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Blesson: when you go through trials and see the blessing in that lesson (not literally like missionary lesson, but as in lessons Heavenly Father gives us -- lessons/trials) things that make us stronger! It becomes a blesson when you are able to see that lesson as a blessing!! Make sense? Someone gave me that, uh, I guess you could call it definition awhile ago, but I came to realize it even more this week... ok maybe right now when writing and trying to think of a good title!  But it is SO TRUE!

Monday: Dinner with a family that is super fun! Sister M asked me to be prepared to share a blurb on how Sister Training Leaders help the Mission President and how we work under priesthood authority and have access to the priesthood in relief society on Sunday! Glad she gave me warning! Didn't end up having to do that, but it was such a good lesson on Priesthood and women and the priesthood! Went to visit less-actives.  Not a lesson, but still good to just talk to them!

COSTCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, STOKED!!!!
Tuesday: We had dinner and a lesson with S and J at some awesome ward missionary’s house! It was SO GOOD! S has now seen pictures of what baptism looks like, and has a super strong desire to get baptized, they are just slow. We will work on that!!! Then we met with M and she was worried about her daughter. A young woman in the ward came with us and it was super good! We talked about Mutual the next day and she thought her daughter would be interested in going, since it was flood service!! Oh the ward missionaries gave me chips, I WAS THRILLED!! Not just chips, but the COSTCO sized chips!!!!!
Flood service/ youth are my favorite!!! 

Wednesday: EXCHANGE with Hna. W!!! IT WAS A BLAST!! It has been 5-6 weeks since I was on an exchange and it was so good! I was kind of leery of exchanges because we couldn't figure out a good time and I just wanted to work in my area and what not (I love my people)!!! Even though we only taught one lesson, M’s daughter came to MUTUAL and it was SO GREAT!!!!! We got to help with floor service and it was a stake activity for the youth; it was a lot of fun!

The church building we did service near is RIGHT next to the river... but it was ok during the flood!
Thursday: Personal study this morning was one of the most LEGIT personal studies I have had in a LONG time!! OH MY I LOVE THE SCRIPTURES!!!!!! So I was trying this method out that we asked R to do. Pray. Read.Write. Pray. Read. Write. Pray again. WOW! So the first time pray to Heavenly Father that you understand this chapter or section of scripture you are going to read (I did 1 Nephi 8) then read it, and write about it (you can also go with a question, like what is the importance of baptism, or how can this apply to me?). Next Pray and ask Heavenly Father what HE wants you to learn from that passage. Read it again, and write down your answers/thoughts. At the end, pray and thank Him for all that you learned. Now, I am slow so I haven't been able to have a block of time to do all of this at once, but I did this first part one day, then the second part another day - but always ending and beginning with prayer). OH MY GOODNESS!!!! The Spirit truly guided my study! Ok, so in verse 20 of chapter 8 it talks about the rod of iron. The rod of iron is the word of God. Ok, so at the end of the verse it says, "the rod of iron...led by the head of the fountain, unto a large and spacious field, as if it had been a world." A WORLD!!! The Word of God has been since the creation of the WORLD!! The rod of iron is like a historical timeline of revelation! Heavenly Father has give us His word, through prophets so we can GRAB and CLING to the iron rod (the word of God, scriptures, general conference) to help guide us to ETERNAL LIFE!!! HOW COOL IS THAT? Yeah I was PUMPED!!!! Service that day was great!

Friday: So we were trying to set lessons up with people and we texted D, one of our investigators about when we could have another lesson. About 45 minutes later she responds, "Right now." SWEET!!!! Be there in 15 minutes!! It was a really good lesson, short because we had to get to another appointment, but she was talking about Christianity and a super cool analogy from Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. We asked her to read Mosiah 18:1-16 with the Pray. Read. Write. Method. We are really trying to help her want to get baptized since she said she was praying about it. Had a  lesson with K. My companion is BOSS!!! I was sitting there like shocked, did this really just happen? So we were just talking and Sister C pulls out a Restoration pamphlet and begins teaching K the first lesson (yeah, we haven't even taught her that yet).  So here we are and my companion is ON FIRE!!! We get to the Book of Mormon (and she has one) and K tells us that she knows it is the word of God. For reals? Did she just say that? I asked her what she should do now that she knows it is the word of God. I asked her to be baptized and she said she would pray about it! BOOM SHAKA LAKA it was a MIRACLE of a lesson!!!! We totally taught as companions and it flowed so well, it was AWESOME!!!! That night my hip began hurting and well so began the next day...

Saturday: My back and hip hurt SO bad!!! It was really hard!! But here is the BLESSON!!! haha
Through faith and perseverance I was ok, and am still getting better. I am learning my limits and it is really hard. I am getting old (haha).But yeah it was REALLY bad! So bad that while brushing my teeth I couldn't stand, I had to use my left hand to put my weight on it on the counter. (Hopefully that visual makes sense). Through my pain, and my companion’s head injury (she is still recovering from her concussion) we were able to teach six lessons!!! That is really good, especially for this area, and for us! Six in one day!! Wow, it was huge!!! My hip hurt so bad it hurt to walk!!! I wanted to go to the chiropractor that day, but when we got there it was closed! A future missionary came with us for part of the day and wow MIRACLE!!! She helped keep us going! We were able to meet with a potential investigator, C (the guy I met on exchanges with Hna. S outside his apartment). We taught the restoration and told him that baptism was our goal: that we meet with him to help him get to baptism! I don't think I have ever been that bold, and it was GREAT!!!! He wants to meet with us EVERY WEEK and doesn't really want to go to church, but we will work on that!! Even though we both were in pain/couldn't function how we wanted to, it was truly a blessing! Learned so much!! I was able to receive a priesthood blessing that night; I love the gospel and especially the power of the priesthood! The restoration of the priesthood is such a blessing!! So I was given a trial (painful hip/back) but through perseverance and doing the will of the Lord, I was able to see that it was a HUGE BLESSING!!! Miracles were given to us! BLESSON = great principle that I need to continue to learn what Heavenly Father wants me to!

Sunday: WOW, SUPER GREAT MIRACLE!!! We had a lesson with D and brought a member with us! So yeah, it was super great! They were pretty much talking most of the time and the member was basically teaching, sweetness!!! We asked how the scripture reading went and she said “good.”  She talked about insight she received, which was NOT what I was expecting. Here we gave her this assignment to think about the importance of baptism. We give her another scripture to read because we needed to go, then she just tells us, "Oh I totally got baptism and covenants out of that last scripture you gave me. I'm getting baptized on June 21st." WHAT?! HOLD THE PHONE. WHAT? D told us when she is getting baptized!!! I couldn't be more excited!!! It is the best!! I am so stoked for her!!! It will totally bless her life and I just can't wait :) Hopefully I can be there!! She told me that I should be there and that I deserve this one. haha That she wouldn't have said yes to anyone or something like that! D is just incredible!! I was on CLOUD 9 after that!!!!
D is getting baptized!!!!!!!
It was a great week!!! Baptisms, Blessons, Miralces, Scriptures, Wow!!! IT WAS A MIRACLE OF A WEEK!!!!!

Love you all,
Sister Kelly Smith

Creepiest door I probably have EVER knocked on!!! Yes, that is a LIFE SIZE manniquin!!!

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