Sunday, April 20, 2014

The COLORADO Safeway Sandwich MIRACLE!!!!

Ok, only in COLORADO can a Sister Missionary, a.k.a. ME, get a SUNBURN on Friday, and then have it snow a few inches on Sunday! FOR REALS?! What is this place?! Just a place I LOVE!!!!

Monday: P-day!

Just chilling in the warm sun and writing in my journal
Tuesday: So we didn't have a dinner appointment that night, but members asked us to come by that morning to share a message with them and then they would give us money for dinner that night! (This is KEY for the rest of the story). So we went over that morning and shared a message about the Book or Mormon, then went to service! We had a lesson with one of our less-actives... it was a super sad lesson. He is just satisfied with his life and doesn't want to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true! He dropped us... he doesn't want to be happier and receive a spiritual witness that the Book of Mormon is true. Alma 32:6-8: it's ok to drop people and spend your time with those who are willing and ready to change. I cried... I also got to go home for dinner (but I didn't use my money to buy dinner), so I went running and just talked to Heavenly Father while running. Then a member texted us and it was EXACTLY what I needed, so we got to go to their house and share a message with them. I got to feel their love and it was awesome!

Wednesday: Zone Meeting. Instead of giving a training, I got to hold a council session, it was LEGIT! Overall it was a great meeting, probably one of the best since I have been in this zone! We got a text from B, one of our new investigators asking about church. I was SO EXCITED!!! She was asking if we could show her where her daughter would go (Primary) and it was just so cute, I loved it!!! L forgot about our appointment and was not feeling great so we just shared D&C 121:7-8 with her. Still a lesson, but sad that we didn't get to do what we planned :(

Thursday: Got to teach seminary, and I loved being with the youth! It was hard, though! One, my companion is not a morning person... two, we had to teach 3 Nephi 8-10 about the signs that happened before Jesus Christ came. That is not something we usually teach... so yeah that was hard! haha It was different and awesome! The youth in my ward are some of the coolest people; I miss being with the Young Women in Laramie, but I love YW everywhere! I don't think I will be able to go to Girl's Camp this year though :( SO SAD!!! Got to teach a less-active recent convert that night! He was baptized last April, but kind of dropped out of church when he moved here in July. So it was good to go over part of the first lesson again. Priesthood blessings are the BEST! DO NOT hesitate to ask for a priesthood blessing, they are seriously from our Heavenly Father who wants to help you, and communicate with you! Don't forget to communicate with Him!

Sunburn on Friday
Friday: After service my companion and I wanted to get lunch. Well she wanted to get lunch, and I had food at home before we were going to weekly plan. so she got some food and I was like ok, sweet. Let's go. Last week I had mentioned that I LOVE Safeway sandwiches. so she was like, "Do you want to go to Safeway (it was across the street)?" I was like "Eh, it's ok." Then I realized I still hadn't used my money from dinner on Tuesday, so I was like "Sure, why not?!" So we go to Safeway, I get my sandwich, and I asked if I could just pay for it right at the deli. The cashier said "Yes," then who walks by as I am paying?! OUR FORMER INVESTIGATOR WE HAVE TRIED TO GET IN CONTACT WITH!!!!!! MIRACLE!! She told us she was moving, and it was very brief, but I was like "Hi L!" and the lady with her was like "Wow, she even knows your name!" It reminds me of the quote: "You have been called to serve, which means you give and give and give. In fact, you are not happy if you are not serving others. Your assignment is to change lives and because your exposure to each passing person in life is often brief it is wise to touch them quickly and deeply." So, hopefully that brief miracle will touch both of those ladies' lives in a way that I might never know! We went home, got to be outside for a couple hours in like 77 degree weather. I GOT A SUNBURN! It was awesome in the moment, because that means I will tan, but it kind of hurt after!

Saturday: Exchange with Sister D and it was AWESOME!! We taught in unity so well, and were able to teach the Plan of Salvation to M and C! C is finally over her Mono. They said they would come to church after Easter! YES, PLEASE!!! I'm stoked! Then we got to go to the Colorado Mormon Chorale that night and it was so nice to listen to music about Christ and just sit back and enjoy the Spirit! Sad though, because none of the people we invited showed up :(

Snow on Sunday!
Sunday: CHURCH!! I love church! My companion wasn't feeling well so we didn't do much that day! And it snowed...for reals, this is crazy! It was like 28 degrees. 50 degree drop with only a day in between!!!

Monday: THIS MORNING, RIGHT BEFORE E-MAILING I FOUND OUT THAT C GOT BAPTIZED YESTERDAY!!! IT MADE MY DAY!!!! I am so glad that C made that step to draw close to our Savior, Jesus Christ!

So, Preach My Gospel is like the best thing ever! Best manual we have besides the scriptures. I love going through it from the beginning! READ IT, and let me know what you have learned! I will share a cool insight from it next week.

Sister Kelly Smith 

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