Sunday, August 4, 2013

White Surprise in Wyoming

So the weather in Wyoming is ridiculous!! Seriously it is JULY! The end of July, it should be hot right?! But seriously the weather here is crazy, ridiculous! It will rain and be stormy and then decide to be sunny and warm! I have had to wear socks to bed recently because it gets cold at night!  I was shivering yesterday, and I guess you will have to wait till the end of this email to figure out what the "white surprise" was...

On Friday night we bike up our dreaded hill, and did it super fast (we had to get there on time for dinner, since we had already missed an appointment by listening to a less active vent to us). Sister S's asthma was really bugging her, so that night I decided to talk to the zone leaders the next time I had a chance, and bring up that we needed a car for Sister S (health wise).

On Saturday, we got a text from the zone Leaders (I had not talked to them about the car yet), "Hey we have a really nice gift for you; don't leave your house till 10."   Well around 10:00  I see a white car pull up, and then Elder B and Elder M come upstairs.   WE GOT A CAR!!!!  I felt like a 16 year old, whose dad just gave her a car for her birthday! Aaahhhh, so that's our white surprise.   Anyway, we got a CAR! And it is brand new, with only 112 miles on it. It is a beautiful white Ford. Isn't that hilarious?! I drive a white Ford! Four weeks on foot, six on a bike, and now we have a car.  But what is super nice is that I have a bike, and I can use it! We are still going to bike places, but other places where we don't want to bike, we don't have to!

Later on we tried to get a hold of our appointment for that afternoon, but he never answered, so we decided to go to the institute building at about 2:25 and just wait for him to see if he showed up. Well, we pull in (with our car), and no one is in the parking lot. We got worried that the building wouldn't be open, and we don't have keys to it. However, before we even got out of the car, another car pulled up right next to us. We got out and headed to the door; it was locked. Then the girl who had just pulled in came up and asked if the door was locked, we said “yes.”  She then asked us if we knew where she could go to get a blessing. She looked like she belonged to the Young Single Adult (YSA) ward. We called the zone leaders who agreed to come immediately to the institute building. This girl said she had arrived in Wyoming only a few days before, and was having a rough time. I just asked if she needed a hug, and she eagerly agreed and was crying. Her faith in a priesthood blessing was incredible! She has so much faith that she knew some of her questions would be answered in her blessing, and they were! Faith is amazing, and it’s so crucial! This was such a huge miracle to me as a missionary. As it turned out, our appointment canceled on us... but if we hadn't been there at that time, we wouldn't have been able to help! I love miracles, I love this gospel, I love Heavenly Father!   It reminded me of, "Ask the missionaries, they can help you!" (haha) She asked us a simple question, and we were able to help, it was a great feeling.

Sunday afternoon we went to contact a referral, and decided to tract a couple houses around it. We do not like tracting, and usually don't -- we haven't had any success from it. So we went tracting and a girl about 18 opened the door, and we told her we are missionaries, and then we asked if she knows about our church, and she said “no.” So we went on to talk to her about it, and guess what?! She wants to know more!  She has many questions about really basic things like the reality of Jesus Christ, etc., so we told her we would come back, after we figured out she has a Mormon friend, a laurel in our ward!

We were able to visit so many people with the car, it was AWESOME! Sunday in ward council we found out a less active would be moving into our ward that day, so we decided to drive past the less active’s new house on our way to district meeting, and see if they actually had arrived (it was on the way). We drove down the street and a moving truck and trailer were there and a man was standing outside the house. No members were there. So we parked and got out and talked to him. Sure enough this is the person who has moved into our ward.  We were the first ones there. We talked to him, and they had literally pulled up minutes before we did! He hadn't even called a member in our ward to let them know they had gotten here yet. Members from our ward showed up a few minutes later to help them.  It was beautiful to see how the Lord loves his children and allowed us to be part of the welcome for this new family.

I love this church! I love this gospel, and the fact that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us dearly! I love it! I love General Conference talks, and am so excited to listen to our prophet in two months!

I love you all, thanks for the support!

Love,   Sister Kelly Smith

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