Sunday, October 19, 2014

JOB Up in Colorado

"JOB Up," my new motto! Job (the wonderful example in the Bible of patience and diligence, no matter what).

Monday: We got to teach D, the less active that we found (the hose miracle from about a month or so ago). She is so nice and her life would just be so much better if she did those small things that would help her. CPR (Church, pray, read) saves your soul! We also got to teach C. She was the one that called us the week before saying she wants to come back because she knows that this is what Heavenly Father wants her to do! I know that Heavenly Father knows each and everyone of us, and wants us to continually pray to Him!

Tuesday: We had a FANTASTIC day!!! It was awesome!!! We did service for a less active in the morning and got to meet with B late that evening. We taught B with a different approach which was super cool! B is an artist and he gets easily distracted. Our ward mission leader had the brilliant idea of having B draw what we were going to talk about! So he drew the First Vision while we (Sister B, Sister J, Brother H, and I) sing songs from the hymnbook about the Restoration and First Vision. It was INCREDIBLE!!! B stayed way more focused and it was just powerful!!!! We got home that night to see three missed calls, a voice-mail, and a text from President Brown... oh no this couldn't be good. So I called him back. It's 9:15 at night at this point.

President: Hi Sisters, how is it going!
Me: It's going well, sorry we didn't call you earlier, we were in a lesson.
(He goes on to small chat it up about the lesson, but also with concern in trying to better help us help B.) Then jumps right in with...
President: Sister Smith how fast can you pack your bags?
Me: (On the verge of tears)... How fast do you need me to pack President?
Pres: By 9 am tomorrow morning.
Me: (crying at this point) Ok.
Pres: A Sister is going home tomorrow and her companion needs you.
Me: Alright, can do.
Pres: Thank you!

Yeah.... I was a part of what we call an EMERGENCY TRANSFER!!! So, I'm really sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to people in my awesome ward in Fort Collins! I miss you all dearly and will see you soon, hopefully! I had less than 12 hours notice, but that's ok. I packed up late that night and then left in the morning!

Wednesday: I got my new companion, Sister P. She's super sweet and she has been in this ward for three transfers. We both served in the same ward in Fort Collins, so that's been fun! We had district meeting and talked a lot about how WE ARE THE MESSAGE! I got to meet with one of the investigators here, D. Invited him to pray for a desire to change. He knows that this is true, he just doesn't want to quit some of his bad habits that will prevent him from getting baptized, and ultimately from going to the temple. His wife is a member and they have three kids, I'm stoked to keep working with them. I know that they can do it, and that he will soon see the desire to change is worth it and that through the Atonement he can do all things!

Thursday: AMAZING DAY!!! We taught 7 lessons together! Sister P hasn't been able to work as hard as she would have liked this past transfer or two because her companion who went home was sick and didn't have much energy to work all out. It was fun to work hard and just get to know people. This ward has caught the vision for missionary work and I'm excited to keep it rolling and add to it!!! We met with Y, a sweet elderly lady who wants to get baptized! She wil be soon, so happy for her! We met with a recent convert and she just loves the gospel! Her faith is incredible!

Friday: Weekly Planning is the best! I was able to obtain more info on different people and where they are in their progression toward accepting the gospel. It was a little difficult to just jump in and we both are starting from scratch a little bit so that's awesome! we have a solid week set up and I'm excited to meet more and more people in this ward! I met the Young Women President and she's fantastic! I just love meeting people and getting to know the ward and those we get to teach! We got a lesson set up with a potential investigator!

Saturday: We went biking for awhile and we got another lesson set up with a potential investigator! We are working on finding people this week. We stopped to get gas (when we were using the car) and just talked to a man outside, it was AWESOME! Lesson with him, but passed him off to the YSA Elders here. It's just the best to say hi to everyone and say who we represent! I can't imagine my life without my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that He lives and that He truly lvoes us! I am honored to represent Him! WE found out transfer info that night (we didn't know if I was styaing for a week, or what was going on). I get to stay with Sister P in this little town in Colorado for my last transfer. We saw a lot of miracles so I'm glad I get to stay to see them through!

Sunday: I loved being able to take the Sacrament after not being able to take it last week since it was General Conference! I know that this ordinance is sacred and definitely needed in our lives! We got to go to an old folks home. They asked us to visit some people and just share a message with them. I sat on an elderly lady's bed who can't talk anymore. we read 3 Nephi 11:1-17 with her. I just thought while reading, "WE ARE THE MESSAGE!" I almost cried I was so touched by this expereince. Here was this lady who would soon meet her Savior and gets to hug Him. I know that He is always there for us!

Love you tons,
Sister Kelly Smith

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