Sunday, December 29, 2013

Is This Really Colorado?!

Well, this week has been a blur. I feel like I have just been on an exchange all week... but slowly reality creeps in and I realize that I am not in Kansas in anymore... um I mean Wyoming! haha But for reals I am not in Wyoming anymore and I miss it like CRAZY!! Who knew that I would come to love Wyoming so much?! I sure didn't. But the people there are truly incredible!! I love them so much! My first full day here I felt like a chauffeur, just driving my companion around to our district meeting and then to appointments. I am the senior companion so I am the designated driver, but she knows the area so, yeah a chauffer! That's ok! Thanks to my GPS and my awesome direction skills (seriously my talent has come in handy) we have gotten places pretty well! Although I totally accidently drove outside my area... into a different town this week, OOPS! haha

So Wednesday night we didn't have any appointments and I was tired of living out of my suitcase so we decided to go home around 7:15ish so I could un-pack, get settled, so then I could get to work. Well, we drove past the church on our way home. I pretty much just told my companion nope we are going to the church; I need to meet the Bishop! So we went in and what is going on in the gym? It was our youth playing Just Dance (from a projector) for mutual! What do we do? JOIN IN! Great way to know the ward, right?  We were a little hesitant at first (ok I really wanted to join in), but the leaders were totally cool with it. SO I TOTALLY GOT TO KNOW THE YOUTH THROUGH JUST DANCE and they let us join in on the gift exchange :) I got a hula skirt :) You can never get tired of new skirts on a mission, right?! I will not wear that proselyting... I did meet the Bishop that night, which was great!

I have met so many members here it's good, but hard! My usually talent of remembering names has kind of gone out the window. It will just take time!

Saturday was pretty awesome! Sister L got permission to see me!! Yes! From Wyoming!!!! Ok, week made!! It was so fun to be with her and Hermana S again! Old times :) GREAT TIMES :) Hermana S and I ended up going on an impromptu exchange, it was awesome!! Then we just kept the exchange going till that night! SWEET!!! Seriously Saturday was such an amazing day!! Best day in Longmont so far, maybe because it felt like I was in Wyoming?!  Haha but seriously it was so amazing! Hermana and I taught a dinner message in English (we were in her area and she is Spanish speaking). So nothing really changed from when we were companions! We hadn't taught together in 3 months, and wow it was great! I felt like we were companions again, so awesome.

On Sunday nothing says welcome to the ward like being asked to say the opening prayer in Sacrament Meeting!!!! It was the first time I have ever had to pray in Sacrament Meeting, it's kind of nerve wracking!! But it's all good!!! There is a lot of work to be done in this ward. There are pretty much no progressing investigators and so we set some ridiculously high goals this week, and it will happen!! I want to see miracles here so badly!! This ward has a lot of potential; it will be good! I will learn to love tracting, so that's a plus right?! Last night after dinner I was like, we have to go to this house because it looks like a family lives there? So I turned the car around and went, were they interested, no. That's ok! I will do anything to find a family here in COLORADO!!!!!!! Starting over isn't fun, but that's ok! I can do it with help from the Lord!!! I came across 2 Nephi 4:19-21 today in my studies, SO GREAT!!!!!

Well, have a MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!!!!! Don't' forget to share the love that our Savior has for YOU with someone else you love! That is the best thing we can do this Christmas season!! It is going to be great!! Heavenly Father loves you and wants everyone to know that He loves them! You can help them know that!! SHARE THE GOSPEL, and help the missionaries out by sharing the gospel :) haha have a great season!!!

Sister Kelly Smith

P.S.  Sister Smith got to skype with her family on Christmas Day.  Boy, was that a highly anticipated event and so happy for all of us!  It was great to see her happy face and hear her bear such strong testimony of the restored Church of Jesus Christ and to hear how much she loves being a missionary!  We love this girl!!!!!!

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