Sunday, September 7, 2014

Three Sisters in Colorado

Summary for the week:

We got to testify in seminary and wow, it's early! OK, not really, but the hour difference is HUGE! We got to testify of Joseph Smith. Seminary is a POWERFUL place to learn. I could tell that one freshman boy was feeling the Spirit and it was the best thing to see! I love when people feel the Spirit! Heavenly Father loves us all!! District meeting--it was a powerful meeting as we looked at all the things it takes to work on BECOMING a preach my gospel missionary, to BECOME one who preaches HIS gospel. It is a powerful talk and love the power of becoming! I have the rest of my life to continue to BECOME-- I don't just have to try and cram it all in the my 18 months as a  missionary but I can start now and recognize WHO I want to become to work on the rest of my life!

On Wednesday night we got a call and a few texts from our Bishop and Bishop's wife... saying that their daughter just got home from her mission and needed a companion since they both had meetings that night and she wasn't getting released till 9:30 at night. Usually a Sister would just have her mom be her companion but since they were tied up, she came with us. Hermana H-- It reminded me of being with Hermana S, except when we taught in English she struggled with the language. When I was with Hna. S when we taught in Spanish is was harder (since it was the beginning of her mission). I LOVED being with Hna. H for a bit! We got to go visit the A family and she spoke to Brother A, who speaks very little English, and it was AWESOME!! Hna H served in Chile and loved it!  We also met with J, and Hna. H asked him a question: "J, do you love God?" J: “Uh... yeah, I guess so.” Hna. H: "Do you love God more than your bed?" haha it was great!  Maybe he will come to church soon.

We got a NEW INVESTIGATOR!! He is awesome! He is in the 70's, dating a member in Utah and knows two families in our ward. It was one of the BEST first lessons I have had in a while with an investigator! His question going into the lesson that we could address (and knew about beforehand) was "Why the Mormon religion verses other Christian denominations?" So we were able to talk to him about that and explain the priesthood and revolve the first lesson around the priesthood. I LOVE teaching with Sister C and the Spirit! All three of us were in unity, or so it felt! Before we even had met with him he had read through 1 Nephi 10, WHAT?! FOR REALS?! SWEET!!!!!

Sister C and I with temple in background....progress is being made very quickly on this temple!
I found out about transfers... I'm staying here and will be with Sister J and Sister B.   Back to bike, covering only one ward again.

We taught R about Priesthood keys and Bishops. She lives in another ward boundary so we are going to try and get her to go to the other ward, but for now she is still getting baptized on the 13th, WOOT WOOT! I also got to meet Bishop Wheeler’s (from RK3) BROTHER!! It was great to meet his family! I felt like I was home in a way.

I love this gospel! I love my life! Twelve weeks left to be a full-time missionary and twelve weeks left to prepare even more to be a missionary for LIFE!!

Love you all,
Sister Kelly Smith

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