Saturday, June 22, 2013

Roadtrips, 88 degree Summer, and cottontail rabbits different, but I love it! This week I got to go on a roadtrip twice to Colorado! Colorado is beautiful.  Wyoming is too, but Colorado, I can see why people want to live there. I went for trainer’s meeting, and that was fun. I got to see my MTC friends and go to Target! Our town doesn't have a Target... I felt like a real person when I was there! It was WEIRD.

The second time I got to go to Colorado was for mission conference, as in ALL approx. 270 missionaries were in attendance. It was awesome!  This was the last time the Colorado Denver North Mission will be together before the split! When all the missionaries stood to recite our missionary purpose, wow it was POWERFUL. I will miss President and Sister Toombs, but I am so excited to meet President and Sister Brown! It was so fun to see friends! I said goodbye to my MTC companion, she will be staying in the Denver North mission. She is the only one from our MTC district who is staying in the CDNM; the rest of us are in Ft. Collins. 

Since I am on foot (until tomorrow), I get to talk to a lot of people. This past week I decided to just carry cards in my hand and pass out to people on the street. We wrote on the back of them our name and number and a short message like "Have a great day!" or "We believe in Jesus Christ." I would go up to people and just flat out ask if they wanted a card.  Most people would be like "what is it for?" Then I would proceed to say, “Well, we are missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”  From there, people would either accept or reject the card. So when I started this, I had about 38 or so cards. I passed out a few the first day, and the next day they were GONE!  I passed out about 40 in two days, it was awesome!  We also put some in doors... One time I gave one to someone and he said,  “Oh I have a buddy that just got back from Argentina for two years. I haven't seen him yet, but I want to.”  Then another person we gave one to, quickly turned to another guy and handed it to him,  "Here, you need to shape up your life." Ha, I thought that was great! If someone wants to change their life, the gospel can help.   

There are lots of rabbits here, They just hop around all over the place and are not very afraid. They cross the street within a few feet of a car!  

Love the 88 degree summer here!  It’s so pleasant.

President Toombs came up to Wyoming and we had zone training. I had to give the recitation (a short talk on one of the things we have to memorize as missionaries). I found out I was doing that when I walked into the room!  I was very nervous; it was my first time. I also ended up playing the piano for the opening song, but it was one I didn't know.  I ended up using my right hand only. I need to learn more hymns! 

We started using a new dinner message approach.   It was the first time I attempted to recite the account of Joseph Smith's First Vision word for word (I messed up, but still the Holy Ghost was so strong)!  Afterward the lady said she was thinking about someone to give a Book of Mormon to!  Because of the influx of missionaries, we are trying to get the members help.  

My time is out, and that was only a touch of my week! So many great laughs, and a crazy freak storm:  it basically snowed! Good thing it lasted for only a little bit!

I love you all! I love being a missionary! I say it is hard, because it is, but it is also very fun. The work is slow, but that's OK. I can strengthen the ward. 

Love you ALL!
Sister Kelly Smith
                                                       I took this picture for my brothers!

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