Sunday, May 12, 2013

Decision, Decision...

The weekend after the momentous announcement was made I got to go home to my wonderful family in California!!! Some friends and I took a road trip home and it was way fun! It was such a good weekend to come home (because my life plans just changed in the foreseeable future). While I was at home my friend and I were texting and she asked me if I knew that I was supposed to go on a mission. I thought I was, and was pretty sure that going on the mission was the right thing for me to do. But I can be a stubborn person sometimes, and I'm sure Satan was trying to persuade me not to go. I needed a pretty clear answer, even though I would probably have gone anyway! I happened to be at home alone for about an hour that weekend. I was playing the piano in between texting my friend. While I was sitting at the piano I prayed. I prayed to know if going on a mission was what Heavenly Father (God) wanted me to do. I TESTIFY to you that God answers prayers. I know that now, more than ever before! That day sitting at a piano, in a humble home, I got one of the most clear, perfect answers to a prayer I could have ever asked to receive. I'm so grateful that God knows me so well, and was willing to answer my prayer in the way He did.

After struggling to figure out when I should leave, and much more prayer, my mission papers (application process) were finally complete in January of 2013. On February 7th, 2013 I received one of the most important letters I might ever receive in my life! I got a letter from the Prophet of God, the President of The Church, Thomas S. Monson. In the letter it said where I will be serving the Lord for the next year and a half, what language I will speak, and when I report. One of the best days of my life!

If you want to watch me open my mission call you can click on this link:

Warning, I am very emotional while opening it! My parents and sisters are on speaker phone, while my roommate video taped it :)

My mission call!!!!!! It has my name on it!! I literally screamed when I saw it for the first time!

This is my wonderful roommate, Kaylee! She is such a supportive friend! I'm going to miss her! 

I'm going to the Colorado Denver North Mission, leaving May 15th, 2013. Oh, I get to speak English!!!!
Going to Colorado never crossed my mind, but I'm excited to serve the Lord where ever He needs me, and that's in Colorado! 

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