Thursday, December 11, 2014

This is the right place for YOU!

So I know that I am behind a week or so, sorry! I just wanted to reflect a little bit about an experience I had in the temple this week.

One of my friends just returned home from her mission on Friday and it was so great to see her!
Since there are a few more of us back from our missions now, and we aren't at school yet, we decided to go to the temple! An RM reunion! It will get even better when friends come back from school for Christmas break. This time at the temple was just incredible! We spent almost 4 hours in the temple! BEST 4 hours I have spent in a long time! It just felt perfect! The session we were in was special... because it was full of missionaries!! I got to sit right next to the mission president's wife at one point and it was awesome! I believe this big group of missionaries were leaving soon and it was a sweet place to be. To know that I had just been there recently and know what comes next. To be excited for them. It also felt great having people think that we were also missionaries... well no, we aren't anymore, but thank you for still considering us missionaries!

As I was sitting in the Celestial room I had a neat realization. I was reading in Alma 32, and thinking about faith and how the word of God (or the scriptures) are like a seed. As I looked up to the chandelier I noticed all the little glass pieces that make up this beautiful piece of art that also provides  light! Each piece is individual, but when put together it is spectacular! When we exercise our faith it is like putting a chandelier together. When we first read the Book of Mormon, or pray, or come to church, or live a commandment, or act as Christ would act, we are putting a piece of glass on the chandelier. That's cool and all, but what if you just stop after doing it once. That would look really weird... You would have this frame for the chandelier (which is the gospel) and one little glass piece. We already have the frame/gospel, we already know what we need to do, but it's up to us to live and apply it. If there was just one little glass piece representing the one act of faith you performed on this frame, it wouldn't look great, it would look better than just a frame because it now has a part of you on it, but still, it could improve. Each time we exercise our faith and continue to grow and change and live the gospel (live the framework or outline that we already have) we will be blessed and grow more and more beautiful! I know that every time we read the Book of Mormon or pray, we are blessed. As we come to church, and live commandments, our souls change and we become better! I know that crystals or glass are added to our chandelier of life, and as we add those pieces we become more like our Savior Jesus Christ. As we continue to live this gospel more and more light is reflected from those glass pieces. As we continue to increase our chandelier we are more able to reflect the light of our Savior to others! More lives will be blessed because our light will reach more places. I am so grateful for the temple! I know that it is the right place for each and everyone of God's children, so that means EVERYONE! I know that the peace is real when we enter the temple grounds! This is the House of the Lord and what a privilege and honor it is to be able to enter His house! As my friends and I participate din proxy sealing afterwards I was able to be deeply touched knowing that the sealing power is real and has returned again to the earth through the priesthood! It was a great experience to know that souls have a desire to be with their families forever. I know that families can be together forever. I know that the priesthood is real because of the feelings that are in my heart when I witness priesthood ordinances and receive priesthood blessings. This is the right place for everyone to be. This is the truth, and we get to share it! I know Jesus Christ lives and loves each and everyone of you! It is a blessing to have the gift of the atonement! He is just waiting for us to lean on Him. I love Him, and I know He loves you!

Kel Smith

THIS is the right place for YOU!

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