Sunday, November 9, 2014

COLORADO Mighty Missionaries

This is the weirdest thing ever... reality is really sinking in that I will be home in a matter of weeks. I get home THIS MONTH!! It was really strange to hit the 31st and be like well this is the last day of my full month as a missionary. Yup, I come home THIS MONTH, in NOVEMBER! We are now half way through the transfer.... AAAHHHHH this is hard, but good. I don't know how to describe it. I love my mission with all my heart, despite all the ups and downs and crazy moments. It was worth every single thing! Ok, but I"m not leaving yet so I don't have to think about it!

Monday: We were able to meet with D again. I love this family so much! J (his wife) is a member and just incredible! We are really hoping that she will go to the temple soon to set the example and then D will follow by first getting baptized!  I know that he can do it. We talked to him about stopping smoking and he said he thinks he could try for Nov. 22. OK sweet, well we invited him to be baptized on that date, but he said he doesn't feel it yet. Ok fair enough, I don't want you to do this if you don't know for sure that it is true! At least believe that it is true, then you can get baptized! So at least we know more where he is at and how to help him!

Tuesday: We met with D (a different D). L came with us again. L has only been a member of the church since the end of August.. Well she is just fantastic! She asked D if she was still interested in meeting with us. D just seemed to let us in, but didn't seem super interested. L could tell and so she asked her about it. SO COOL!!! It was great to see L being such a great missionary, even though she was nervous. Well, sadly we are no longer teaching D :(   She wasn't willing or wanting to change. I really like knowing where people are at and what they expect, because we can use our time elsewhere. I hope D will realize soon that something in her life is missing and that she will find peace through the Book of Mormon! I love the Book of Mormon! We met with S, a YW who is a missionary and life rock star! Her mom passed away somewhat recently from cancer and she is one of the most solid ones in her family when it comes to the gospel. She was having a really hard time and just wanted to meet with us. She needed to feel love and how grateful I am to have been the MISSIONARY to be able to help her feel of God's love for her. As missionaries we truly are set apart to help people feel of His love. I know that He loves S and is completely aware of what is going on in her life. I know that He knows what is going on in each of our lives and how we feel about those trials and hardships. Sometimes it might feel like we are given too much for us to handle, but I know that we are only given what we can accomplish. It might feel like we are drowning a bit, but it will give us strength. And as we rely on the Lord, especially through prayer and scripture study, and church attendance we can make it through and grow from those experiences! 1 Nephi 3:7  That night we had the ward trunk or treat/chili cook off! There were a lot of non-members there, which was great! My companion and I dressed up as Mighty Missionaries. I loved being able to dress up, and people still recognized us as the missionaries... I mean they thought we were Wonder Woman at first, but we helped set them straight! Missionary power for the win!!

We found some other super heroes to help us out with missionary work! One of them is actually the WML's son!

Wednesday: My companion was sick so we were in almost all day. I was able to work on a few things, which was good. She is back to feeling better and that's what is important!

Thursday: We drove to Johnstown in the morning/for lunch to visit with Sister P (one of my old companions) and Sister F. Sister P was leaving the next day to go home and get some medical help. She has had a hard time her entire mission and I'm proud of her for completing HER mission, even if it was a couple months short of the full 18. It was god to see her and say goodbye to her. I love her so much. We got to have district meeting and it was fantastic. The role play was my favorite part! We role played with the Elders in our ward (who are also the Assistants to our mission president). It was the BEST role play I have had in a LONG TIME. One Elder pretended to be D, while we taught, and then we switched and Sister P pretended to be D  (I got to be his wife). While one of the Elders was teaching “D”, I just got hit with revelation on how to help him. Then a few minutes later the Elder starts to ask “D” the VERY QUESTION/SCENARIO I WAS THINKING ABOUT! AAAHHHHH It was the BEST THING EVER!!!!! Revelation, felt the Spirit, and then to have the Elder role playing ask the same thing, I knew it was inspired to have BOTH of us think about it! Sister P and I are SUPER excited to meet with D tonight to apply what we learned and practiced in our role-play! We were able to meet with a less active recent convert. T is really cool and got baptized towards the beginning of this year. She is really struggling, and it's because she isn't doing those small and simple things that we should to keep our lives sane and together! We were able to talk about prayer! GB Relief Society: THANK YOU SO MUCH for the scripture references like when you feel like this, read______. T now has a copy of it and I think it will really help her!

Friday: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Sister P and I just really wanted to meet with D sooner than our next appointment and try to get him to church and apply our role play! Well.... we went over and helped their family with pumpkins so that was fun, but not the fun we wanted. We wanted the joyfull FEEL THE SPIRIT type of fun, but that's ok! We were able to talk to him more and found out that he can lower his nicotine level and soon get off of it, we just need him to gain the desire! So we didn't get to teach, but still able to develop a good relationship with him. We met with D and Z  (he's 4 years old) that morning and talk about the 10 commandments! It was awesome! She isn't active right now, and her husband is taking lessons from the Elders (he isn't a member) so if we can help get her active and by her example he will come more quickly. We contacted some potential investigators that morning and I saw a lady working in her yard, well we came back and talked to her. Sister P made it her goal to not pass anyone up this week, and I had seen her earlier so it was a perfect combo, we needed to talk to her! Well as we started talking, we just offered service and she loved it! So we are meeting with her this week to help her with her yard. We found out that M has met with Sister before and we're excited to see what happens. M is super nice! That night we had to be in early (mission Halloween rules), so Sister P and I dressed up with some of the things the members we live with have!
Keeping it Classy! haha we just found random things and put them together, including a wig :)
Saturday: We had a missionary meeting with the missionaries in our stake and the WML's. Our ward got to role play how to do MCM for the stake, so that was cool! I learned a few things that I want to apply which is always great! Later that day we went out with a member contacting and it was AWESOME! We didn't get to meet with anyone, but I still felt super productive. Missionary work is just the best!!! We saw Bro. C and found out that he hasn't prayed in 15 YEARS! WOW, that would be so hard! I know that prayer helps and that it really does bless our lives!

Sunday: YAY for the Sacrament! We got to watch the CES Devotional for mission prep which was great! #cesdevo "I am building my spiritual foundation by serving a mission." We all have a chance to build our foundations upon Jesus Christ. I know that He is the rock of our salvation and the BEST ROCK we can have! I love Him, and I know that He is always there for us. He is there when no one else is! Rely on Him! It is a life-long process, but a great process.

Love you all, have a fantastic week!
Sister Kelly Smith

Don't forget to have a missionary moment this week!! Email it to me and let me know how it goes!
Best missionary small moment that I had this week. We stopped and tried to help a lady carry her groceries. She wouldn't let us, but we still walked with her and just talked. What do you know, we found out that she has been to SLC to the Family History library and loves genealogy. We were able to tell her a bit more about WHY we do family history work. Is she interested in learning more, not right now. but we were still doing our part!

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