Sunday, July 21, 2013

Prayers in Wyoming

I have gained a testimony of fasting, that's for sure! I fasted this past Sunday for my companion, and it worked!  I also had another cool experience. Nikaela asked me if I had felt the prayers that you have been praying for me. YES!  I know that prayer works and have felt the Spirit witness to me that the prayers of all those back at home are heard by Heavenly Father.

Yesterday was our P-day, and we gave up time to teach a lesson, and it was one of the best lessons ever!  I was so concerned about how it would go because the YW president came with us, and she is very bold. Because she came, we were able to find things out about this less-active saint that I probably would never have known. I love that lady!   After our lesson, we got in touch with our street contact from Kenya!  The one I told you about 3 weeks ago. It was so good! Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven, and we definitely saw that yesterday. Miracles!

Today, I woke up at 6am (yes 30 minutes earlier than we are asked to), to get ready for my interview with President Brown.

The new sisters in my zone are nice, and I get to go on exchanges with Sister H on Saturday! Twenty four hours with Sister H, so excited! She is awesome.

Oh, I reached my 2 month mark, is this for real?! 16 months left? The time is FLYING! Time on my mission is weird! I feel like weeks go by so slowly, some days seem forever (like the day my companion was sick this week), other times it goes by way fast.

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