Sunday, January 12, 2014

Walking in a Winter Wonderland...No Drive Days in Colorado!

I don't even know how to describe this week... it was a whirlwind of craziness and happiness and stressfulness (that isn't a word but I totally just used it), oh and SNOW!!!!

Monday: Had a great lesson with a less-active! Read Mosiah 5 with him and his wife, and talked about covenants. We are trying to help him get to the temple!! We had a really funny dinner conversation with the members! So there is the body of Christ, and everyone plays an important role! The pinky toe is no more important than the left brain, everyone plays a part. I thought it was hilarious!!!!!!!

Tuesday: Went to a baptism for an 8 yr. old girl in our ward, so cute! Amazing talk on the Holy Ghost by her older (11 yr. old) sister!! There were 2 non-members there that the family had invited , SWEET!!!!!!!! Then we did some service. Came home early, since it was New Years Eve and President Brown wanted us in early for our safety! But he allowed us to watch movies again, but we only had 3 options. 17 Miracles, Ephraim's Rescue, and The Other Side of Heaven. Well my companion and I watched Ephraim’s Rescue (which is really good, and I love how the story of Albert carried over from 17 Miracles), and The Other Side of Heaven!! I am so grateful that my feet do not get eaten by rats here in Colorado! It was a relaxing night!

Wednesday: I gave the training at district meeting (it has been awhile since I did that) and I think it went pretty well. We spent part of the time in the chapel having personal study. The training was on How the Book of Mormon Can Answer Questions of the Soul (found on page 107 if you want to look it up)! So we spent time in the chapel reading and if you wanted to praying to Heavenly Father to receive an answer to a question you have! We had a lesson with a less-active afterward and she is a sweet old lady. She kept thanking us for coming and for taking her for who she is, I felt like an angel. Maybe this is why it feels so great to be a representative of Jesus Christ?! We are literally representing Him!! I can be an angel in people's lives, I can be like Christ for them if He was on the earth and in their home at that time! Cool huh?!

Thursday: SERVICE!! I love Just Serve, it's great! We even worked through lunch, LOVE IT!!!! Started an exchange with Hermana S (my co- Sister Training Leader)

Friday: Left around 8am for a meeting. Mission Leadership Council is the COOLEST MEETING I HAVE EVER BEEN TOO!!! Ok, being at meetings with General Authorities is really cool, but there was something different about this meeting. We came together as Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders to learn how to better help the missionaries in the Fort Collins Mission. President Brown loves all of us missionaries so much! It is so amazing!! I think he wishes he could help each and every one of us out, but he doesn't have time for all 204 of us, so that is why I am here. I am assisting President Brown in his calling. I just loved this meeting, even though it was HOURS long!! It was good to see a few friends, and it was just really spiritual, but also draining! I found out that I am not only over the zone I am currently in, but also the neighboring zone of sisters!! WHAT?!! haha that added to my stress level!! Hermana S and I spent the entire car ride home (about 45 minutes because I accidentally took us to a different town in the mission...) just planning exchanges for the next few weeks since we now have more to do!! haha I am going on 3 exchanges this week alone!! I will not be with my companion for a few days... oh well, life of a missionary right?! I also found out that I get to go to the TEMPLE on FRIDAY!! (as in like this coming week)!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! But that did add to my crazy schedule. It is all good! Heavenly Father will provide a way :) Lesson with a less-active but a non-member was there!! SWEET!!! I invited this cute little 9 year old girl to church, but neither the less active or little girl came :( so sad, and the girl even gave me a huge hug before I left!! I love it!!

Saturday: A NO DRIVE DAY!! AAAHHHHH We live 5 miles out of town, on a farm!! Well, luckily the members we live with gave us a ride into town (oh it was no drive day due to the weather). Seriously I had driven in much worse when I was in Laramie. There wasn't even that much snow! But that's ok! I didn't even have to walk; members gave us rides which was really nice! I got to go to a convert baptism for a FAMILY!!! AAHHH the Spirit at baptisms is INCREDIBLE!!! I love feeling the Holy Ghost!!

Sunday: AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING DAY!!! So church was great! We went to Young Women's and the lesson was introducing the new theme this year, "Come Unto Christ" - Moroni 10:32.   It was such a great lesson! As we were headed out to our car a lady in the hall said my name, I turned and thought to myself this lady looks familiar but I haven't met her here in Colorado. So our conversation went something like this:
Random lady: Sister Smith
Me (turning around): Yeah
Lady: Do you know M____ G______?
Lady gives me a huge hug and says: I am her Aunt!

We were both almost in tears!!! So M was one of my roommates at BYU sophomore year. I had met this lady via Skype after I had received my call to the Denver North Mission. M's Aunt has been asking missionaries about me, and has been waiting for me to get here to this town. She isn't in my ward, but is in the only other ward that meets in the building. I felt so loved by this stranger, and ahh connections are something missionaries really enjoy. It was just so good to feel loved and accepted here since I haven't really felt that yet in this town. It was a MIRACLE FOR ME!!!!!!

Well this week is full of craziness, but I am excited!!! I am so excited to go to the temple!!
Someone told me to read D&C 25:13 and return and report. Well I found out I was going to the temple on Friday and decided to study that scripture the next day... who knew it was about covenants! It was an incredible scripture for me to read at that time! I really needed to read that and remember that Heavenly Father wants us to go to the temple! That is why I am here, to help families and individuals get to the temple!!!!

I love you all!! I hope you set some AWESOME SPIRITUAL GOALS this year!!!!! If not, you still have time :)

Sister Kelly Smith

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