Sunday, June 22, 2014

Oh my life is INCREDIBLE!!!!! I LOVE my LIFE and my MISSION and my COMPANION!!!

So I was really nervous about this transfer being with Sister J since I was her Sister Training Leader and well things went down and we had to sort some drama out a few months ago... guess what? Because of that we are able to laugh about like how ridiculous it was and how much more we have changed! I love my companion and we are having SO MUCH fun! I didn't realize that we would have this much fun! I am in the Utah ward of the mission! Literally it is so small, and there are members EVERYWHERE! It was like HEAVEN biking around this town, I LOVE IT! I think I love it even more because it is summer time and just brings back so many great memories from over a year ago!
Mighty Missionaries:  My companion and I!
Monday: Had an AMAZING last lesson with S and J! It was such a great way to finish in my last town! I hope they get baptized soon! They are THE BEST! The lesson was at the C's and they are so great!!! I love being able to teach in member's homes :) I just love teaching people in general! BEST THING EVER!!!!! That was such a miracle lesson since they day before we didn't even have a lesson planned with them!

At the Fort Collins temple lot
Tuesday: Transfers!!! Super nervous, but it all worked out! That was a LEGIT day! Got to spend HOURS at transfers, and honestly it was kind of boring.... Went to the temple lot! Got to meet an investigator, E, who was getting baptized that Saturday! So yeah, we had a baptism on Saturday and it was awesome!!! We talked about the priesthood and I was able to whip out a Mormon Message on the priesthood... here you go (it's pretty awesome):

Wednesday: Meeting more members and having great lessons! We teach back to back every night - it's awesome!!! Even though it is mostly member lessons. We had a lesson with Bro. K - a non-member but his family are members! Super cute, and the lesson went better than my companion expected! I love being able to feel the spirit. Oh we used Moroni 10:3! THANK YOU SISTER C!!! It was perfect and we totally needed to use that scripture, and focus on remembering! THANK YOU SO MUCH for pointing that out to me last week :)

Thursday: More lessons, and tearing it up! Miracle happened this week; we just stopped by a less-active and they totally needed us there at that time! Their son needed a blessing, so we were able to call our ward mission leader right then and there, perfect!!!! The Hermanas found us at the trailer park riding our bikes.... (the trailer park is going to become our new best friend)!!!!

Love these Sisters!!! We had a lesson with E to go over the interview questions-- she is so prepared it's crazy! She has only been taught for like the past 4 weeks, maybe only three. So cool!!!

Friday: Service at a rehab place and played Bingo with elderly people, so fun!! Had another lesson with E and she had her baptismal interview! We were thinking about ways to help the ward since we teach members a lot and I wanted to focus more time on finding people. Lessons are great, but you know we also need to find people to teach, but through inspiration I was definitely able to understand that member lessons are great. We just need to adjust what we are teaching... so now we are going from family to family in this neighborhood talking about their 2-4-6 week mission plan! Yup they have 2 weeks to accomplish a goal, then 4 weeks for an even bigger goal, and 6 weeks for EVEN BIGGER!!! I hope that we will see success from doing this!

Saturday: Service on a farm with a bunch of missionaries - SO FUN!!! We were going to get overalls... but that didn't happen! Still fun :) I am moving forward with Fort Collins and taking what I have learned to another area! It's so great! E got baptized!!! It was so good! I totally felt the Spirit, and especially when J.R. (her cousin is Brandon Smirthwaite from Rocklin, SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) when she sang When I am Baptized! I was able to feel the Spirit reaffirm to me that baptism is essential and such an amazing gift/commandment that Heavenly Father has given us. Through baptism we are able to have the gift of the Holy Ghost, HOW AMAZING is THAT?! SO GREAT! Heavenly Father loves us so much that He has given us a portion of His Spirit. Seek a member of the Godhead in your life more! We can do so by remembering our covenants,  and especially taking the Sacrament more seriously. I am going to be working on that this week! Trying to CONTINUALLY remember Jesus Christ throughout the week... the Atonement works for everything! I am so grateful for the gift, the atonement that Jesus Christ has given me! Use that gift, and come to Him!!!

Sunday: Super fun day, plus... 13 MONTHS!!! I have been out for 13 months, is this real life?! AAAAHHHHHH the time is flying by.... I don't like it!! See you all soon, the weeks are going to go by SO FAST!!! Miracles are everywhere! Even with members! We went to the R’s that night, and I LOVE THEM! Oh, and they are related to the Smirthwaites in Rocklin, so that's AWESOME!!! Their goal to have accomplished in 6 weeks.... have someone be taught in their home!! SO EXCITED!!!!

Dang, I can't believe it's been SO LONG!! Looking back, it's crazy fast! I can't believe everything that I have been through has only been in a year... AAAHHHHH Ok, but Sunday was AWESOME!!!

Shout out to my dad: I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you for being such an amazing example to me in my life! I was reading a letter you sent me over a year ago. Thank you for being a support in my life and for helping me through those rough times! You are an amazing guy and I am glad that I have been sealed to you for ETERNITY!!! Sorry, you are stuck with this crazy hyper daughter. Thank you for teaching me the gospel of Jesus Christ and for raising me in the gospel! For that, I can never repay you :) Thank you for the support and everything you give me! Thank you for being worthy to hold the priesthood. That is an INCREDIBLE blessing! The priesthood is so important and has truly been restored to the earth! I love you more than words can describe!

Well, this week was way better than I expected! Heavenly Father loves me, and even though it is kind of like I am in Utah right now, I love this town, and yup it will be great!
Here is another fun video:

Have a fabulous week!

Sister Kelly Smith

P.S. Sister Nicole Kertamus and I are serving in the same town now! My friend from BYU!! Saw her multiple times this week, BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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