Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thanksgiving and a Christmas Tree in Wyoming

This week was a weird, but it was an incredible week! Weird in the sense that we didn't teach one lesson to an investigator, yeah, you read that correctly! I think it has been a long time since I went an entire week without teaching an investigator.

On Tuesday we taught two of our recent converts.  His mom is terrific, but her son stole the show.  He is a pro at the Plan of Salvation! It is so good to see that he still remembers it :) When he describes the veil... "It's a big drainage pipe that we all go down through before we get to earth and it erases our memories." Yeah, that works! At least he remembers it, and added his idea :) Way to go my little man!!!

THANKSGIVING. Ok, it was incredible!! I loved it so much! I got to go to my favorite two families homes and it was AMAZING!!!!! I felt like I was with family and it was the best!! We ate a fair amount of food, and everyone should try Sister L's pumpkin cheesecake, delicious!!!!!

On Friday, the AWESOME L family gave us a Christmas tree! AND IT'S REAL!!! Ok, this is a luxury item on a mission, NO JOKE!!! It's AMAZING!!!

We practiced a bit with the other sisters in town on Saturday for our Nativity musical number. We have 15 minutes to fill next Saturday night while people are walking around looking at nativities at the stake center.  :) So we chose which songs to sing, and what not.

This morning we had a MIRACLE, and I am excited to see what comes of it! Maybe nothing, but I am so hopeful.

We received a media referral today, who seems prepared to hear the gospel, so we are going to try to meet with her today.  I wrote her in my planner twice, in case she isn't home the first time we go by, because we want to contact her soon.
                                                                                                    <-----Our Tree!!!!!                                                                  The Elders have their ties back (they let us borrow them), but have a wonderful Missionary Christmas :) Thanks Cox family for your inspired idea through the first Christmas card I received this season :)

Moral: be positive, even if things go against you, remain positive! I think a lot of the morals are for me, so maybe that's why I write them out!

Sister Kelly Smith

My mom forgot to post my 6 month picture a couple of     --->
weeks ago.

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