Sunday, April 27, 2014

When in Doubt, go Visit President

I'm a buffalo!
Monday: We went to the local museum and it was awesome! We were only there for an hour or so, but it was fun!

Tuesday: 11 MONTHS BABY!!!! YEAH DUDE, it's for reals I have almost served as a missionary for ONE YEAR, time is flying by, AAAHHHHH!!!!!!! We had a lesson with D, and we will probably drop her this week, SO SAD!! But she isn't progressing towards baptism. We talked about Easter, and Jesus Christ and her knowledge of the Bible is awesome, and she totally knew that Pilate knew Christ was King of the Jews and didn't want to stop him from being crucified or something like that. Well I was super bold. I was like YOU are kind of like Pilate. You know this is true, but you aren't doing anything about it. But no hard feelings, because she prayed at the end and thanked us for being there. We got to help a lady move and it was so nice! Also got to ride in the back of a truck, love it! Nothing against that in the Mission Handbook!

Wednesday: District Meeting, and I didn't give a training!

Haha it was nice! We had an awesome training and great discussion. I love being able to gain insight from the Spirit through other missionaries!

Thursday: Exchange with Hna. S! Well that was one of the most interesting exchanges I have ever been on. I didn't know what to do, and I randomly was like, "Hey let's go talk to President!" So we went up to the mission office and talked to President Brown! I love President Brown! And it was really good for me to see what he had to say to Hna. S! When in doubt, go visit President and Sister Brown! I gained insight from him on how to help this Sister which was good! Then that night we went to contact one of their referrals and guess what?! There was a guy knocking on a door in that neighborhood, and we talk to everyone so here's how it went down:
Him: "Hi!"
Me: "Hi!"
Him:  "Are you from around here?"
Me:  "No we are actually missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!"
I continued to say something about the gospel and asked if he wanted to learn more.
Him:  "Yeah!"
So that was sweet! He wasn't home though when we went by on Sunday.

Friday: My comp was sick.

Saturday: My comp was still sick, but I got to go on a SPLIT for the first time on my mission!!! Meaning I was the ONLY missionary, and I went with a Laurel in the ward, it was AWESOME!! Just me and the Laurel for this lesson with P while my comp was at home with our member! It was cool and not really that weird being without my companion since I was still with someone, and she totally taught with me and it was LEGIT!!!! Got to go to the Saturday Session of Stake Conference, it was AWESOME!! I love that session! President Brown was there and asked all of us missionaries to stand up and then he introduced all of us to the congregation, it was sweet!

Sunday: STAKE CONFERENCE on EASTER! It was a pretty good day, except for the fact that we got dropped by L, yeah the one with a baptismal date a month or so ago :( she wasn't really progressing, sad day!!

Love you all, I was totally going to share some insight from Preach My Gospel this week but out of time, sorry!!! READ IT, it will change your life!!!!! So will the Book of Mormon, that will change you life more :) If you let it...

Sister Kelly Smith

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