Sunday, August 18, 2013

The REAL Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Town in Wyoming!

So I thought the town that I live in is the creepy town with no kids from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, WRONG!!!! I have found that place and man, oh man, it was an adventure!

The adventure all began on Saturday afternoon! There are a few less-active families in a town that is about 45 minutes away from where we live, but still in our ward boundaries. Now that we have a car, we decided to head up there and visit them. Well, we get to town and it is TINY! Population: 245, but I think that it must be less! Well, we passed the small town and continued on to a dirt road, in search of a less-active family that wants to come back to the gospel. We have NO contact info for this family, except a dirt road that they live off of, and a ranch name. Well we were driving, and driving, and finally a ranch came in to view. (Keep in mind that we have already passed a No Trespassing sign or two...) We stopped at the ranch, and prayed before getting out. Saw some people and asked them about this family/ranch. The woman had never heard of them, ugh, ok! So we continued on the road in search for them. This is how important the gospel is! It blesses lives, so why not find a family that wants those blessings?! After about an hour of going down this dirt road (and my leg starting to cramp up from driving) we decide to turn back. I put the car on cruise control on a dirt road. I just wish we could have found that family!

We went back to town, and tried to find the less-actives in town! Well we knocked on a fair amount of doors, and NOT ONE person answered their door! Seriously, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang town. I did not see one child, at all!  As we were walking down one of the few streets (it might be a 4 street by 6 street town) we saw a man working in his yard, so we started talking to him, and taught him a short lesson. He is about 57, wearing short shorts and invited us to go hot-tubbing…twice!

We had another lesson with P,our investigator.  She is golden! During companionship study that morning, we were planning our lessons for the day. We decided to show her Finding Faith In Christ (FFIC) and talk about some other commandments. She has already taken most of the lessons, so we thought she would like it. We arrived at the lesson, and A is there too (an investigator for another set of missionaries that we know). We got straight in to FFIC, and it was POWERFUL! Afterwards we just got to testify; I love testifying!! P asked us, “How did you know that this is what I needed? I wanted to know about the miracles Christ performed” (that's pretty much the entire movie, by the way). She then went on to tell us an experience she had with a miralce. IT WAS AMAZING! The influence (like you said Mom) is incredible! Did we have a profound moment planning that lesson in the morning? No we didn't, it just came to mind, and it helped her! IT WAS AWESOME! Then I invited her to pray about setting a date for her baptism, and she said YES!  Aaahhh,  I got so excited! I want to be here so badly to see her get baptized! Transfers are in a few days, so I seriously hope I am still here to see her get baptized! I love her so much, she is amazing! But she is in the Lord's hands, and in His timing! Please pray that her mom's heart will be softened and she will allow P to be baptized!

I gave a talk on Sunday, and it went well! The Atonement is so real! I felt the Spirit so well during the Sacrament hymn, it was wonderful! I love the power of the Atonement, and did not fully realize what it entailed until I got out on my mission. I KNOW the Atonement is real, and that Jesus Christ performed it for each one of us individually!

I am on an exchange with Sister H right now, and it has been the BEST few hours I have had in a long time! I love that sister, and am so excited to hang out with her after our missions! She lives 30 mintues away from us, which is SO COOL!!

Oh, President and Sister Brown came up this past Thursday for Zone Training, and it was incredible! They came to Grandma's for lunch, and the other missionaries came too! They participated in the tradition at Grandma's (If you are new, you get to sing a solo). Well they started singing a duet of I Need Thee Every Hour, and let's just say it was a rough start. I turned to Sister H and said let's join them, so we did and the other missionaries joined too! President Brown had to stop, and just look down, I think that was a powerful moment for him, and for us! I loved singing with them, and the symbolism that shows is pretty cool! He will lead the way for us, but we need to step up and help him fulfill his calling. I am beginning to love President Brown! He loves us, and it shows!

I love you all! This gospel is TRUE! I love feeling the Holy Ghost in my life! The Atonement is real, and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love you!!!

Sister Kelly Smith

A tractor on the ranch we stopped at to see if the people there knew where a family we were trying to find lived. You all know that one of my favorite Disney movies is Cars… tractor tipping anyone?!!

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