Tuesday, July 29, 2014

4 Bikes, 3 Sisters, 2 Wards and 1 Crazy Transfer ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!

This week was FULL of crazy, whirlwind, unexpected miracles, and FUN!!! Nothing was predictable about this week, not at all! But it ended up being GREAT! 

Monday: Sister J packed and said goodbye to people! It kept getting harder and harder seeing her pack, I grew to love her tons and it was sad to see her leave. It was good to just see people that we both love in this area! I got to play volleyball with some girls really quick while Sister J said bye to the Bishop (there was a block party) and I played in a skirt! Super cool because we rode by that same street a few days later and one of the girls I played with waved and said Hi really excitedly!!

Tuesday: TRANSFER DAY. I said goodbye to my companion and then I was in a trio for the next few hours till my comp came... well we ended up road tripping to my last area!! We needed to get my new companion a bike so we had to go right near Longmont to get her, so we had lunch there with some of my favorite people from that ward! I got to see my old companion, Sister C (and attack her with a nerf gun which was AWESOME)! LOVE the M’s :) Got my new companion and then we went back to our area with minutes to spare which was GREAT! Then we hopped on our bikes and started teaching. Wow, what a difference from my last companion, it was HARD! I was really struggling. But we kept teaching that night. This was my comp’s first time on a bike as a missionary and she doesn't really know how to ride a bike so it was frustrating on both our parts. We taught N (our investigator) and read part of 3 Nephi 11 with him. I love testifying of the Savior and what He has down for us, and how He came to the America's because He loves all of His children and we have that account, The Book of Mormon. Then we had back to back lessons that night but mostly with members. We taught B that night and it went well. We taught the law of chastity, and we just need to help him understand that it starts with our thoughts and images... he is an artist so some things will have to go! We are still going to work on that one. 

Wednesday: A couple of our lessons fell through so we were able to contact some people! A potential investigator said she was interested but not yet, so that was really cool that she could tell that she wasn't ready yet. She will be one of those prepared investigators somewhere down the line. During one of the cancelled lessons we stopped by the Bishop's house because he said we could stop by with my new companion. Well he wasn't home but we had a lesson with Sister H and wow, she is so great! We talked about miracles and how Heavenly Father loves us. She showed us a picture of her daughter and son (they are pretty close) of when her son dropped her daughter off  at the MTC and their last hug before she left. I just started crying because I am SO EXCITED for the hugs I get to give my family. But this picture she showed us was MORE meaningful because that COULD have been the last time they EVER hugged each other. Sister H's son got cancer while her daughter was still out (she comes home in like 3 weeks). Through miracles and God's love he doesn't have cancer right now, and they will get to see each other again in this life. Sometimes people do pass on, but it is all in Heavenly Father's hands. I know that we will be able to hug those who have passed on! I will get to hug a family member who passed away while I was on my mission. The Plan of Salvation is real people!!! Anyway it was a powerful time just talking to her. That night was really hard for me after a long, frustrating day (but there were still miracles and it was alright). Writing in my journal makes a difference. I love being able to listen to music that brings the Spirit and helps calm me down! So does reading the scriptures, that really helped too, they always do :)
That ring is California!
 Thursday: Had an amazing district meeting, after we all settled down. I love the missionaries in my district this transfer! We had so much time to contact people it was great! I think we spent like an hour in the trailer park (seriously that is one of my favorite places in this area)! We asked a little old lady for directions and then I talked to her about the Church. She wasn't interested. I didn't even get to talk to her about what we believe. It was more like where do you go to church, oh you should come check out ours! Taught B later that night at a park, and WOW we got EATEN alive by mosquitoes!! NOT FUN!!!! Oh um we got one of the best phone calls EVER after dinner. We were still at the member’s house (after going out to eat) and I checked our phone. Missed call: President Brown. One new voicemail. That's usually not a good thing. Called him back. "Hi Sisters. How was the first half of your transfer?" um good... but it has only been a few days. I knew something was up and I was thinking someone would get ETed (emergency transferred)!!! NOPE!! Sister S (my old comp) was going home the next day, and her companion, Sister C needed a companion. TRIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! President put Sister C with me and Sister M, MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY THIS IS THE COOLEST THING, and totally what I needed!!! Oh, also when President called he called me back as a Sister Training Leader to be Sister C's companion in that responsibility! BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Friday: Picked up Sister C and said goodbye to Sister S. so now we had 4 bikes (Sister S's was with us). 3 sisters, and 2 areas (Sister C's too... and hers is in a different ZONE/STAKE which makes things a little difficult but super fun)! And it is going to be an INCREIDLBE transfer, if it lasts that long... it might not! But I am hoping we will be together that long!!! We spent time planning trying to figure out how to do all of this on bike... MIRACLE! President dropped a car off for us a few hours later, AAAHHHH So great!!!! another miracle, and such a blessing to drive between areas now we can go back and forth as needed and not cancel out days to work in each other's areas! I love this!!!! We contacted E that night and I almost cried. I had to knock 4 TIMES. I never knock that many, but through the Spirit we needed to! Luckily my companions told me to (by the Spirit), and I just wanted to sit outside her house til she opened the door. She finally did and it broke my heart-- that was not the E I know. She has kind of dropped off the face of the earth, like 3 weeks ago (only 2 weeks after her baptism) and it was such a sad thing to see. I think her family is dragging her away from the church.  Literally broke my heart to see her that way. She looked dark and not happy and it was so sad, verge of tears many times because I grew to love her and truly care about her, even though I only taught her for a brief time. I know that Heavenly Father loves her and cares about her. Many prayers will be said to know how best to help her! Our ward counsel decided to fast for her and her families’ hearts to be softened. I know that fasting works and that it is in Heavenly Father's hands. Do we know when fasts will be answered, no, but I know they will be if they are a righteous cause. I hope that everything will be alright! 
Pioneer Day celebration, pretending to our hearts' content

Saturday: B came to a baptism!! We invited him to another ward's baptism and he came! It was AWESOME!!! He is progressing and it is great! Got to go to an AWESOME Pioneer Day activity for the stake! I loved dressing up for pictures with other missionaries, it was fantastic! We had tons of fun!!! Sister A was there and AAHAHH It was a MIRCALE!!!! We got to have dinner in the other ward with a less active family who has a daughter on a mission, they are coming back to activity and it is great! Their daughter comes home from her mission in France in like 3 weeks.

Sunday: WOW, our day started with a 7am meeting and we didn't finish having double church and double meetings until 4:15ish in the afternoon. I was EXHAUSTED!! But it was so COOL! B came to church without anyone inviting him, and he was EARLY!! That was awesome, because B is usually late to things... 

Well, my time is up, but I love you all! This church is true and Heavenly Father is there watching over us! The Atonement is real and Jesus Christ loves YOU!  I KNOW IT!!! He is always there; covenants bind us to Him! Use His atonement! 

Sister Kelly Smith

His Grace is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox, READ IT! I love it so much

Fort Collins temple under construction


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