Monday, May 27, 2013

Last Phone call until Christmas

Sister Smith called early this morning just before she boarded her plane for Denver.  We woke everyone up so we each could talk with her one last time before Christmas.   She said she is traveling with six sisters and one elder to the Denver North mission, but there are a total of 27 missionaries from her district who are on the plane with her.  Many are going on to Minnesota, some have been called to Brazil but haven't received their visas yet so will serve in Minnesota until they receive them.

She will spend the day in the mission home, then be assigned a companion and go to her area tomorrow.  She was only a little tearful, and she sounded strong and ready to go.  Because her sister Julie isn't at home (she is studying at BYU Idaho), she wanted to make sure Julie knew that she loved her. 

It was a sobering realization that I wouldn't hear my daughter's voice again for seven months.  I just wanted to keep her talking so I could hear that sweet sound.  But the plane was boarding and the pay phone wanted more money, so we had to say goodbye.  We love you, Sister Smith!  Our prayers and faith are with you always.

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