Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Power of the Holy Ghost

I was studying Preach My Gospel this week, chapter 4 and came across the activity to read Moroni 10 and write down all of the exhortations he gives. So I did! It was AWESOME!!! I love diving into the scriptures! In verse 4 and 5 it talks about the POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST, not the gift, but power! Those who have not yet received the GIFT of the Holy Ghost can still feel of the POWER of the Holy Ghost. It just hit me in the face with that scripture. I know that the power and gift of the Holy Ghost are different but to find that phrasing the scriptures was just AWESOME!!! This is Moroni's promise that is here for every single one of us!! I recently finished the Book of Mormon as a missionary and it's the best thing ever! I have truly come to LOVE the Book of Mormon and have been praying to know it is true. We can always pray again and again to know it is true, to reaffirm our testimony of it. YEAH!!!! Those who do not yet know the Book of Mormon is true, I beg you to pray and ask for yourself. Through the POWER of the Holy Ghost you can know, and if you have already received the GIFT of the Holy Ghost you can know as well! This week was a testament to me how the POWER of the Holy Ghost works through people and helps them have a desire to know more and change their lives!!

Monday: Lesson with C was fantastic! We talked about the Book of Mormon. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! She has been prepared like crazy. I can't begin to describe how much I learn from her and the love I have for her! She was saying that if the Book of Mormon is false then the church is false...FACT.  But if the Book of Mormon is true, then the church is true! FACT.  It was incredible to see her put the pieces together! A member was asking her, "So if it's true, what else is true then?"... the CHURCH! I invited her to be baptized when she came to know the Book of Mormon was true, and she said YES!!!!! It was just so cool. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!!!! You literally can just SEE her FEELING the Spirit! Her eyes just penetrate with the Spirit! She wants to read the Book of Mormon and it's awesome!!!

Tuesday: We did service and cut apples! It is apple season and finally finished helping someone with their buckets of apples, it's been great! We had some extra time so we helped weed her garden... in skirts. No big deal! We got muddy, but it's ok! I also ran into my companion on my bike, oops! Crashed, but we're all good! Even Sister Missionaries can be clumsy (no worries, I didn't visit the ER)! I also got to have a lesson with a member family and wow it was awesome! Their oldest boy wants to give a Book of Mormon to his friend, SWEET!!!

Wednesday: Got to go on an exchange with... Sister C!!!! It was awesome, I love my old companion :) haha So funny to think that we actually got to be companions at one point! That night we had a lesson (we were in her area) and she was telling me about this awesome member family. I didn't think anything of their last name because it just didn't ring a bell. We walk in and I pretty much just stop in my tracks. I was standing in a town I have NEVER served in, in a house I have NEVER been in, in a WARD I haven't served in yet.. here I was in the home of a family I love!!! I got to visit with the C family (they lived in my second area but moved while I was there). I thought they had moved to a different ward in the same town, nope a different town, different stake) and here I was. Heavenly Father truly loves me! It was so great to see them after months (they thought I had gone home by now, haha that was funny). A wonderful miracle! 

Thursday: Exchange continued. I got cheese-less pizza, it was great!!!! We did some service!  When we got back to my area I found out that less active that has wanted VERY limited contact with the church wants to come back and meet with us and knows that this is what Heavenly Father wants her to do. It was A MIRACLE!!! I love this lady and have only been able to meet her a couple times but every time we ride past her house and she's outside, I say “hi.” She's awesome! I'm excited to help her! Had another lesson with C, it was AWESOME! She just feels the Spirit and knows this is good and right! She read the Book of Mormon and didn't want to stop reading! It was great to hear! She said she had been praying, WOW!!! Before she wasn't really praying and hasn't prayed with her own words before she met with us (she has tried but now it works)! BEST!!!!!!!!

Friday: Dinner with Sister L! She came to church the past week which was awesome! We watched Elder Hollands "A Testimony of the Book of Mormon" with her, POWERFUL!!! I love his talk that this Mormon message is based off of! She's great and is conitnuing to change!

Saturday: GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers my prayers! He hears you too! I've been blessed to keep the family tradition of cinnamon rolls for General Conference weekend! Our members (the family we live with) got them :) YEAH love them! 

Sunday: We watched Conference with the M family.  They are less-active so this was awesome. Then we watched President Uchtdorf's talk from Sat. morning with C that night; she cried during it and it was PERFECT for her!!! 

I love you all, I know that this church is lead and guided by Jesus Christ! He leads the church through prophets and apostles! Listen to them, they are fabulous! They are speaking by the Spirit--the Holy Ghost! Let their messages into your hearts!

Love you all,
Sister Kelly Smith

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