Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wide Wyoming Sky... and a Pick-Up Truck

So this week has been AWESOME!! Actually I just think the last few days have been spectacular!
I LOVE WYOMING!!!  I seriously love this small town! I'm not a huge fan of the wind, but that's ok!  It's sunny, but with the wind you don't feel the heat as much!

Saturday, was one of my favorite days of the mission so far... During the day my companion was sick, so we just wanted my companion to feel better by 7:00ish because we had a lesson set up with our only investigator at 7:30pm.  I cannot express to you how much of an incredible experience this was!  I wouldn't trade it FOR ANYTHING!!  The ward missionaries (a nice newlywed couple) drove us to our appointment and stayed with us for the lesson; they added great input. Our appointment was outside of the main area of town, a few miles into the country!! I MEAN COUNTRY! We were on a dirt road for a while and ended up coming to the end of the road (there aren't house numbers on the few houses on the street). Brother S rolls down his window to talk to a rancher outside. The rancher used occupations to distinguish his neighbors, "Oh you mean the goat herders, or the horse farmers?" Well we had passed the house we were trying to get to... but as we were leaving the old rancher's house, we saw a cow's head in a tire, near the front entrance of the house! Apparently it was a fresh cow’s head too (horns and all). Yeah I'm in the COUNTRY!

We finally get to our investigator's house, and it is a ranch with about 15 horses on it! We pull up and talk to Sister L. Here is the part that I wouldn't trade for anything! Sister L. doesn't want us to come inside because they were cleaning and getting ready for a landlord inspection. So we have a lesson outside. Brother S pulls his car around to face the back of Sister L's pickup truck. I sat on the back of the car while our investigators (Sister L and her daughter) and Brother S sat on the back of the pick up truck. We taught the Restoration, outside under a beautiful Wyoming sunset! I love the Wyoming sky! Ok, but really being able to teach about the gospel, that Heavenly Father loves us, while surrounded by amazing creations from God, under the direction of Jesus Christ. I just would not trade that for anything! Remember, this is my very first lesson with a real investigator! So my companion nudges me (giving me the cue to invite them to be baptized). I invited Sister L and her daughter to be baptized -- want to know what they said?! YES! haha So excited for them! The H family (from home) came to mind a few times, so I told her about them. It was very cool!

Weird tidbit: seeing the missionary dinner calendar go around Relief Society when it is meant for you... it feels like we are asking for dinner in a way, which we are! We are fed almost every night!

Sunday night at Grandma's: Grandma is this sweet elderly lady in town, and almost everyone calls her Grandma. A lot of young single adults gather at her home on Sunday night to sing hymns. The missionaries get to go too! I loved being surrounded by people my age, who love this old lady, and sing to our God. It was so great! Um, new missionaries have to sing a solo for Grandma! So I sang a solo... haha that was interesting! If you choose a hymn with four verses, you had better be prepared to sing all four verses. Grandma likes that! Which hymn did I pick?! Love One Another! How many verses does it have, one! haha She is so sweet, I want you to meet her so badly!

I LOVE P-DAYS! They are a great change of pace! Even though we still wake up at 6:30am. Well, we woke up and what did we find outside on top of the car of the other sisters we are living with? A mattress and box spring!!!  The zone leaders put it on the car, with a note: "Herd you were sleepin’ on a couch. Please enjoy!" Yes, with that spelling! haha It was so funny! True though, I am still sleeping on a couch because there are only two beds in the apartment.   So we work out, and then study, then do laundry... then P-day really gets started! We got to go shopping for food. Then we had a mini BBQ with shish-ka-bobs, and brats. The zone leaders live in our apartment complex and so we set up the mini grill on their front porch. Our district just hung out and we talked, laughed, and wrote some letters. It was relaxing.  My district has four sister missionaries, and eight elders. There are 12 missionaries in this town! That's so many, but it's great.

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