Monday, October 21, 2013

Interviews! Meetings! A General Authority in Wyoming!

Week of meetings and interviews. I love meetings, but who knew as a missionary we would have lots of meetings?! I didn't!

On Thursday we had a Zone Meeting, and interviews with President Brown! This interview went so much better than my last one :) Then on Friday we got  to go to Fort Collins for a trainers meeting! All the trainers and greenies get to go to this meeting.  There is one for the first transfer you are being trained, and then the second transfer you are being trained! Well... I have been able to go to this meeting every transfer of my mission thus far. Since I have either been trained or training! haha It was a great meeting.  I drove the zone leaders’ truck (which holds 6 people) down to Coloardo. Yup, 6 sisters all crammed into a truck; it was awesome!

Beautiful Wyoming in the fall!! I love this town so much! It went form summer to winter to fall to winter!! It can't make up its mind on what season to be! haha But this is fall, and it's GORGEOUS!!!

Our lesson with P went really well. I will be so excited if she is able to be baptized!
Lesson with A was fun! I love teaching her and her family! They are active, and it is so nice to just go in and teach a spiritual uplifting message, that can help them out! After the lesson, Sister D, my companion and I went upstairs and sang some primary songs! Because of that we sang a musical number at A's baptism!

On Saturday I got to go on exchange with Sister H!! It was so fun, but we both were sick, so it wasn't as good as it could have been! We met with a former investigator who is willing to have us come back :) this sweet old lady was hugging her Book of Mormon and told us she knew it was TRUE!!  I love this elderly lady!

Saturday night was the Adult Session of Stake Conference! I LOVE the Adult session of stake conferences!! They are usually my favorites... if you can have a favorite session! Well, the Presiding Bishop, Bishop Stevenson was there, his wife, and President and Sister Brown. It was an AMAZING meeting! To be a few rows in front of a General Authority was so cool!! I loved it!! I got to hear one of my friends, H, speak too which was super awesome!!

Sunday morning we got to go to the Youth Session of Stake Conference! Yes, the YOUTH session! I got to hear from Bishop Stevenson AGAIN! And my mission president! It was a different perspective than the adult session.  Then we got to talk to people for a bit. Then we went to the General Session of Stake Conference. I sat by Sister L, and it was incredible! Sister L has changed my life so much!! I owe her so much, it's crazy! She has blessed my life, and I don't know where I would be without her! She makes sure that I am doing well, and sends us uplifting texts :) General Session went well. Afterward we got to witness our less-active D (not so less-active anymore) receive the Melchezidek Priesthood. THAT'S AWESOME!!!! Got to speak at A's baptism and it was really good. I love speaking at baptisms! Although this one was a bit harder because I was not feeling well at all! I prayed beforehand that I would just be able to make it through. This head cold has been so bad, but I made it and it went well! I received a priesthood blessing and I know the power of the priesthood is REAL! I feel so much better than I did. It is a result of prayers and the priesthood and faith! Then we got to go Grandma’s for Sunday night singing... well a recent convert T, told me his conversion story while we were there, SO COOL!! I love hearing conversion stories!!!!

On Monday we had a fun Pday, even though it SNOWED another 4 inches!! Well, I am glad I have boots now!! We were able to teach three lessons on a Pday, which is super awesome!!

Have an awesome week. Moral: keep working hard, even when you don't feel good. Pray, rely on prayer! I am trying more to do that! 2 Nephi 22:2. This scripture is a really powerful one to me right now! I am trying to rely on my Savior for strength! Let me know if you have any tips or ideas on how to do this :)

Sister Kelly Smith

I have been out for 5 months!!! Yes I am wearing blue tights.... they are fleece lined and SO WARM! Well, warmer than normal tights... and there is a pumpkin, because it is October, for Halloween! haha 

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