can do with studying the scriptures everyday!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my scriptures! This is only one page. THE SCRIPTURES ARE MEANT FOR US TODAY, and can totally help with teaching, like how to teach!!

Tuesday: Found out I will get to cover two wards, and it was a super exciting thing but that means starting over. It brings me back to six months ago when I first got here and my companion and I were swept in. So I went back to the knowledge of what we needed to do, and what I have learned since being out: contact the Bishop and the Ward Mission Leader. Sweet!  Let the work and fun begin!!

Wednesday: We had dinner with a man who is less-active and his wife who is actively involved with the Church. It was so powerful!  This brother reminds me a lot of one of my Grandpas. I think it would be awesome if my Grandpa (who recently passed away) was sitting and listening in to the lessons we teach him!  My companion asked him if he would come to church on Sunday and I was so proud of her for asking him that!

Thursday: We had a lesson with another investigator, and it went SO WELL!! It was interesting to teach with another set of sisters, but that's ok! This wonderful woman said she would be baptized once she knew it was true, and SHE FELT THE SPIRIT AND RECOGNIZED IT!!! I think it is hard for people to recognize the Holy Ghost in their lives (I mean I even struggle with that). Well, she said she felt all tingly! THE HOLY GHOST!!! That night we met our new ward mission leader, oh man, I am so excited to work with him!! He had a vision for his ward and we get to help out.  I LOVE IT!!!! It will take a lot of help from the members but it is definitely possible!!

Friday: Six months!  I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my six month mark! We went out to lunch with the woman who was the first baptism I ever had here in Wyoming! She is truly amazing and we had a GREAT experience at lunch! I love her, and talking to her is AMAZING!! Everyone should be friends with her, because she is just that cool and nice! Well when we got the bill... there was note inside instead. A member somewhere in the restaurant paid for our meal, and wrote us a note bearing her testimony to us and thanking us for our service as sister missionaries! It was amazing!! The lady who wrote it was a convert herself and her family! It was so nice!! Then I got to meet with another recent convert that night at my favorite family’s house!  I seriously could not think of a better way to spend my day.

Saturday: We did service at the Stake Center in the morning. We helped a mom find her son. Her son goes to church (he is 7) with a member but she isn't. She came to the clothing drive and he got lost so we helped her out!

Sunday: We had two dinners since we are covering two wards, one from each. It was hard, but so good!!! We had a lesson with another investigator, which went well, and man, she is GOLDEN!!!!  Our first dinner was awesome because the six girls in that family sang to us, and it was SO CUTE and BEAUTIFUL!! Then we had our second dinner. We asked our second dinner if they would invite someone to dinner; they did!!! Guess what? A FAMILY!! The same mom (and her three sons) that we helped find her son the day before!! The coolest thing is that the youngest son received a Book of Mormon from missionaries at a park this summer.  Want to know something cool? I am pretty sure that I was that missionary at a booth in a park this summer that gave this little boy a Book of Mormon, which he started to read. Well we asked him if he would pray about it to know it's true, his response: “I already know it's true!!!”  AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH That day we fasted to find a family... this could be that family!! Fasting works, let me tell you!! I know it does! I have a testimony that it works!! Oh in church with our new ward the Bishop had us get up in the middle of Sacrament Meeting and bear our testimonies, OK welcome to the ward! haha It was great! I love bearing my testimony, but over the pulpit is a little harder, but still great!!

Monday: P-DAY!! NERF WAR!!! I LOVED IT!!! SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!! P-Days are so amazing to relax for a few hours out of the week! [This picture shows our set-up before the game began.]  But teaching is THE BEST THING EVER!!! I want to teach all the time, and I really think we can find a family this transfer!!

Love you all,
Sister Kelly Smith

Moral of the week: fasting works!

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