Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happiness + Wyoming = Fun Memories!

Week of 7/23/13 (this is a late post)

This week has probably been the most fun week I have had in the field.

On Wednesday our lesson with J family canceled on us, so we biked toward another less active, and decided to stop by a different one on the way. We meet with G a lot, but always standing outside, and she talks to us though her screen door. We knocked, she answered, and said “come on in!” Are you kidding me, of course we will! We only had a short time, so we set up a return appointment for the next day. Then after dinner we went to a ranch. I got to wear my boots! Sis. S and I headed out of town to go to our investigators’ ranch! Not to have a lesson, but to join the YW for mutual. I got to brush a horse, and pet one.  There were also two potential investigators at mutual, and I got to hang out with YW for a few hours, so I definitely enjoyed that!

We taught a lesson at Grandma’s home and a non-member was there and didn’t mind joining us.  He wasn't ready for a full lesson, so we set up a return appointment.  When we returned to our apartment, the sisters had hot chocolate for us, so nice of them!

On Saturday I had my exchange with Sister H and we went to our appointment with G, but no one answered the door.  We headed up to the stake center on bikes, which is the worst ride in this town, and it started to rain, no, it stormed. Our arms and legs were red afterward from being pelted from rain, hail, dirt, whatever was blowing. And the WIND was horrible!! I almost ran into Sis H going up the hill because the wind was so strong!  Sis H started singing "Come Come Ye Saints," it was so funny!  We got to stand under a less active/part member family’s garage during the rain storm, and were able to talk to them for a bit. Being in bad weather is horrible, but things came about because of it.  We had knocked on this house before, and no luck. Because Sis H and I were out in the rain and their dog ran out, we were able to talk to them.

On Sunday we had dinner at the L family’s home and it was a lot of fun.  They had invited a friend, who has already read the Book of Mormon through Alma…what a golden investigator!  Brother L told us that he thought that we (Sis. S and I) are a good fit to teach her.  Now, there’s a reason I am in this small town in Wyoming!  I am so excited to teach this woman and her son! She is so nice. I hope I stay here long enough to see her and her son get baptized!

The gospel is true! I love it so much! I LOVE WYOMING!!! Seriously  I do! I love my bike, it helps keep me in shape, even though I have bruises, and probably a scar from it.

Thanks for the prayers and support! You are all amazing!!

Sister Kelly Smith

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