Sunday, November 17, 2013

Baptisms, Transfers, Fresh Starts In WYOMING!!!!

Well... transfer calls came in... I'M STILL HERE!!! Like no joke, for real, this is my 5th transfer in this area, my first area! It's so awesome!! Seven+ months in one ward, I'm down!! Haha I love this town, so I'm excited! It will kind of be like starting over though, because our investigators got BAPTIZED!!! So now we are pretty much only down to one progressing investigator!! NOOOOO

With a new transfer can come a fresh start! I am still with my same companion, so I will finish out the training program with her! Fresh start: how about finding a WHOLE FAMILY that has been prepared by the Lord and is just waiting for the Gospel of Jesus Christ?! I think, yes!!! Through prayers and faith it can happen!!!

I really only want to talk about Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. the other days were great but these just trump all!!

Friday: P got BAPTIZED!!! It was so amazing!! There were so many people there to support her that we had to bring in extra chairs! I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. Ok, I would SO much rather teach than give a talk, but I was honored that I was asked to give a talk! I love P so much and man, her baptism was incredible!!!

Saturday: A missionary’s dream come true!! Who gets to go to 3 convert baptisms and then one 8 year old baptism in one day?!!! WE DID!! It was so amazing!! I love baptisms and to be able to go to 5 baptisms in one weekend was INCREDIBLE!!! Can every weekend just be like that?! Let's just have baptisms EVERY WEEKEND!!!! Members: get to work on inviting your friends to church, baptisms, to read the Book of Mormon, and to hear the missionary discussions! The Hastening of the Work is real!! Your friends are waiting, today is your day, so get out inviting, get on your way!!! (That was a bad
way of trying to re-do Dr. Suess' quote to fit missionary work.) Saturday evening we went to Little B's baptism, and he is one of the cutest 8 year old boys ever! I love him, and he is a good shot when it comes to Nerf Wars! Saturday night we went to have dinner with our less-active who is pretty much active now. He made us steak! Ok, seriously the steak was like as big as my plate! Needless to say I had lunch for the next day, as well.  The steak was amazing though! It had been marinating for like a week, dang it was so good!! After dinner, news of our transfers came.... I'M STAYING!!! I had been so nervous and freaking out the entire transfer! I just felt like a time bomb ready to leave... aaahhhhh, but I get to stay, 5 transfers baby! BRING IT!!! I love this town so much!! Now, I get to experience pretty much every season in this town… crazy, right?!

Sunday: We told people we were staying together this transfer and they were so excited, some were shocked, which it is shocking! I mean I have already been here for 6 months!! The Relief Society President asked us and we told her, and she was so happy she said that it was an answer to prayer! Aaahhhh OK, I feel loved in this ward -- it's incredible! Primary Program in church = AMAZING!!!! I felt the Spirit so strongly in Sacrament Meeting! I love being a missionary!

Missionary life can be difficult, but seriously I feel so loved it's crazy!!! I. Love. Missionary work! I am so excited to find a family this transfer! Through prayers and faith it can happen! Heavenly Father wants everyone to be baptized, so help Him out! Find those people!!

Love you all,
Sister Kelly Smith

<----This is my planner for this transfer! Just something fun to change every transfer! Well, Julie, Nikaela, I love you and you will be with me everywhere I go (since this planner is always with me -- if it isn't, I get kind of worried)! Who knew I would become a planner?! 

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