Sunday, August 18, 2013


Late post from Aug 6, 2013

Well this week was incredible!

Tuesday: Taught 5 lessons, what?! Seriously, five lessons in one day, that's a new record for us! 

Wednesday: Taught 3 lessons, so our total lessons were already up to 10 (taught some on Monday). RECORD BROKEN! The most we had before in a week was nine, so to get 10 by Wednesday = a miracle!!  

Thursday: Taught 3 more lessons, had a great dinner with a new family that just moved in. The W family is so great:  single mom with 3 children, and this is where Chitty Chitty Bang Bang comes in. They moved in and noticed that there aren't very many children out! It is so true. This town is like the town in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang where there aren't any kids out.  We have been asking members if they have neighbors with kids, so we can go teach them!

Friday:  We taught a single mom and her son at a member’s house. These members have been working with this wonderful lady and her son for quite some time. It is incredible to see members doing missionary work! We can't do it alone. These two are so prepared, it is AWESOME! I used my new visual aid "Apostasy Cups" to teach part of the lesson, and they make teaching so much easier.  But teaching by the Spirit is how we really teach! When we teach by the Spirit the words I say come so much more smoothly, it is so nice! I have really noticed that, that when you teach by the Spirit, He is the one teaching. How I say things just sounds so much better when The Spirit is there. It was a powerful lesson.

Saturday: We did service by moving things from a storage unit to a house; it was not a lot of fun, but at least it was service, and we were a huge help! We also did some service at grandma's with some other missionaries…so much fun! I got to use a power tool (thanks for showing me how to use them, Dad).

Sunday: We had one of the most powerful lessons ever!  We had 19 lessons, the mission standard of excellence is 20. We decided to visit a less active that has only recently let us into her home. So we went and she was home, and let us in so we gave her a lesson! This was our first real lesson with her, without anyone else to distract us. We were able to totally teach by the Spirit!  After listening to her and sharing our message, we sang "Abide With Me ‘Tis Eventide" to her. Aaahhh, I love music; the Spirit can be so powerful through music and it was! Later on she mentioned that she was reminded of "I Need Thee Every Hour," so we sang that one for her too, and she joined in, harmonizing!  I LOVE IT!  This lady is incredible, and wants us to come back! She is now open to having visiting teachers, when she wasn't open to that earlier. I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!

Monday: BEST P-DAY EVER! Hiking and bouldering/climbing up huge rocks was so much fun! To be out in nature and enjoy the 8600 ft. elevation was awesome! It is kind of crazy to think that I basically live on the mountains! When I get home I will be in good shape, hopefully!

This week was full of miracles! Have faith, and enjoy! I know that this gospel is TRUE! I love feeling the Holy Ghost! I am truly blessed! Thanks for the love that I received this week! Emails and letters are so great! Good luck to anyone entering the MTC soon! Love you all family and friends! 

Love you all, good luck this week, be safe!!

Sister Kelly Smith

P.S. We pranked two sets of missionaries who were out of town for a meeting.  We set goals for them, like “become an AP” and “become the missionary your future wife (or mom) thinks you are!"

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