Monday, July 14, 2014

Got a Call From Jesus Christ in Colorado!

This week was pretty LEGIT!!!! We set something with a baptismal date!!!

Monday: We were going to have a lesson with R and we get to the Ss' (the members we have lessons at) and Bro. S (who is just plain funny and likes to talk to us) opened the door and then said “Oh, we were supposed to have a lesson tonight? Yes... oh well, get in the car and let's go get something to eat!” Then he shut the door and left us outside! It was really weird and funny, then I got to thinking during dinner that maybe R is allowed to get baptized now!!!! Well we went to dinner... yeah nothing. Bro. S is just funny and took us to dinner with R and C (his son). It was good, nice to get to know people more.

Tuesday: We got to go to the FAMILY HISTORY CENTER with E. Ok, IT WAS AWESOME!!! I LOVE FAMILY HISTORY WORK!! It was super good and I saw a bunch of names that can be done... but it was horrible because I can't do any of the work right now. I am only able to go to the temple like once or twice in my mission :( SAD DAY!!! But it was really good to find, well, just see those people who are ready (well their names, hopefully they are also ready cuz they are being taught in the Spirit World)! I got kind of frustrated during the day and it was a little rough in the earlier part of the day, but that's part of missionary life. Learning to deal with certain things. We got to ride in a convertible though, that was super fun!! One year since being a missionary in the Colorado Fort Collins Mission. :) It's been a pretty RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME year!!!

Before it got super windy!!! 

Loving life!!
Wednesday: I just love doing service, odd jobs for people in our ward, it's great!! We had some awesome lessons with members and it totally just strengthened my testimony of the gospel! But we had a super awesome experience! A MIRACLE happened! We had to run to Target, because we really needed something (even though p-day was Monday). We made it a super fast trip! So as we were checking out and the cashier was a YSA (young single adult)-aged girl. This was our conversation, and she was EXCITED:

Her: Oh you are missionaries!!
Us: Yeah!
Her: I haven't ever talked to missionaries before!
Us: really?! (at this point I was supper intrigued and excited)!
Her: Yeah, I see guys riding their bikes and I want to stop them to talk to them, but I haven't.
Us: You should talk to them sometime!
Her: Well I follow this girl on YouTube who has a boyfriend on a mission, and that's about all I know about you guys. I haven't seen girls before (I think she mentioned not seeing Sisters before).

We kept talking to her briefly and mentioned that we teach people and she was TOTALLY interested in meeting with us... she lives in a different area though :( SO SAD!! But she is super cool, prepared, and just awesome! We got her name, phone, and address-- it will be great! I hope she will meet with other missionaries. But we needed to be there at that time and place :) MIRACLE!!!! We had a lesson with a new family in our ward, THEY ARE SO COOL!! They moved in recently and are total dorks, LOVE THEM! We could also tell that they need us at this time due to a family situation. They love missionaries and just want us in their home, which is great! He was a Ward Mission Leader for 14 years, a convert, didn't get to go on a mission, but as ward mission leader he was involved with 260 baptisms and for a stretch of time was having a baptism a week, WHAT?! I hope that this ward catches fire and will grow like CRAZY!!!!

Thursday: I gave the training at district meeting, fun times! It actually went really well, and as a district we are going to focus more on PRAYERS!! We are going to be praying harder and more often! I am working on it too, and it's great! Someone sent this to me recently and I used it in the training: Work hard. Play hard. Prayer harder! We had a lesson that night with our investigator B. I love B, he is so cool! He is the artist, that we are adjusting teaching to art style... well he didn't read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet, and read the Word of Wisdom one instead, on accident. But that was still really good; he isn't addicted to anything, WOOHOOO!!!!! We taught the Plan of Salvation and it went really well. We used simple visual aids and it was so cool! He really likes it and was going into deeper doctrine and just thought that Heavenly Father would have children on other planets and that this universe wasn't created just for us--it was crazy. We invited him to be baptized on August 2nd, and he said.... YES!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH We just need to get him to church, because that's not a lot of time in between and he needs to come to church at least three times! Sister J and I planned to invite him to be baptized on the 9th.. well I slipped up and said the 2nd. Still AWESOME!!! That was a huge miralce!

Friday: Happy 4th of July!!!! It was an awesome day, filled with adventure! I loved it :) I wanted to do something fun and in public, kind of like last year. Well this wasn't planned but we got to go to a booth type event and help out, EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED TO DO!! It was great! Had fun, and got to meet R's dad in the evening at a BBQ! I hope he lets her get baptized soon... I think it is more like his last thing to hang on to before she turns 18!

Saturday: Service! I love doing service! We worked on putting contacts into our new phone... not a big fan of this phone, but hey at least it is working! Running out of email time, AAHH! We taught more people that day, but can't remember a bunch. Oh, SO FUNNY! We were working with a family on their family mission plan and one of their goals is to get their son on a date, it was priceless!! My comp and I were just like “Is this really happening?! “  Yup, it did!

Sunday: Well... right before Relief Society at church my companion accidentally called 911. Who puts a 911 button on the cell phone? Like not just key pads, but a legit one button push that calls 911. Luckily no one came and probably realized it was a butt dial! We had a crazy busy day, which was AWESOME!!! Fun story for now. We were helping another family with their family mission plan/having a lesson. We were following up with them, and guess what? Their ring tone for the home phone is: "Call from..." like the mechanical voice. Well someone called during our lesson "Call form Jesus Christ." We all started laughing so hard! This family has 8 kids so it was really funny! Turned out it was just someone from the church building calling, but still great memory! We taught R again that night, which was awesome! The Ss' daughter and son-in-law were there and usually they aren't. We talked about tithing and we think that the lesson was more for the daughter because she was commenting, so that was super cool! The Spirit works! We listened to part of a conference talk too, which I don't think I have ever done in a lesson before!

Great week, love you all!!
Sister Kelly Smith

Today: I got to see C and C form my first area :) I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

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