Sunday, October 6, 2013

Heartbreak in Wyoming

Super, super hard week emotionally, but all is in Heavenly Father's hands.  Being sick, and finding out about transfers was hard!

We have been really busy teaching and meeting with people this week, although Friday it seemed many people weren’t home when we stopped by.   But we went to a movie night that we invited our youth to. 17 Miracles is an amazing movie! Two of the youth that came brought non member friends! I think we will just plan our own youth movie night; The Testaments is pretty awesome!!  .

Our last district meeting of the transfer was on Thursday; it has been an awesome transfer with my district!

DREADED, DREADED Saturday, the day we find out about transfers. We went to a baptism in the morning, and I was talking to one of the other sisters. She said she knew that one sister got a call from one of the AP's saying she was training. OK, so I figured I wasn't training a new sister and neither would Hermana, We didn't get a call from the AP's.  This is good, we thought we would both be staying... or both be leaving :( Well we worked hard that day, got to watch the General Relief Society Broadcast. After the broadcast we went over to the L family for dinner, pizza with bacon on top! haha. Bacon is ALWAYS served when we are there! Sister L made us chocolate covered bacon! It is just a huge joke between us! Well it was about 8pm when we left their house, and we started to head to Grandma's house to hear where we would go for transfers.  The zone leaders send out a voice mail, but we still get together. Well, we saw that the voice mail was already out, so Hermana and I decided to listen to it in the car... I pulled over, still in the L's neighborhood. and SOMETHING UNEXPECTED HAPPENED!!!!  The zone leaders said who was leaving our zone... Hermana, WHAT?!!! Are you kidding me?! She was only here one transfer. Both of us burst into tears!!! I was so sad. Then they said who was coming to our zone: "We have a new sister coming to our zone, and Sister Smith will be training her." ARE YOU SERIOUS?! haha I love training, but seriously, Hermana was leaving me! We were crying so hard! So we decided to go back to the L's and tell them. When they opened the door and saw our faces Bishop L thought we were joking, nope! We just sat and cried with their family. They were so sad to see Hermana leave! I get to be here for at least 1/3 of my mission, and she was only here for 6 weeks! It was really hard to sympathize with her, because she was leaving her first area, and I have never left my first area! I am so sad.  I did some praying after I found out I would be training again, and had some great personal studies! My heart is broken, but life goes on! I loved serving with Hermana, and miss her tons! She is in a Spanish area now, with a Spanish speaking companion which is so good for her! I'm really glad she gets to use more Spanish! She taught me so much; it was such a fast 6 weeks with her!

I am so glad that I am still in the same ward! It is crazy to think that I will be here for 1/3 of my mission, 6 months!! THAT'S AWESOME!! There hasn't been a sister that has stayed longer than three transfers in this town in a long time! I would love to be able to stay here for 7.5 months or more, but as I was talking to one of the AP's, he said Pres. Brown doesn't want people to stay in areas longer than 6 months, so this is it for me in this ward. I am so sad! But it's my chance to WORK SUPER HARD and MAKE IT THE BEST TRANSFER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Monday, we went out to lunch with Bishop and Sister L. It was so nice to hang out with them. It was P-day and man I love that family SO, SO, SO MUCH!! We made them bacon cupcakes, part of our joke :) We delivered them that night, and BAM, NERF WAR WITH THEM!!! It was so fun and was a great last night with Hermana!

On Tuesday, I went down to Colorado to pick up my new greenie! So fun to see friends again, and sad to leave Hermana! Well, it's a new adventure and I'm excited! I wore the same fake fur coat from last time I trained, and when I came in, one of the other new missionaries was like “You two are made for each other!”  OK, that's good!  One of the AP's told me before I met Sister G, that she was funny! Alright, I'm ok with having a funny companion, I am definitely OK with that!! haha Let the fun times and training begin!

Moral: be prepared for anything in life. You are in Heavenly Father's hands! He will take care of you, even when it is hard! Trials are part of our eternal progression and salvation!

Love you all,                                   
Sister Kelly Smith

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