Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Things You Can Learn in Wyoming!

This week might have been the hardest and best week of my mission.

I did one of the hardest things you do on a mission. I dropped an investigator. We planned on teaching a lesson but just ended up talking and asking him what he wanted to get out of us meeting with him. It turned out he just liked the company.   Well, through the Spirit I realized that he needed to be dropped. So, when he decides he truly wants to learn about the gospel and pray, he can call us.  It was so hard, but sometimes it is necessary.

On Halloween we had district meeting and three of the sisters here in Laramie (one from each companionship, actually) wore granny shirts! We all matched, like literally the fabric was the same, but different styles-- it was so fun! I loved dressing up, even though it was in a missionary approved manner!

Sister L, in our ward, sends us text messages almost every morning with inspirational thoughts.  Friday morning she sent “James 1:5-6. ‘Prayer is the provider of spiritual strength, the passport to peace, miracles are wrought through prayer’ - Thomas S. Monson. Have a miracle of a day Sisters!" I read that and then started crying.  It was exactly what I needed to hear. Heavenly Father will work through other people to bless our lives. As missionaries, we get to be that answer to prayers and that blessing, but we are people too, and I needed that so much that day.  Support from members is huge! I was able to talk to Sister L for a bit and received a priesthood blessing from her husband that morning. It was so key and huge a miracle! I love the L family more than I can say.  On my mission I have learned a couple of important things.  1) Rely on Priesthood blessings and the counsel you receive in them (write down what you remember was said afterwards).  2) Rely on your mission leaders. I was able to talk to one of my Sister Training Leaders (equivalent to a zone leader, but a sister) for a couple of hours and it felt so great! She is amazing and I love her so much! You grow to love people easily and quickly on a mission, I have realized.

We went to dinner at a Spanish investigator’s house... the weirdest thing I have ever eaten on my mission is now Cow Stomach, yes Cow Stomach AAAHHHHH it tasted ok, it was in a spicy broth type thing, but the texture, WOW! It was like a wet sponge in my mouth, weird and not my favorite thing in the world...

This week we had another baptism, someone we have been teaching, actually I’ve been with him for all the missionary discussions. It was kind of a crazy morning trying to get last minute things done, filling the font and what not, but it was great! I got to give a talk on the Holy Ghost, and because of my stress filled week it was really just my testimony on the Holy Ghost. The next day, on Sunday, this brother was confirmed in Sacrament Meeting.  Then during the meeting he got up and bore his testimony.  That’s a missionary's dream right there! I just think it is so cool that you get to be a part of someone’s life, share your testimony with them, they gain their own and then let everyone else know about it! AMAZING!

I got to meet Rulon Gardner, the 2000 Olympic Gold Medalist for Wrestling (I think maybe weight lifting) but still an Olympic medalist!! CRAZY COOL!!!

 On Monday we got to spend the day  being edified by the Spirit through the teachings of a GENERAL AUTHORITY, and it was fantastic!  I got to shake Elder Gay’s hand and he promised us amazing blessings in this area, in our missionary work. I am stoked! It will be hard, but oh so worth it! I love this work.

Well transfer calls come in this Saturday and my time here in this town is limited I know that.  Whether my time here will be for another few weeks or only until next week the Lord knows, and I am in His hands!

Missionary work is so hard, but it is so worth it! I have never felt so happy or stretched (spiritually, emotionally, physically), but it is amazing! I love baptisms and I am stoked for another one this weekend; they are all special, but this one will be particularly sweet!

I love you all,
Sister Kelly Smith

 In the words of Bishop Livingston: "Waapa!!"  He says it a lot, and now we have it in action!!!

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