Sunday, June 2, 2013

Change in Mission Assignment!

Got to Denver after our flight got delayed. arrived around 10:30 a.m. and went to the mission home. There was a restaurant we passed called Gunther Tooday's (yes 2 oo's). On the outside wall of the restaurant was painted "No Hula Hoops." Weird, right? But it was funny. It looked like a Mels Diner... So we get to the mission office and I see Sister M!! She's from our stake. She gave me a huge hug!  Monday was the LONGEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!! So much orientation and sitting around, and pictures after traveling, ugh! I was the first missionary to receive my assignment (my first area in the mission field). Want to take a guess where I'm serving?! Dad you were right all along!!  WYOMING!!! I’m in the COLORADO FORT COLLINS MISSION.

Ok, so first I learn that I'll be over 3 Young Single Adult (YSA) wards, that's cool. Later that night I find out that we are covering a family ward (good, I like that). We are not only covering this family ward, but it is one of the most northern wards in the mission, and guess what? NO CAR, we don't have bikes yet so we are walking for a fair amount of today! Oh and summer here might not even reach high 80s!! It's RAINING right now!!  Four sister missionaries are living in an apartment meant for two, that means I'm on the couch... so is another missionary.  We are basically starting from scratch. SO MUCH WORK TO DO, but that's good! We are going to try and contact members today to get a good ground on what we are doing. My companion has only been out for 6 weeks (in the field).We are basically learning together; she is 19 and from Texas! She is really sweet, and strong in the gospel. I just feel so out of place here...

So here are a few realities I wasn’t really prepared for:

1. I thought I was staying in the Denver North Mission                                                         
2. I never thought I would go to Wyoming
3. I thought I would be in the city
4. I thought I would be in a car
5. I thought summer would be 90 degrees
6. I never thought my trainer would be younger than me
7. Living out of suitcases is NOT FUN, especially in a tiny apartment

I have to find good in every day, especially in this little town that feels like it is in the middle of nowhere.  But really though, it's tough! I want to go home so badly and just sleep and hug my wonderful family!  
Things to be positive about:

1. The sun came out for a little bit yesterday
2. I got a wonderful meal from a nice family in my ward
3. We have a dinner appointment tonight
4. I get to see what opening an area is like
5. I'm involved with lots of planning (I like planning)
6.We pray a lot! 
7. My comp is so nice, and has a strong testimony
8. We get to learn together, and with help from the Lord! That's the best help we can receive!
9. We get to do service EVERYDAY! My mission is in a pilot program called Just Serve. So we are going to try and do planned service (like at Salvation Army) 2 hours a day (except Sunday).
10. We get rides from the other sister missionaries in our apartment a lot
11. The Institute Director is very nice, and it was so easy to talk to him. He was the first member of our ward that I met. 
12. I'm in a college town, so it's basically deserted right now. But I kind of envision this to look like what Provo used to look like for you, mom and dad. So that's cool! 

Mom, thanks for your letter you gave me two years ago! “Cry a few tears, but then move on and draw your strength from the Lord.”   I have to do that to find peace, comfort, and happiness. Missionary work is hard, but it can also be fun! I have to find the fun in it! 

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