Sunday, August 31, 2014

Funny Bones are NOT that Funny Sometimes...

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!! Well let's just say that Satan really knows the work that could get done with me and Sister C! For reals he is trying to hinder the work and it is driving me crazy, but luckily things are ok and we are seeing MIRACLES!!!

We went to the S's home to help them move boxes. Well they didn't need that much help, so we helped them and then we got to talk to Bro. S (who is not a member) for a while and definitely talked about how important prayer and reading the scriptures are! It was a fabulous conversation that flowed just so well! I hope that one day he will accept the gospel and I believe he will one day! At least I hope so! Then we got to teach R! I just love her! We talked about the Plan of Salvation and we drew out the "Love" one! We talked about how important it is to endure to the end and to reach the Celestial Kingdom! She asked great questions and it was just a powerful and amazing lesson! She is learning so much all the time! Even though she has been taught the Plan of Salvation a couple times she still gained new insight which was great! We saw E!!! MIRACLE!!! She was her normal self which was a HUGE RELIEF! So I don't know what has happened but I hope that her heart is changing back and that her family will give her the support she needs to come back to church, especially since she just joined the church!

Tuesday: (This is where my title comes in and a testimony builder to me of the power of angels and how Heavenly Father is truly guiding all of our lives, down to SECONDS!)
We got to do service in the morning for a member in the ward. We helped get things ready for seminary, which started the next day! It was fun! Then later in the afternoon we did service for a lady. NASTIEST SERVICE OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!! Ok, for reals it was probably not a safe environment! We scrubbed her carpet... and it probably hadn't been vacuumed for years! This was her comment to us in a non-nonchalant way, "Oh, that's poo over there, you don't have to worry about that spot." Ok, it was a very humbling experience and I'm grateful we got to help her a little bit! She was truly grateful for what we did, even though you really couldn't see much of a difference! Well, we definitely went home to shower before our dinner appointment and well, just know that this is going to be quite the story! Since we didn't have a whole lot of time Sister C decided to use our member’s master bath shower while I used the bathroom we have. As I am getting ready for the shower I hit my elbow, HARD!!! Ok, like REALLY, REALLY HARD!!!! Mind you this was my funny bone! It was NOT funny in this situation... but definitely lead to funny moments afterward! So a few second after I hit my elbow I could tell that I was about to pass out... no joke! So I quickly grabbed a towel to cover myself and then angels guided the rest. I unlocked the bathroom door and turned off the shower. After that I passed out. I don't remember falling, or losing consciousness, but I did. While this was happening, Sister C was getting ready to shower in the other bathroom, well right before she got in she realized she had forgotten a towel, so she decided to get in anyway and then call out to me to get one for her after her shower. MIRACLE!!! When she was done with her shower, she called my name because she could hear that my shower was off. She called my name about 4-5 times... she WOKE ME UP!!!!!!! I had been passed out for about 10 MINUTES!!! Apparently that is a REALLY LONG TIME to be passed out, and worrisome! So I come to, and only hear her call my name maybe twice... then after she asked me to get her a towel, which I didn't even understand, I told her I had passed out. Well.... Sister C and I have become SUPER CLOSE NOW!! haha  She RUSHED into my bathroom and she had just grabbed one of the members’ towels, and wrapped it around her. Luckily I had unlocked the bathroom door so she could get in.... She found me on the bathroom floor, with just a towel covering me, and I see her standing above me just in a towel. It was SO FUNNY, but still not good. Passing out for that long is BAD I guess! So I was able to get up and get dressed. Sister C gave me sweat pants and a t-shirt. I asked her for a skirt, but she told me I would be more comfortable in pants, fine!! I wanted to still be a missionary though! Sister C called Sister Brown (she clears all of our medical stuff) and told us to go to Urgent Care.... ok.

Well at this point I just really wanted someone to check on my elbow because it hurt SO BADLY!!! Urgent Care sent us to the ER because I had passed out, but hey they gave me an ice pack which was great! On the way to the ER I just really wanted a priesthood blessing. I was freaking out. I had never been to the ER and the reality of the fact that I had been passed out for that long isn't good was sinking in. I didn't think things could be that wrong, but there was still a chance. I am SO BEYOND GRATEFUL for the chance I have to rely on priesthood blessings. I wasn't able to get one before going to the ER, but knowing that I could was a HUGE comfort! We got to the ER and fortunately for my sake because I had a head injury I was didn't have to wait for very long in the lobby. There are some funny and strange things that go on in the ER. I am so grateful for every ER nurse that there ever was and ever will be! I don't think I could do that, and everyone who can is truly a blessing! So I got to go back and just wait for awhile in the back which was nice, but long. Sister C and I ended up laughing a lot which was weird, and yes I was also in tears a couple of times! They took Xrays of my arm, and an EKG. There was nothing wrong with my heart and my arm wasn't broken but it was TOTALLY starting to bruise and it was already swelling. In the end they told me I was fine and that I ended up passing out due to the pain of hitting my elbow. Hahaha so yeah when I am in extreme pain I pass out... uh, ok, cool to know! Well, after a few hours in the hospital, which were NOT in our plans for the day, we called Sister Brown and she told us that we could come over to their house to say goodbye to Sister H (one of the Sisters that I lived with the first 4 weeks of my mission). She finished her mission this week! So we went to President and Sister Brown's house... and I was still in my pants and a t-shirt!!! That was embarrassing! It was a huge blessing to be able to say goodbye to her on her last night as a missionary! She got to see me on my first day in the field, and I got to see her on the last of hers, it was cool! I also got to receive a blessing from my Heavenly Father through President Brown.. That was truly a tender moment for me and just a miracle. I KNOW that the priesthood power is real and that I have been healed so quickly because of it! I will have to tell you more details on that later :) But I KNOW that angels are ALL around us! They are protecting us and want to help us! It is a blessing to be loved so much by our Father in Heaven who is there for us and cares about us immensely!

Took some time to heal mentally and physically! Remember that one lady with the hose... well we went back to visit her this week. Yeah, we found a lost sheep! She is a member but very less active! Willing to have us over and I hope that she will begin to change her life! It was an interesting lesson, but good! I was kind of out of it from the day before, but we talked about prayer and the importance and blessings that come from prayer! Later that night we met with J and he told us he had REPENTED!!!!!!!! Sweetness! He said he felt lighter! OK, that is HUGE!!! Sister C was SO EXCITED for him! Repentance is a HUGE deal and as we repent we can feel of our Savior's love for us more! We also met with B that night at the H’s for a brief lesson and talked about enduring to the end! Ok, one of my new favorite scriptures on enduring to the end is 3 Nephi 15:9!! We just need to look to our Savior and He will help us through, I KNOW IT!

We got to see Sister A and taught her the Plan of Salvation! Afterward I asked her to teach us the main words in Spanish! So now I can possibly fumble my way through El Plan de Salvacion... I just am filled with love for those I teach and it is incredible! I know that Heavenly Father loves all of His children and wants them to come back to Him! Later I went on an exchange for a couple of hours with Sister S. She served in Laramie right after me in the same wards that I did. She is so sweet and it was fun talking about Laradise and the memories we have from that wonderful town! After our exchange I was just getting down on myself and Satan was attacking. It was HARD! Sister C tried to boost my spirit by saying, "Let's go find a new investigator before dinner!" It was like 4:40ish or so. That would give us 20 minutes. I then realized that I hadn't read the Book of Mormon yet. Because I was still recovering from Tuesday I slept in and didn't get to read before our lesson and then time got away from us. So I flipped open my Book of Mormon and BAM first 2 verses I read, EXACTLY what I needed! I LOVE THE SCRIPTURES! After I read literally 2 verses of scripture I was like "Ok, I'm good now! Thanks Heavenly Father!" The Book of Mormon brings peace to my soul and I KNOW that it can and WILL bless each one of our lives in a PROFOUND yet simple way! Love them, read them, apply them! I KNOW that the Book of Mormon is true! The peace I feel truly is from God, through the Holy Ghost! We got to do service that night and just felt so needed. We also taught B again and talked about the importance/why we do family history work! It was a fabulous lesson! Just us and B (outside of course) and got eaten by mosquitoes, no big! It was a fabulous lesson and B understood the basic importance of how family history and temple work are tied, it was GREAT!

Later in the day,as we were about to go in to a lesson with a less active family we got a text from the zone leaders giving us a room number for someone who was in the ER. Is that a joke? Then we listened to their voicemail... yup a Sister was in the ER. So we called them, told them we would come once we had this lesson. We went up to the door for the family, and Sister R answered it. Right off the bat she was like “Can we reschedule for tomorrow, I might have to take my son to the ER because he hit his head at football practice?” OK IS THIS IS A JOKE?! Three people needing to go to the ER this week... one of them being myself?! Nope, not a joke. So we went to go visit the Sister in the ER. Sister P was in the ER and is currently in a trio. So we bought the other Sisters dinner and went to the ER. It was funny and sad to be with my old companion in the ER.  She was able to leave soon after we left too, so that was good!

SERVICE DAY!! We helped ANOTHER family move in!!  SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Then we got to go to a community service project, the Corn Roast! It was SO MUCH FUN!!!! I loved it!  We talked about faith! What are some things you can do this week to work on your faith? Faith is a verb, so it requires action!
At the Corn Roast
BEST SUNDAY IN A LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!! Guess how many less-actives we had come to church between the two wards we cover! 11! ELEVEN!!! EELLLLEEEEVVVVEEENNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had eleven less actives at church between the two wards, SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!  MIRACLES!!! I just felt Jesus Christ's love for me SO STRONGLY during church, it was amazing! I KNOW that He lives and that He loves YOU! I found a cool scripture during Sacrament Meeting too :) 1 Timothy 2:7. Yeah for all of us who get to bear our testimonies to friends, family members, and EVERYONE!!!  After our many hours of church and meetings we had an incredible miracle! Sister C and I were truly lead by the Spirit to find this potential investigator... and ultimately a FAMILY OF 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As we were driving Sister C let me know that we should just try and visit this random house that she thought of and told me that it was a prompting. SWEET, let's go! She couldn't remember where this house was, but we were driving around trying to find it. After a while she was ready to give up. I was determined and pushed her saying it was a prompting, so you can do this. She looked at a map and found an area it could be in. She was going off of memory and looking at surroundings. A little bit later I decided to pray. After we prayed she remembered that she had an address for someone that lived on the same street as this random house that she thought of. So she looked up the address, and we ended up walking a couple of blocks to get there. On the way to the random house we decided to stop at the address that she had. It was of a potential investigator. We knocked on her door, her youngest daughter answered it and got her mom. AAAHHHH She is interested in meeting with us and has 3 kids, and we assume a husband!! A FAMILY!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited! We got her number and she said that we could text her! FOR REALS? YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!! It was just so natural to talk to her and see if we could meet, it was fantastic!!! We went on to the random house that Sister C had originally thought of. They weren't even home! Through the Spirit and round about ways, we were able to find this family! This testified to me again the power of companions and why we have companions!  I love miracles and I know that Heavenly Father wants us to find His children at certain times! I would have done the same things Sister C would have if I hadn't had a companion push me more to find this certain place. The Holy Ghost is real. Heavenly Father loves us IMMENSELY! Jesus Christ's atonement is for EVERYONE! I love you all, and just know that I KNOW I am being watched and cared for! The power of the priesthood is REAL and because it is the power of God, all things are possible! Even healing injured funny bones :)

Love you all, thanks for the support!
Sister Kelly Smith

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