Sunday, January 26, 2014

"You look like Harry Potter. A female Harry Potter"...only in COLORADO

Most successful week I have had in COLORADO yet!!! It was my 5th week here... so I'm glad I finally got to experience an AWESOME week full of teaching, MIRACLES!!!!!! We had a lot of miracles this week!!

Monday: ended up going on a 3 hour exchange with Hermana S. My companion needed to vent to my co-Sister Training Leader (it's all good)! We taught a less-active husband, and his wife was like “thank you so much for bringing in the Spirit and uplift tonight!”

Domination!  Just our legit nerf war outfits!!! Oh I think I have worn a Wyoming shirt to every single P-day activity so far this transfer... I bet people think I am crazy but I seriously love and miss Wyoming so much!!

Tuesday: Had BOMB lesson with oh, you know, just a NEW SOLID, GOLDEN, ONE-OF-A-KIND INVESTIGATOR!!! Ok for reals this was like the best thing ever!!! This person is so prepared.  He had read the Book of Moroni a couple of times and thinks that everyone should read the Book of Mormon, ok YES!!!! We invited him to be baptized, yup on the first lesson and his response, "Yes of course!" AAAHHHHH So hopefully we will have a baptism soon!!! I am so excited!! We taught the Restoration and it was so good! So powerful! The members there totally testified and it was great! The best way I have found is for members to invite us over to teach their friends... truly it was a miracle!! Then at the end of the lesson we asked if we could come back, or it came up and his girlfriend (who is a member)  said “What about Thursday?” Yes, I think we can make that work!! That day was purely great!!

Wednesday: 8 month mark and EXCHANGES with Sister C!! It was a pretty good day! I enjoyed working with a greenie again!!! This is her first transfer out :) her trainer has done an excellent job! I was so impressed with both of them!! After we exchanged back, I ended up talking to my companion for oh, you know, just about 2 HOURS!!! ok so if anyone knows what companionship inventory is... look it up in Preach My Gospel chapter 8.  Our companionship is doing better because of it... hopefully I will start to see changes in BOTH of us soon. We cannot change other people, only ourselves so I will be praying harder for more charity and love towards all of those that I serve!! My companion, the sisters I am over, and those in the ward I am serving in! I can also change my attitude and outlook on a lot of things!

Thursday: SUPER HARD MORNING FOR ME!!! 1, I was still so drained from our talk the night before that I was not ready to teach our investigator again, but I didn't want to cancel and what better way to get out of a funk than to teach, to lose yourself, and get to work!! So I PRAYED!!! I prayed that Heavenly Father would help me out! Guess what, He did!! He always does :) It was still hard to work with my companion, to teach with her after we talked about a few things the night before... but it all came through! We taught the Plan of Salvation and he was blown away when it came to the Pre-Earth Life!! He had never thought about living before we came to earth, but it made sense to him!! LOVE IT!!! This is why we are HERE!!! He is so prepared, it's INCREDIBLE!!! I am excited to meet with him again this next week!!!

Friday: Pretty legit day!! I started racing a less-active to read the Book of Mormon. I read all of 1 Nephi in two days!! I hope I win, yeah my competitive streak is showing through!! haha But it is really cool going through it at a fast rate!! I am understanding the story line and history more than I usually do! I usually try to apply it to my life, but this go around is AWESOME!! I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON AND I KNOW IT IS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We also taught another one of our investigators that night. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and I used the Tree of Life vision drawing in it... I think the last time I showed that to an investigator was to C and C in Laramie (I MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!).  It was a good day! A sweet less-active lady vented to us about her life, she needs more friends but we are glad to be here for her and be her friend, (it is what the Savior would do :)

Saturday: Contacted a family the ward hasn't been able to contact for while... so awesome! and another lady in our ward that we have a lesson with today! Miracles are happening everywhere!! I am so excited!!!

Sunday: WE ACCOMPLISHED ALL OF OUR DAILY GOALS!!! and even exceeded with one of our key indicators! Best feeling ever!! WE got a new investigator! WOW she is an inspiration!!! She has been reading the Book of Mormon too, and her heart is huge and she knows God has played an important role in her life, He has helped her so many times!! I love this lady! I love seeing people recognize that Heavenly Father loves them and that He is ALWAYS, ALWAYS mindful of us :)

Oh that quote in the title... yeah my companion said that about me in a picture she took while we were weekly planning... weird. I think yes, but it was hilarious! I was falling out of my chair. but a female Harry Potter? Does that mean I look manly?!

Moral of the week: talk things out with those you work with. Communication is key! Is it fun, no not really , but necessary? ABSOLUTELY!!! Share the gospel with a friend! Help the missionaries out! I love you all and this is the best thing I have ever done with my life up to this point!

Thanks for all the support!!

Sister Kelly Smith

<----------Ok, I just wanted to reminisce for a bit, so here is a picture of the beautiful Wyoming sky!

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