Sunday, September 8, 2013

WYOMING keeps me so busy!

This week was one of the craziest busiest weeks ever! My planner has never looked so full!  We are teaching so many people the gospel!  Many of the people we are working with are teenagers, and I love being with them.

We are still teaching P and a recent convert, D.  P and D are huge examples to me!  Both are 16, and just incredible!! The YW in this ward are amazing! I think they bring in more missionary opportunities than the rest of the ward.  The YW here are so strong!!

We are also teaching a Spanish speaking investigator, who lives a couple of miles out of town.  Mi companera taught her the first lesson in Spanish, but guess what?! I SPOKE IN SPANISH TOO!! That's right, the gift of tongues is real! Hermana S taught me how to bear my testimony in Spanish a few days before, or that morning, I forget, but I bore my testimony in Spanish! It was probably the most simple testimony I have ever given, but still it was my testimony, in a different language.

On Sunday we had the busiest day of my mission so far, I think! We taught 9 lessons, yes 9 total lessons in ONE DAY!  I have taught 5 in a week before, but to get 9 in one day was huge! We taught a total of 22 lessons this past week, the most lessons I have ever taught in a week before! The mission standard is 20 lessons/week, that includes dinner messages too. This week we had 15 scheduled lessons, not including dinners... we will get more than 20 lessons this week too and it feels great! I LOVE WYOMING!!! I will bawl my eyes out when I have to leave!

Sunday dinner was hilarious!! the couple we were having dinner with made a fire outside, in a fire pit so we could have S'more (Andies mint S'more, got to try them, delicious)! So Bro S. went to go check the fire and all of a sudden we hear their neighbor yelling at him for having a fire! The fire was in a pit in their backyard, but then the man next door got the hose out and I thought he was just spraying the fire to put it out, but in walks Bro. S. soaking!  The neighbor sprayed him with the hose!! It was so crazy! People get upset over a fire-- it wasn't even a bonfire, just in a little pit for s’mores... well we didn't have s’mores that night, but it was a CRAZY DINNER for sure! Journal worthy!

Later Sunday night, we were at Grandma’s for singing.   I got to talk to H (a 15 year old young woman and recent convert). She is so amazing! One of the highlights of my mission so far was talking to her, just me and her outside of Grandma's house for about 30 minutes!  She is just so amazing, and I love being able to help the young women and I truly love them! I love being in a ward where I can help the young women! To talk to them heart to heart is my favorite thing!  I wish I could really describe how I felt and how it was! Seriously, a highlight of my mission thus far, standing outside, on a summer night talking about the gospel and bearing testimony IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, that many explanation marks are necessary!)

On Monday, it didn't even feel like a P-day we were so busy! My companion doesn't just have greenie fire, she has greenie inferno (as Elder R says). We have not taken an hour long lunch this whole transfer except for in Fort Collins.  Time is flying by!  We had a lesson at 7 at the Bishop L's house! SUCH A GREAT LESSON!  Our investigators are golden! Last night I felt like myself in a lesson. It is really hard to be myself, funny and spontaneous when talking about things so serious and of the soul. This gospel is a gospel of happiness, but it has been hard for me to laugh and stuff when talking about things that lead people to salvation.  Well anyway, I basically told them they would be baptized on September 21st! It was really funny how I did it, but it was definitely by the Spirit, and they are going to pray about it!   I hope they get baptized in a few weeks.   Even if I don't see them get baptized I am so glad I was able to be an instrument in the Lord's hand to be there when the Spirit taught through us! I love being able to teach by the Spirit, and plan by the Spirit! This is the Lord's work, I just get to enjoy the ride and watch miracles occur! That lesson was amazing, talking about the doctrine of Christ. Our young investigator (10 yrs old) said when he went to a baptism, he felt the Holy Ghost a lot.  It was so cute!

My companion has a passion for missionary work like no other!  We got four new investigators this week! LOVE IT! Our zone leads the mission in most new investigators for this past week.  I love this work so much! I love bearing testimony of the Atonement, and of our Savior's love for each and every one of us. I know that God, our loving Father in Heaven loves YOU! Yes, whoever reads this, YOU, as an individual.

Thanks for the love and support!

Sister Kelly Smith

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