Saturday, September 20, 2014

COLORADO Baby Bunny Miracle!

16 months on my mission...can't believe I have only two months left!
So this week was a bit crazy. Ok I guess every week so far in my mission has been crazy... but this transfer is weird! Remember last week where I said Sister J left... well she's back. We are in a trio again, still biking. It was cool to see President make her own decisions. She choose to come back even though her health isn't great for biking but she wanted to give it more of a chance.

We had an INCREDIBLE lesson with the A's this week. I finally had a lesson with Bro. A after 3+ months here! It was one of the hardest lessons I have ever had with a less active, I think. I was almost in tears and was ready to full-on cry after the lesson. We read 3 Nephi 17 with them and Bro. A read most of the chapter in Spanish which was fantastic! The Spirit was SO STRONG when he was reading. I know the Book of Mormon is true! The Spirit is the same in all languages. We started talking about faith, and it was so sad to me to hear from him that he doesn't have much faith. It was heart breaking. I testified to him that I KNOW that Jesus Christ is always there for us. It was a very special lesson to me because I was able to think back on a time on my mission when it was hard and a specific time when I felt Jesus Christ there for me. I know that He will ALWAYS be there. We just need to look for him and continue to DO THINGS that will increase our faith. It won't just come, but we have to ACT. If we contribute nothing, we will receive nothing in return. I know that as we strive to increase our faith, it will come! Heavenly Father wants us to know Him and to come close to our Savior. Faith changes lives. Let it change yours!

Look at this super cute baby bunny!
We had a lesson with Captain scheduled for 7:00 one night at the H's. We got there at 7 and Bro. H told us that Captain couldn't come till 7:30 and that we could go to his neighbor's house and talk about genealogy. Ok! so we tracted a neighbor, not interested, then went to the neighbor that he suggested. He didn't answer the door, so we keep walking and all of a sudden there was a BABY BUNNY right THERE!!! Ok, so there are bunnies ALL over Colorado and Wyoming. So seeing one so close was fantastic! Then my companion and I decided to catch it, since it is pretty much impossible for anyone to catch them, but this was a baby one so it should be easier. WE CAUGHT IT!!! Thinking about it later, that bunny probably had LOTS of diseases... not safe. After we were done holding it and took a few pictures, we needed to wash our hands. We walked a bit to see if one member was home, didn't see her car, so then we thought of a few other members we could go to, then it came to us... why not go to the K's? The part member family I love! We had invited them to see Elder Cook at stake conference and that was the last time we talked to them, since we didn't see them at stake conference and were really bummed :( So this was a great excuse to go visit them. We washed our hands and we just were talking to Bro. K about how he is going elk hunting this weekend and then all of a sudden he said "Thank yiou so much for inviting me to see Elder Cook. I went." AAAAAAHHHHHHH

Someone gave us a cake, so we biked it over to some of the people we teach.
Just picture Sister S's heart swell with joy and put on a calm face (not to freak him out but still excited look). I was STUNNED!!! ARE YOU FOR REALS? YOU CAME TO CHURCH?! This was after I heard that we should back off a little from inviting him to church things because his wife doesn't appreciate it (it can cause tension in the family) but by following the Spirit with invitations EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT!!!!! I WAS SO PUMPED after we invited him, then so sad that he didn't come, but Heavenly Father knew that I needed to hear from HIM that he came! It was FANTASTIC!!!! I might have been bursting out of my seams if I saw him at church in front of MANY people, so this was perfect! He went on to tell us that he came by himself. His wife stayed home with the kids because one of them needed to rest after being in the hospital a few nights before for testing. WHAT?! To have the courage and drive to do that, the Spirit is totally softening your heart and you are REALIZING IT!!!! Just wait, it gets better....

BROTHER K TOLD US THAT HE HAS BEEN TO GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!! I was so excited. He told us that he loves President Hinckley! "I don't care what religion you are, President Hinckley was a great man!" Yes, that is what he told us! AAAAHHHHHHH I just am so excited to see what happens with Brother K. He is going to get baptized, just not sure when. I love this family! Heavenly Father blessed us so much, and we aren't sick yet so I think that bunny was fine :)

R is still getting baptized, but without telling her father.... she is 18 and that's the advice her mom had for her. Her mom is going to support her and she's totally ready! I am so excited for R!

Have a fantastic week! I love you all! I know that the atonement is REAL! Jesus Christ truly is there for me and you! Seek His comfort and help.

Love you all,
Sister Kelly Smith

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